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Why is everyone after the highest payout online casinos? What does the term “payout” mean and just how much does it matter? Are there certain casinos, providers, or games with better payout than others? These are questions that bother many players’ minds. Below we will answer all of them and clarify if it’s worth being obsessed with payout stats or not. On top of that, we are going to indicate which online casinos have the highest payout.

Best Payout Online Casinos for 2024

Casinos have different payouts since they feature different games. Players are after the best paying online casinos, but they don’t know how to identify them. Worry not, as we have put in the work for you and gathered the top ones on the following list.

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What is a payout percentage?

howFirst things first, let’s make you familiar with the concept of payout, also known as RTP (Return To Player) percentage. Casinos always have a house edge, a built-in advantage that ensures they will always have a profit and won’t ever go bankrupt. At the end of the day, even the best paying online casinos are businesses. The house edge changes depending on the game you are playing. In blackjack, the house usually has less than 1% edge over the player; while it can significantly vary in slots, being generally between 2-10% (provided that we are only referring to trusted providers). If you remove the house edge percentage, you get your Return to Player percentage of each game. To find out each casino’s total payout, you just have to calculate the average of all of its games’ RTPs.

What are payout/RTP rates?

Casinos use this stat mostly for marketing and advertising purposes: “Come play at our top paying casino site”, “96.5% guaranteed payout on our casino”, “Searching for best casinos that payout? Sign up with us” etc. However, what they actually do is exploit gullible players. You will never manage to get back (at least) €97 for every €100 you bet. Since this statistic refers to an average figure, you cannot be sure that the rule will come to play for everyone. Keep in mind that the payout percentage always refers to long gaming sessions, not short-term ones. You might end up with nothing, but you certainly cannot blame a casino’s RTP for your losses.

Sometimes, players confuse payout with the maximum amount that you are allowed to withdraw from a casino. The latter is called ‘cashout’, but you may also see it as ‘payout’. However, it refers to a totally different concept, which is the maximum limit of funds that a casino would let a player withdraw for each transaction per day/week/month.

How can you find out each game’s % RTP?

how-toThe RTP percentage refers to the payout of each game. Let’s take the example of Gonzo’s Quest slot. According to NetEnt, its RTP is estimated at 96%, so each casino that offers it has a 4% house edge over players.

You can typically find this indicator on slots, but RTP is a crucial figure for every type of game. If the casino doesn’t display a game’s percentage, just head over to the provider’s site that produces the game and check out their catalogs.

A note that needs to be made here is that providers calculate each game’s RTP based on simulation, instead of actual-game situations. Just like the total payout percentage of a casino, this is also an average figure, so some players may win above or below it. It is obvious that operators who want to be among the top paying casinos will include many games in their library with high RTP, as long as they don’t get financially hurt.

Every game has its RTP and that percentage doesn’t change regardless of the casino that offers it. If you ever see a different percentage than the suggested -by the provider- one, you should report it immediately; although this is an almost nonexistent possibility at reputable casinos.

Which casino game has the highest payout percentage?

casino-audit-icon-transSo, let’s say that you have already registered at one of the online casinos with the highest payout percentage from our list. Now what? If you start playing randomly without a strategy, then you will most probably see your money fly away in just a few hours. If you want to minimize losses and at the same time increase your chances of winning big, you should head to the highest payout casino games. In case you aren’t familiar with their percentages, worry not, we are about to go through all of them, from the higher down to the lower ones.

We are going to leave out slots in order to thoroughly analyze them later. First, let’s find out which are the casino games with the best odds.

➡️Video Poker (99%+): We bet that you are familiar with the phrase “the house always has the edge”. This might be true in most casino games, but not always with Video Poker payout. Depending on the variant you choose to play, you could even have better chances than the house itself. For example, in Deuces Wild, you can reach a maximum return of 100.76%, making it one of the best payout percentages on online casinos. Jacks or Better is also a favorable Video Poker variant where you can meet an RTP up to 99.5%.

➡️Blackjack (98-99.87%): Blackjack is the king of the best online casino games that payout due to its simplicity and popularity. When you sit at a blackjack table, you should know that the house has a very slight edge against you that can even go down to just 0.13%. Still, this Blackjack RTP is attainable only to experienced players that go by the book and can react correctly to every game situation. If you are a rookie who plays without a strategy, then the casino’s advantage can rise up to 2-3%.

