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Dash, as the name may suggest, is a cryptocurrency focused on fast payments. This cryptocurrency’s effective blockchain network is also able to execute private transactions effectively. A key feature that only a few cryptocurrencies possess. These two characteristics, speed and privacy, naturally make it an ideal choice for the online gambling industry. Dash casinos allow players to gamble anonymously and pay any winnings within just a few seconds after a withdrawal’s authorization. One can safely say that Dash is one of the most underrated gambling-friendly payments available. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of its benefits.

Top Rated Dash Casinos

The available selection of Dash casinos is not as numerous as it used to be. The coin’s popularity has decreased quite a bit since late 2017, but its useful features remain the same. Frequently in the crypto world, popularity does not follow functionality. Nevertheless, we have filtered for you the best Dash gambling sites. Apart from facilitating under-the-radar gambling, they offer thousands of slots from various providers, the most popular live tables, juicy crypto bonuses, and of course, fast withdrawals.

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Why Go for Dash Casinos

Dash is one of the first cryptocurrency projects that try to be as user-friendly as possible. The primary long-term goal for Dash is to become the most mainstream crypto payment platform. Their in-house wallet application may feel like any other e-wallet service. Deposits and withdrawals to Dash casinos will be far more convenient in comparison to other coins. Additionally, you can choose to enhance privacy or speed in each transaction. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to every situation. Do you want to hit some cards at a blackjack table in a crypto casino as soon as possible, or would you rather stay under the radar, slow and steady?

Furthermore, apart from the unique technical capabilities of the network, the project is actively supported by a transparent team of developers. They have proven to be able to survive the non-forgiving crypto space for more than seven years, which is an eternity for crypto projects. While nobody can predict the future, especially for cryptocurrencies, Dash offers a stable platform that might lead to interesting financial possibilities in gambling and beyond.

Dash Casino Advantages

You can buy Dash from most crypto exchanges. There will be no liquidity issues, and you will easily trade it with other cryptocurrencies or FIAT currencies. Moreover, Dash offers its own native wallet, which is available for PC, android and ios. In this way, you will be able to handle your Dash transactions effectively and safely. Naturally, there are also other options for Dash wallets, so you can choose whatever suits you best. Let’s group up the other main advantages:

Private transactions

Normal Dash transactions are permanently embedded on the transparent publicly available blockchain as most cryptocurrencies do. If someone knows your Dash wallet address, then he/she can look up all your transaction history. That includes time, date, sums, senders and recipients. In crypto slang, this is called ‘pseudonymous’. You are indeed anonymous, but everything is recorded and you might get compromised. Dash solves this problem with a function called ‘PrivateSend’.

In simple terms, this feature mixes your transaction funds with other funds that use this specific function. In the end, the true sender of the payment stays hidden. The PrivateSend function costs approximately $0.20 in fees (as of December 2021), which is relatively more than standard transactions due to increased network resources. PrivateSend payments also take considerably more time to settle, so keep that in mind.

Fast payments

Like ‘PrivateSend’ for increased privacy, Dash offers another feature built for faster transactions, called InstantSend. Conventional dash transactions usually take around 2 minutes to settle, and it may go up to 10 minutes if the network is congested. Not great, not terrible for a cryptocurrency. However, InstandSend allows users to make a payment within just a second. The fees are also higher (circa $0.20 as of December 2021) due to the requirements for more network resources.

Low fees

If you do not need a boost in privacy or speed, Dash transaction fees are negligible. The average cost as of September 2021 is just $0.02. As you can see, Dash gambling offers quite the flexibility, as you may choose between privacy, speed, and low cost. All this without the need to diversify your cryptocurrency bankroll.

Guaranteed direct payments

A funds transfer within the Dash network is a direct peer-to-peer transaction between you and the other part. There is no third-party supervision and no frozen accounts for flagged transactions or annoying source-of-wealth documentation requests. It will be like exchanging cash hand to hand. Additionally, payments can not be declined. If you top up your Dash casino account, you will see your funds there no matter what.

Crypto bonuses

In general, the operational costs associated with handling crypto payments are way lower than their traditional counterparts. The casino payments department does not have to deal with chargebacks, disputes and costly third-party fees. In order to attract more crypto users and incentivize their use from other players, online crypto casinos offer lucrative bonuses. Dash gambling sites are no exception, so expect to notch welcome bonuses, promotions that boost your crypto deposits, as well as high cashback offers.

