Best casinos for video poker

Online video is famous for some of the biggest payouts in the history of gambling. Wondering where you can enjoy the highest paying video poker online? The list below features the best video poker casinos that will keep you up all night!

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Top video poker casinos: How to find them

Video Poker is an easy game to master. In fact, we can teach you how to become a master in less than 5 minutes. Of course, choosing your game is a good place to start. Many casinos offer a good amount of options for you to choοse from, but the most common you will encounter is Jacks or better. You’ll be also glad to find out that many operators include video poker in the list of games eligible for a progressive jackpot.

Once you decide on a game, you can easily place your bet and hit the spin button. You then review your hand and see if you would like to hold any cards. Then you click the Deal or Draw buttons to replace the unwanted cards. All of this in the hopes of scooping some great card pairings that will help you win big. So, there you have it. That is how to play video poker, hitting the ground running if you may. Next step is to tell you all about the strategy behind the game and the terms used in the game.

Game variety

video-poker-icon-trans Game variety is important. Just keep in mind that not all casinos offer the variation of the game that you are looking for. Look through the variations available and choose the best one for you. We have summed up some of the most rewarding and commonly found video poker games casinos below:

  • Jacks or Better
    One of the first variations of the game and still heavily popular. Basically, you will scoop a win when you land a pair of Jacks or better hand.
  • Deuces Wild
    Another popular video poker variation, with the 4 deuces in the deck having the potential to become a wild, hence helping you land a win easily.
  • Aces & Faces
    Playing Aces and Faces Video Poker, you will be dealt 5 cards to help you manage the best hand ever. You have the option of holding as many cards as you want, and the rest will be replaced in the remaining deck.
  • Joker Poker
    One of our favorites, played with a deck of 53 cards with the Joker being your random card that can substitute for all others and help you scoop a winning hand.
  • Bonus Poker
    A variant of Jacks or better, where a special bonus is awarded if you manage a hand of a 4 of a kind.

Progressive video poker availability

progressive-video-poker-icon-trans Since video poker incorporates a slot machine, your game sometimes comes along with a progressive jackpot availability. There are many pros and cons associated to this. Luck plays a big part in landing that video poker progressive jackpot? Wondering how to play progressive video poker and win? Well, one of the most effective methods so far is playing at maximum bet.

It ensures that if you hit the jackpot you’ll hit it big. Normally the game would have a ticket alongside your poker game and this will be topped up every time a person plays that particular game. It is easy to play a progressive game, as it is basically the same as the others with an added perk. Are you willing to play and gamble so more in the hopes of landing that lucrative jackpot?

Video poker bonus

get-bonus-icon-transparent Everyone loves a good bonus. And video poker comes along with freebies as well. How about a video poker no deposit bonus when you log into your favorite casino? Some casinos also offer a 100% on your first deposit that is subject to a small wager amount. One of the video poker variations that is known for remarkable bonuses is Deuces Wild. The game offers you the 2s as wild cards in the hopes of landing you a juicy win. How about that for some added excitement to your game?

United StatesBest video poker casinos by bonus
400% up to $4,000
+ $75 Bitcoin deposit bonus
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100% up to $2500
+ 100 free spins
Free Spins

Video Poker payouts

casino-chips-icon-trans The various game variations come along with different odds and also different RTPs. Let’s have a look at the payouts your favorite games will give you, should you be lucky enough to scoop a win. The payout of Jacks or Better is truly irresistible, offering you a whopping RTP of 99.46%. Just remember that the wins are not so big, however they do come along regularly. It doesn’t get any better than the 100.76% return rate that this video poker game offers for a full pay. The Wilds do add more win options for you as the player.

Aces and Faces boasts a 99% RTP. The game is available in most online casinos and promises you ample wins along the way. Joker Poker’s paytable takes the RTP all the way up to 98.6%. The game is popular with gamblers, as the joker comes along regularly to help you scoop the ultimate winnings hand. Last, in Bonus Poker the 100.17% RTP is truly magnificent and yet the bonus does help you scoop even more wins.

Just remember to hit the paytable button before you choose a specific video poker game, as this will guide you in the return rate and the room you will ultimately choose.

