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The story of MobilePay started in 2013 when Danske Bank launched a new app that aimed to make money transfer a lot easier, becoming quickly the most popular payment option in Denmark. Although it wasn’t designed for the iGaming industry, Danish players can use Casino MobilePay at many of the local online casinos without a worry. Lightweight, simple, secure, and with no fees, MobilePay is an ideal casino payment option. Even though it is developed by Danske Bank, MobilePay can be accessed by other bank users as well. Before presenting more info about the payment, check out some of the best Danish online casinos offering this deposit option.

denmarkBest Danish Casinos with Mobilepay
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Is Mobilepay the best casino payment option in Denmark?

mobilepay logoDenmark like the rest of Scandinavian countries has no shortage of excellent payment options for casino players to use and top-up their accounts. So, Casino MobilePay is facing some serious competition. However, as far as mobile payment methods go, MobilePay has no rival. For Danes, this app is so popular that it was voted as “the most indispensable app” in the country, dethroning even Facebook. Let’s check out the main advantages and disadvantages of MobilePay for online casino payments.


  • Top-class security guaranteed. The app is approved by the Danish Gambling Authority and all transactions are confirmed through 2FA.
  • Instant, effortless transactions
  • Very simple to use – you just need your phone number and the 4-digit code to make a transaction
  • You can use it anywhere you are to deposit at a casino, as long as you have an Internet connection
  • There are no fees involved, the app is free for all users
  • Gifts can be exchanged between Mobilepay users so you can receive extra casino funds from a friend


The most important drawback of Mobilepay is of course that you cannot play without revealing personal data. If you want to play anonymously, this definitely isn’t the app for you, as all your info is linked with the app through either your CPR or your NemID. In addition, it becomes clear that you need to have a bank account and credit or debit card to use Mobilepay.

The local character of the payment can present some setbacks, too. MobilePay is only available in Danish casinos licensed by the local authority since the payment option was only recently introduced to the casino industry. Probably that’s why you can only pay 3,000 DKK daily if you linked your Mobilepay account through your CPR number, or 15,000 DKK if you use NemID, as the company tests the waters with a cautious approach.

Getting started with Mobilepay app & making your 1st casino deposit

To set up Mobilepay for your phone, you need to, first of all, create a bank account with one of the Danish banks offering the service. Next, you should make sure to write down your Danish CPRPayment deposit icon 2 number or NemID, a Danish phone number, and the digits of a credit or debit card issued on your name. MobilePay is available to persons above 13 years of age. Then, you are good to go and download the app. To do so and activate your Mobilepay account, just follow these steps:

  • Access the Google Play Store (for MobilePay Android) or App Store and download the MobilePay app on your phone.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and begin the setup process.
  • First, you’re being asked for your phone number.
  • As soon as you insert the phone number, you will receive a confirmation code, and the app automatically verifies it.
  • Next, you need to verify your app through the CPR number of NemID.
  • Once your app is set up, you can move on to adding your credit or debit card.

Then you are set and ready to do your first deposit at your favorite casino.

  • Head to your casino and locate the Casino Mobilepay logo from the “Cashier” tab.
  • Just insert the amount you wish to deposit and your phone number.
  • You will then receive a 4-digit confirmation code to authorize the deposit.

The funds are instantly transferred to your online casino account once you authorize the transaction. If you’re not sure which are the best Mobilepay casinos that offer this payment option, check Casumo or LeoVegas. The minimum deposit via MobilePay is 100 DKK. In comparison, the maximum in one go is different from one casino to another (10,000 DKK at LeoVegas, for example). However, the app has limits of 3,000 DKK when verified through CPR and 15,000 DKK when linked through NemID.

MobilePay Partner Banks

bank logoBefore detailing the process of adding a new debit and credit card in the MobilePay app, lest’ check out the banks that offer this service. Since there’s a total of 58 banks currently partnered with MobilePay, we will only mention the most popular ones. Check out the Mobilepay official website for a full list of partner banks.