Disadvantages of Dash Casinos

Dash might as well be one of the top online casino payment options, but there are several drawbacks to take into account. Despite its user-friendly approach, it still remains a cryptocurrency. The lack of third-party supervision means that you are the only one responsible for handling all transactions. It will be very hard to find any support in case of a mistake. Most people are not comfortable with this and prefer to stick with conventional debit cards or e-wallets. Furthermore, many consider Dash an out-of-date cryptocurrency since its trading and usage have decreased quite a lot in recent years. It might be probable that there will not be a lot of new Dash gambling sites. Let’s check other negative points.

Crypto volatility

The market value of cryptocurrencies is quite volatile. Price swings of +/- 10% in just a day are common. This makes bankroll management a complex task. Positive swings can undoubtedly enhance your winnings but your losses as well. Negative ones can reduce your losses, as well as your winnings. If you want to avoid the thrill of double gambling, the solution is to find a Dash casino that converts your deposits to a FIAT currency or a stablecoin casino.

Cryptocurrency regulations

The cryptocurrency space is not a niche market like it was a few years back. Now, institutional investors have set their targets in cryptocurrencies, and billions of dollars directly flow inside the market. Naturally, this caught the attention of governments and financial authorities. Crypto regulations are now in a grey area, but new legal frameworks are due. Nobody knows the implications of new rules in the game, so keep yourself informed on any developments.

Offshore licensing

A crypto-friendly casino cannot receive a European license, even if all other conditions are met. Cryptocurrencies are labeled as a risky payment gateway. For this reason, all brands that want to work with cryptocurrencies opt for an offshore license or no license at all. That means that a player has less protection against shady practices. Do diligent research before a deposit. We also recommend choosing one of our reviewed and trusted casinos.

Safety & Legality of Online Dash Gambling

Dash might not be the major cryptocurrency project it once was, but it remains a respected and well-known cryptocurrency. It has one of the most easy-to-use crypto wallet applications, and its blockchain network is robust. You should just be careful of the Dash casino you will choose for your gambling activity. On top of the offshore licenses mentioned above, the non-regulated cryptocurrency space is the ideal playground for scammers. Remain extra vigilant.

On the legality part, cryptocurrency transactions are legal or not even regulated in most countries. You can safely conduct your transactions with no legal implications. If you can play in a conventional online casino, you will face no issues with a crypto one. Moreover, any Dash winnings will not get taxed automatically, as fiscal authorities do not directly access them. In any case, we advise against tax fraud, as a meticulous audit can reveal every transaction. Even the PrivateSend function may not fully protect you if you raise enough suspicions. But you will have to really ring many bells for such an audit. Try to keep a low profile.

What Goes on Behind Dash Casinos

how-toIt is always good to know more information about any cryptocurrency you are about to use. It is the subtle details that make the real difference between the various coins. This is even more important when a high-stakes gambling bankroll gets involved. In our case, Dash had a pretty rough and intricate start, but it evolved to be a cryptocurrency focusing on payments. The team behind it wants to make Dash the first widely adopted crypto payment platform. Nowadays, Dash is often used daily in countries with highly inflated currencies, like Venezuela.

The creation of Dash

The project did not start with this name. It was created in early 2014 by Evan Duffield as Xcoin. The base code is a version of Litecoin’s protocol, but it was later heavily modified. After some time, it was rebranded as Darkcoin, perhaps to market it as a privacy-friendly coin due to PrivateSend’s capabilities. Despite this, the name had to change again. The coin had been receiving bad press due to its usage for illegal transactions on the dark web. The name Dash came now to be, which derives from the words Digital and Cash.

The key characteristics that differentiate Dash from other cryptocurrencies are, of course, PrivateSend and InstantSend. These features are possible due to the Masternode technology. Masternodes are like a second layer on top of the leading blockchain, absorbing the heavy computing power needed to enable instant and private transactions. Furthermore, Masternode operators act as members of the Dash network and can vote for different governance decisions. To operate a Masternode, one must have 1,000 Dash coins. Those coins serve as collateral to secure the actions of the member.

Dash’s launch controversy

how-toA controversial occurrence marked the project’s launch. In a span of several hours, a substantial amount of extra coins was created (mined). The miners that were processing transactions at that time gathered a large amount of Dash, contrary to the protocol’s intentions. This issue was resolved quite soon, but the coins remained at the hands of the lucky miners. The creator claims that it was an error in the code, but many do not believe it and say it was done on purpose.