➡️Craps (99.4%): Craps might be nowhere near as popular as other games, but it’s a shame because it is a casino game with some of the best odds for players. The house edge at online operators is set at 0.6%, and it’s even lower than in land-based casinos, where it is estimated at 1.2-1.4%. However, you will sometimes notice that a low house edge comes with high minimum bets so that the casino can balance the outcome. Indeed, craps payout is arguably one of the best ways to make good money.

➡️Baccarat (98.9%): Baccarat is a beloved game for players from all over the world. One of the main reasons is the low house edge or, if you prefer, the high Baccarat payout percentage that is up for grabs. The average house edge can be as low as 1.09%. Still, you should know that betting on each of the three available options (player, banker, tie) has different payouts. Betting on the banker results in a 1.06% house edge, while betting on the player can raise it just an ounce higher to 1.36%. Now, if you are a risky player who likes to take his chances with the “tie” bet, you should know that you would be facing a 14.4% house edge.

➡️Roulette (96%): Roulette’s average payout is set at 96% and refers to the low-risk wagers you can place at this game. Roulette odds are particularly attractive (close to 50%) for straight bets like “colour” (red or black), but it gets much more difficult when you bet on numbers. Another tip for beginners is that if you are offered both American and European roulette, always choose the European. There is no reason to add another zero on the board, thus making the roulette payout lower and, consequently, your life harder. To put it in numbers, the house edge in the American Roulette is set at 5.26%. In the European one, the chances get much sweeter with a 2.7%.

➡️Bingo (90%): Bingo isn’t a good idea if you have made up your mind that your goal is to earn money, as it does not offer some of the best payout rates. The house edge is very high (10%), and you would probably end up losing your funds in the long run. That explains why the majority of the best paying online casinos don’t offer bingo games

➡️Keno (65-80%): If you thought Bingo was one to avoid, then you would probably start running the other way when you hear Keno’s house edge. It might be a straightforward game regarding its rules, but as you can check through a Keno payout chart it’s tough to win as you would have to fight off a 20-35% house edge. If you manage to make big money in Keno, expect it to be a once in a lifetime strike of luck you will be telling your grandchildren about.

Play on Casinos with the Highest Slot Payouts

Safety-iconSlot payouts vary significantly because each one is like a whole different game. The highest slot payouts in casinos depend on a series of factors like paylines, wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and jackpot presence. All these have to be taken into account by providers, so that they can calculate the actual RTP. Also, it’s not easy to give a definitive average RTP figure for slots, since some have a high one and others a low one; and in addition, we have to remember that new slots come out every day.

Sometimes people confuse slot payout concepts with the volatility/variance of a game. Although closely related, they aren’t the same thing. Volatility basically explains how the RTP percentage is working for each slot. Low variance slots produce small and frequent wins, but they will rarely give you a big win. On the other hand, high variance games can reward you with impressive wins, especially during bonus rounds. The payout of a low variance slot and a high variance slot can be exactly the same. The only difference is that in the case of the high volatility slot, you may have to wait longer to start winning; but you will eventually -in theory- catch up the promised RTP percentage.

Final word on online casinos with the highest payout percentages

κριτήρια επιλογήςPayout percentages are nothing more than average numbers. Be careful not to be dragged to a ‘top online casino payout’ with the sole argument of having “the highest payout percentages in the industry”. Other factors come into play, too. Still, it is a proven fact that some casino games have better chances than others; as a result, picking them would increase your potential for big wins. Just don’t take it for granted that your earnings will match the RTP percentages.


A payout percentage is a predefined return you get from a bet at a casino. Each game has a different payout; for instance Gonzo’s Quest slot has a 96% RTP. In theory, it means that you should expect a return of €96 for every €100 you bet.

There are some video poker variants (Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus) that theoretically return above 100%. If your casino doesn’t offer them you can play Blackjack variations with high RTP even up to 99.87%.

In general, we consider venues that have an average payout of 96% or above as the best paying online casinos.

Yes, they definitely do. Otherwise, there would be no reason to gamble online. However, before you register at a casino, you should first check if you are dealing with a safe operator and then if it has a solid average payout.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, if you are a player that likes to play it safe, then you should head over to Video Poker and Blackjack. These are the two games with the highest return rates.

Slots usually payout within a range of 90% to 98%. The best payout slots are considered those above 95%. Keep in mind that slots have typically lower RTP percentages than most other casino games.

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