  • Danske Bank (MobilePay Danske bank was the original service for this payment option)
  • Nordea
  • SEB
  • Jyske Bank
  • Sydbank
  • Spar Nord Bank
  • Nordfyns Banks
  • Fynske Bank
  • Kreditbanken

Funding MobilePay via Dankort Card

You can top-up your Casino MobilePay account with any card issued by one of the 58 partnering banks. However, since we’re talking about a Danish-only payment method, most users prefer to do it through Dankort. No matter if you use the Dankort/VISA card or standard debit card, you will be able to add your new card following the steps described above. The combined power that MobilePay and Dankort give you for online payments is unparalleled, and you’ll never need to look for another payment option again. Wherever MobilePay is not supported, you will be able to use the Dankort card directly.

Can I use MobilePay to withdraw money?

Unfortunately, this payment DOESN’T support withdrawals from online casinos. So, when using it to make a deposit, you will need to look for an alternative. Using one of the cards attached to your MobilePay app is a great idea. Many Danish casino players turn to ewallets as well.

Can Mobilepay support help me resolve casino disputes?

The company’s support department is truly impressive. There are multiple MobilePay kontakt methods to choose from. You can either go on live-chat with them, request a phone call, or register a ticket through the form on the website. However, FAQ and knowledgebase they put together make all these contact methods almost too much since you can find all the needed info here.

Regarding casino disputes, however, no matter how well-prepared MobilePay’s customer support department is, you’ll need to talk directly to the bank that issued your card. They are the only ones that can assist with disputed transactions.

MobilePay Finland: The casino payment expands to Scandinavia

Finland flag transparent iconAfter clearly dominating the mobile payment method sector in Denmark, this payment option decided it’s time to expand to new markets as well. Finland is the second Scandinavian country where MobilePay can be used by casino enthusiasts and just about anyone that wants to pay quickly. MobilePay Finland is in fierce competition with Siirto, and despite it is supported by plenty of Finnish banks, it has still a long way to go. The MobilePay vs Siirto fight for supremacy seems hard to be decided so far, as both services are very similar.

Banks like Nordea, Danske Bank, SEB, or Fynske Bank are the ones that offer Casino MobilePay services to their Finnish customers. MobilePay s-Pankki is another strong partnership for online mobile payments in Finland, even though s-Pankki isn’t among the most popular banks in the region. MobilePay and Nordea customers have the advantage of being able to use the same bank account and cards in both countries.

However, no matter if you deposit via MobilePay or Siirto, big Finnish casinos like VideoSlots or Mr Green will offer you the possibility to top-up your account with both payment options.

finlandFinnish Casinos with Mobilepay
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Mr Green Casino BonusMr Green Casino Bonus 100% up to €200 + 100 free spins
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up to 5 days
  • MobilePay
  • Trustly
  • Euteller
  • +13
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Mobile Pay?
Using MobilePay to deposit in your online casino account is a straightforward process. After you download and activate the app, you just go to the cashier, insert the amount you want to deposit. Next, insert your phone number, confirm the transactions, and that’s it.

What extra costs should I be aware of?
As far as MobilePay is concerned, there are no extra costs involved when paying at online casinos.

Are there any limitations regarding welcome bonuses when I deposit via MobilePay?
None at all. Depositing via MobilePay will make you eligible for all the welcome bonuses and other rewards offered by the casinos.

What currencies does it support?
Since it’s available in Denmark and Finland, MobilePay supports DKK and EUR as main currencies.

Can I have more than one profile on Mobilepay?
That’s impossible. Since every Mobilepay profile needs to be linked with the CPR number or NemID, you can only have one account associated with those unique identifiers.

Can I recall any transaction I made?
Recalling transactions made via MobilePay is only possible by contacting the bank that issued your card. You won’t be able to recall any purchase you made, especially if there’s a pattern of you using that specific service.

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