As you can see, the fact that the operation of Masternodes requires a large amount of Dash gives the initial miners quite the advantage in voting due to the internal mechanisms of the organization. This goes against the decentralization of the project. Since then, there have been no other incidents, and Dash’s capabilities were not hindered at all by this issue.

Dash vs. Bitcoin

VS buttonThese two cryptocurrencies both use blockchains that function with a proof-of-work protocol. The difference stands in Dash’s Masternodes, which act like a proof-of-stake second layer that facilitates different operations. In simple words, Dash sacrifices decentralization for efficiency, as it is much faster and charges lower fees than Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin value nowadays derives from decentralization, its scarcity, and the fact that it was the first cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, Dash is notably more convenient for gambling transaction purposes.

Start Playing at a Dash Casino

There are a few steps to follow before diving into Dash gambling. First of all, you need to get a Dash wallet. We recommend the official app, which you can find on Dash’s website. There are also other options, but keep in mind that not all wallets support PrivateSend and InstantSend. The second step is to find a Dash casino that suits your needs. After you open an account there, you can start the deposit process. You should also check if the casino you chose keeps your funds in Dash or converts them into a FIAT currency. For the latter case, always check the conversion rate.

How to deposit:

⏩ Buy Dash from a crypto exchange: We recommend FTX, Binance and Kraken. However, there are many other options. Dash is not a rare currency. You will have to start an account if you do not already have one. After that, you can deposit to the exchange to buy Dash. The most common methods are debit cards and bank transfers. You can also trade other cryptocurrencies for Dash. After you acquire the number of coins you wish, send them to your personal wallet. Never deposit or withdraw directly from a crypto casino to your exchange account. Exchanges deem crypto-friendly operators risky merchants and may freeze your account. Remember that exchanges charge extra fees for crypto withdrawals on top of the network transfer fees, but they are usually shallow.

⏩ Make the Dash deposit: Find the Dash payment option in the cashier section of the casino. A tab will open, with a complex alphanumeric address in it. That is the casino’s Dash address, in which you will send the funds from your wallet. Before the deposit, you will have to select if you wish to make an InstantSend, PrivateSend, or standard transfer in the wallet options. Copy and paste the casino’s address in the specific option of your wallet and click send. You Dash gambling may soon commence.

How to withdraw:

⏩ Withdraw your winnings: After a successful session, it would be better not to let all the funds sit at the Dash casino. Click the withdrawal options and select Dash. You will have to type in your personal wallet address. Make sure to double-check it. Unfortunately, you can not select PrivateSend or InstantSend here, and usually, casinos opt for the normal payments. In any case, a few minutes after your withdrawal request is accepted, you will receive your hard-earned winnings.

⏩ Cash-out the funds: If you want to spend your newly acquired Dash in the real world, you have to move them again to the crypto exchange. In your wallet’s option, type the address of your exchange account and click send. Then you will be able to trade Dash with FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies. It is good to know here that some exchanges issue their own debit cards. That way, you can spend your winnings without moving them to a regular bank. Coupled with PrivateSend, Dash gambling lets you stay comfortably under the radar.

Are Dash Casinos Worth it

howThere is no better way to keep a low profile in online gambling than crypto casinos. Cryptocurrencies are a handy tool that allows players to circumvent geographical and regulatory restrictions. On top of the flexibility that most cryptocurrencies provide, Dash gambling gives you the ability to choose between enhanced transaction speed and privacy. These are two of the most important characteristics for avid gamblers that seek to stay under the radar. The only downside is that there are not many online casinos that accept Dash payments, but further developments in this exciting project may change the tides shortly.


Many reputable operators accept Dash as a payment method. However, one should be more careful due to their offshore licensing or no license at all. Be especially wary of new brands that you can not find much information online.

Yes, the Dash network is robust and proven. The organization behind Dash is transparent and it has been around for many years. You can safely proceed with Dash financial transactions.

It depends on the subject. Dash’s market value is nowhere near Bitcoin, which is considered digital gold. Be that as it may, we believe that Dash is a better cryptocurrency for gambling transactions with crypto casinos, as they cost considerably less and are much faster.

You can find Dash on most crypto trading platforms. The most well-known ones are Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, but there are many other legitimate ones. Most of them are even available as apps for your phone. Combined with Dash’s official wallet app, you can easily make all your trades comfortably everywhere you are.

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