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Wanna learn how to play Video Poker? Well, since you are familiar with the poker rules and its combinations you will have no problem! Video Poker, basically, is the transition of five card draw poker to a slot machine. Like the slots, they are played on a console of a similar size and in the last years you will find it in most legal online casinos worldwide. In fact, it has the advantage that all the famous variants are immediately available and you do not have to wait for an empty seat. In case you are a beginner, Best 50 casino has prepared a complete video poker guide for dummies. So keep reading!

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What is video poker?

Video poker is a casino gambling game that has many similarities to slot machines, but the difference is that it also contains the element of skill, since depending on the player’s choices, the chances of winning can be increased or decreased. This is one of the most popular options in casinos for those who prefer games that are not based solely on luck, such as slots. Also, it stands out for its high RTP (Return to Player) rate. Indicative that the RTP in the basic version of the game, Jacks or Better is estimated at 99.54% with a maximum bet, while without the maximum it drops to 98%. Of course, in order for a player to make the most of the high theoretical Return to the Player, he must play with the right strategy, aiming for the best possible EV (Expected Value) on each card.

Video poker machines became known in the late 70’s and became very popular during the 80s. What made the difference in these games is that the pay table is displayed, where all the winnings are listed. Therefore RTP is also calculated. Unlike slots you do not find information about accurate RTP just as easily.

Video Poker Rules for beginners

Video poker is an easy game to understand, as long as the player knows the value of hands in poker. After the player has chosen the amount he wants to play in the round, five cards appear in front of him that appear with a random number generator (RNG). At that moment, he is asked to choose which of these cards he wants to keep and which he will discard. Then he presses “Draw” and all the cards he discards are replaced with others, which again emerge from a random number generator. Winnings are calculated depending on how strong the player’s hand is after Draw.

Note that it is not mandatory for the player to discard a card. If, for example, a straight line appears before the “Draw”, then he can hold all five cards and then press “Draw” to get the profit corresponding to the straight line. On the other hand, if the first five cards do not help the player to make a winning combination, then he can choose no card and click “Draw”, hoping to get a winning combination in the next five cards. This is the classic process of video poker. However, through the years many variations have been developed with different multipliers, more options were added, like the double up, and other features in general. For a deeper analysis of the game there is a detailed Video Poker tutorial where you can learn how to play video poker like a pro! For now, below you will find the Video Poker basic payouts:

Variations of Video Poker

As with poker, there are several different games in video poker. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones:

Jacks or Better
By far the most popular variant of Video Poker. The game is also known as “draw poker” and the player must have at least one pair of jacks to win.
Tens or Better
Also a type of Video Poker that many players prefer. It is the same with Jacks or Better, with the main difference that in order for the victory to come, there must be at least one pair of “10s”.
Deuces Wild
In this variant, the doubles are wilds and can replace all other cards. To win, the player must have at least three identical cards in hand.
Joker Poker
Here the deck has 53 and not 52 cards, as does the Joker, who acts as a wild card.
Double Bonus
This is a variation of Jacks or Better. The main difference is that in the Double Bonus the ace frame also pays.
All American
Another variation of Jacks or Better. The difference between Bally’s All American, as it is also known, is that it offers better payouts in color, straight and Flush Royal, but smaller in both pairs and in Full House.

Video Poker Tips and Strategies

In Video Poker it is crucial to choose the right strategy. Knowing the odds, studying the board and the tactics you will follow, are keys in order to have profits from the specific game. After all, it is well known that Video Poker, like classic Poker, has become famous because it is not based only on luck, but also on the personal abilities of everyone.

The most important thing is to decide which cards you will keep and which you will change. This dilemma is the whole point of the game. Some useful tips are:

✔️ Chase the Flush Royal, even if you have a strong combination.

✔️ Keep the low pair. It is always stronger than just a high card.

✔️ If you do not have a pair, keep the cards of the same suit.

The above are some helpful tips that are worth keeping in mind. Beyond that, it is very important to keep the wilds, in case there are such in the variation you have chosen. Among other things, it is wise to bet 5 coins continuously, ie to make the maximum bet. Through this tactic you will ensure better odds on the winning hands, while you will also be able to claim the progressive jackpots that share many Video Poker variations.

What is the best video poker game to play?

In conclusion, in Video Poker it would be good to study the variations and find the one that suits you. Bet on a maximum of 5 coins. You always follow a strategy, depending on the game. Choose the variations that come with progressive jackpots. Another factor is variance. Would you prefer many and low payouts, or fewer but bigger? You play for fun, or just for money? This is completely up to you.

Jacks or Better” is the most common variation of video poker. Payoffs begin at a pair of jacks. Full pay Jacks or Better is also known as 9/6 Jacks or Better since the payoff for a full house is 9 times the bet, and the payoff for a flush is 6 times the bet. Beginners of amateurs prefer this simple and easy variation.

On the other hand, professional video poker players prefer tha variations which have a full-pay, such as the Deuces Wild games. If you have the skills to implement a perfect strategy in these games, the house edge is the minimum, and your average RTP will be sometimes even more than 100%! The choice is yours. Good Luck!

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