How to play video poker and win

As we mentioned before, video poker is easy to master. If you are a novice player interested in learning how to play video poker, we are here to support you in your quest in becoming the next video poker guru. The game is simple, even simpler than the traditional poker rooms found online indeed. So, let’s sum up some of the things to keep in mind prior to start playing the game.

Hand value

tick-icon Know all the ins and outs of what pays what. Normally a win is secured when you have a pair of the same kind or a stronger hand, and all of the different hands will contribute to that. Each game has its various wins and the winning coins you will be awarded. Hence, we suggest you pay attention to the paytable to get acquainted with your winning amounts and what will land you a major win. This will help you a lot when deciding which cards to hold and the ones to let go.


wagering-icon-transparent Just like any game, the more you bet the better the return if a win is secured. And when learning to play the game, you will realize that the best odds and winnings are earned when playing at maximum stake, especially in progressive jackpot rooms. If you are looking for a win, hit the max bet button and hope Lady Luck is on your side!

How to play Jacks or better

Jacks or Better is commonly found in most casinos and as the title suggests, you would need to land Jacks or a better hand to scoop a win. If you would like to become the ultimate Jacks and Better guru, have a look at the various win strategy charts available that will depict what is the easiest hand to scoop and the payouts attached. This chart will help you in deciding which cards to win and will help you bet the odds, pushing it to an RTP of 99.5%.

How play Joker poker

Joker poker is a famous video poker variant that allows you to use the joker as the wild card and exchanged for any other card to help you form a winning hand. The rules of Joker poker are simple, land the joker and use him wisely. How about keeping the joker and a high card in the hopes of landing a big win? That is the best cheat or strategy that you could use when playing Joker Poker, as the biggest payouts are landed indeed this way!

How to play Deuces Wild

The rules are simple. Any deuce available in your hand can become a wild card and can help you form a winning hand. Some simple strategies include what to do when you have 4 deuces, 3 deuces, 2 deuces, 1 deuce or none at all. It is always good to keep high cards in hand, or simply go with changing all your cards if you have no deuces and no high cards. Winning at Deuces wild is simple, hunt the deuces and wilds, as they go hand in hand in helping you scoop a win.

How to play Aces & Faces

Aces and Faces is Jacks or better with a small twist, as it delivers a lucrative bonus if you manage any four of a kind with cards that have faces. These are the Js, Qs, Ks. So, if you would like to adopt the best strategy for this game, hold all the faces cards and exchange the others in the hopes of landing that four of a kind made of either faces or Aces. Want to experience this game at it’s best? Microgaming have one of the best Aces and Faces Video poker ever. You are welcome!

Video poker strategy

There is a strategy behind everything in life, including video poker. Some call them tips, some tricks, we call it a winning business plan that will indeed help you make the best out of your bets. Here are some of the rules we love to abide with and suggest you do too!

Go for max bets

payout-speed-icon-trans Due to the fact that video poker enjoys high RTPs, we suggest that you go for maximum bets. Keep that in mind if you are playing at a progressive jackpot game, because you also have more chances in landing the jackpot. So, go all in and never look back!

Check the paytable

exclusive-code-icon-trans Have a look at the paytable as this will determine what are the highest payouts and what cards you will hold. Familiarise yourself with all the winning options and hold the cards that give the best rewards.

Find “full pay-out” video poker games

tournament-icon-transparent One of the best tips and tricks for video poker is to find a full payout game. Click on the paytable and if the full house pays a 9:1 and the Flush pays a 6:1, then you have found your perfect full pay-out game of 9/6. This game variant normally hands out some of the best odds and winning will see you walk away with chunky coin stashes!

How to tell if a video poker machine is going to hit

examine-icon-trans Microgaming love their progressive slots and hence they coupled that with video poker and created a mastermind game! Many players ask other players for the signs of when a game is going to hit the jackpot. There are no actual indications, but what helps is to play the same game at the same casino, and of course, play at maximum bet to optimize your chances!

Finally, if you are looking for an easy game, that awards you ample wins or thrills, look no further as video poker is the game that has limited rules and an enjoyable game-play. Do you place slot machines and poker in the same love category? Well, look no further as Video poker is the game that you have been waiting for all your life. Profitable, easy to master and above all extensively rewarding!

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