Best Dogecoin Casinos

Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide. This meme coin is not just a joke anymore. Its controversial price action in 2021 made it surpass many other reputable cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. The online gambling industry did not let this opportunity slip, and Dogecoin casinos are now a common sight. However, this is not only due to Dogecoin’s publicity hype. DOGE transactions allow for fast and safe payments that know no borders. Despite the humorous status that surrounds this coin, its blockchain network is reliable and secure. Do not fool yourself. Under the adorable Shiba Inu symbol of Dogecoin hides a useful financial tool for casinos and players alike. The best dogecoin casinos retain the low profile of most crypto-friendly gambling sites while facilitating the use of efficient and low-fee DOGE transactions.

The Best Casinos for Dogecoin Gambling

There is a large assortment of Dogecoin casinos available, so it can be a bit difficult to find the right one for you. The list below might be of help. Our picks are thoroughly tested, so be sure to check their dedicated reviews to find out the pros and cons of each casino. Apart from an excellent variety of casino products, they offer lightning-fast withdrawals, lucrative crypto bonuses and help you maintain a low profile.

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Dogecoin Casino Perks & Advantages

You can find Dogecoin easily in most crypto exchanges. Liquidity will not be an issue for sure. Its transaction speed is adequate, and the fees are at an acceptable level. We can say that Dogecoin casinos offer one of the most flexible payment methods for crypto casinos. Moreover, your anonymity will be secure with this coin if you use a non-KYC casino and exchange. Let’s see the main advantages:

Low fees

Standard transactions within the Dogecoin network cost around 1-2 DOGE. At the time of writing (06/12/21), this translates roughly to $0,17 – 0,34. The cost is certainly higher than other payment-specific cryptocurrencies, but it still beats Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction fees. Keep in mind that up until March of 2021, DOGE’s price had never been over $ 0,05. The fees were almost nonexistent, but the price boost in April 2021 ended this benefit. Nevertheless, further developments in the Dogecoin blockchain may drop the fee percentage if the price stays up, as most DOGE payments were intended for low amount transactions.

Fast & effective payments

The creators of Dogecoin used Litecoin for the base code. The blockchain network of Dogecoin is secure and proven, so you will not face any technical issues. Furthermore, DOGE transactions can not be declined by anyone. Rest assured that when you deposit in a Dogecoin gambling site, you will see the funds in your account within a minute. The same goes for when a withdrawal request gets approval from the casino. No more waiting times of 5 business days.

Higher level of privacy

Like most cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin has a transparent blockchain network. If someone knows your DOGE wallet address, he can view all your transactions and the addresses of the senders/recipients. Be that as it may, it is very hard to connect a name to an address, as they do not hold any personal details. Just be careful with whom you share your crypto wallet addresses. Additionally, there is no third party in DOGE transactions. You deal directly with the merchant in a peer-to-peer method. Dogecoin’s blockchain simply validates transactions without further complications. You will not have to deal with Source of Wealth requests or frozen accounts by banks and other financial institutions.

Crypto bonuses

The handling costs for cryptocurrency transactions are way lower than their conventional counterparts. That is because the payment department of a crypto-friendly casino does not have to deal with chargebacks, third-party fees, or any other kind of disputes. This is due to the effective blockchain networks of most crypto coins. To get more players to use cryptocurrencies, casinos offer better bonuses & promotions for crypto deposits. Dogecoin casinos are not an exception to this, and juicy crypto bonuses await you.

Provably fair games

Most DOGE casinos offer provably fair casino games. These games provide a function powered by cryptographic technology, in which the players themselves can prove that the results of a game round are random and fair. They are a huge plus of crypto-friendly casinos, as players can play with ease of mind, knowing that the casino does not play any dirty tricks behind its interface.

Drawbacks of Dogecoin Casinos

bad-welcome-bonus-transparentDogecoin is a very weird case of the cryptocurrency scene. Up until March of 2021, it was considered only as a meme currency. It was used mainly for small amounts of donations and nobody took it seriously. Now, this has completely changed, but nobody knows what the future holds for it. Will it remain a top 10 cryptocurrency, or will it plummet back into the abyss as just a meme? Additionally, it still remains a cryptocurrency, withholding all the technical difficulties that these digital coins do. Many people distrust them despite the various benefits and prefer to stick to traditional banking methods.

Price volatility

Dogecoin’s price in August 2020 was around $ 0,003. In August 2021, it fluctuated around $ 0,30, which means that its value multiplied by 100 in only a few months. Moreover, its peak price in May 2021 was over $ 0,70. Many claim that this price is only sustainable because of speculation and hype, which will end in the near future. On the other hand, many hardcore fans believe that this coin can see prices even as high as $1,00. In any case, Dogecoins volatility is very high, so consider it a risky investment. Be very careful if you have a substantial DOGE gambling bankroll. Price swings cut both ways and they may boost your winnings but lower them as well. Check USDT or USDC casinos if you wish to withhold the benefits of cryptocurrencies without being susceptible to price swings.

Offshore licenses

European regulators do not accept cryptocurrencies as valid deposit methods. That is why crypto-friendly casinos, like Dogecoin casinos, are independent or hold offshore licenses. Keep in mind that these licensing authorities hold lower standards, so official disputes and shady practices will be harder to deal with. Do diligent research and read our reviews before you deposit anywhere.

Regulatory issues

Cryptocurrencies at the moment stand in a grey regulatory area. Their tremendous development in the last few years brought them under the attention of governments and international financial institutions. The immense sums of money moved via the various blockchain networks are far too big to ignore anymore. The legal landscape will probably change soon for cryptocurrencies. Until then, they are in a fluid state and only a crystal ball can tell us what comes next.

Technical complexity

Despite the recent technological developments and a myriad of new crypto-friendly applications and services, cryptocurrency transactions are way more complex than their conventional counterparts. To safely complete crypto payments, one should have higher than average tech-savviness. Even experienced users may often face difficulties. This is the price to pay for decentralization and the lack of third-party supervision. One is solely responsible for his actions, and that is not suitable for everyone.

Are Dogecoin Casinos Safe and Legal

Dogecoin’s blockchain network is sound and it has proven itself reliable. Ignore the meme nature of this cryptocurrency, as the technology behind it is serious and secure. The tricky part about your safety stands in the Dogecoin casino you will choose for your gambling activity. We suggest you stick with one of our picks, as DOGE’s rise to fame attracted many scammers looking for a cash grab opportunity. Be wary of both shady-looking casinos and crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency transactions, which naturally include DOGE transactions, are legal or non-regulated. If you can legally play in a conventional online casino, DOGE ones will not be an issue. You will face no legal complications if you decide to dive into dogecoin gambling. Just be wary of the fluid situation around cryptocurrency usage in your country, as many things might change soon.

Keep also in mind that crypto transactions are mostly invisible to authorities, so your casino winnings do not get taxed automatically. In any case, we do not recommend you to commit any tax fraud, as the transparent blockchain network can really harm you if you manage to raise enough suspicion. Keep a low profile.

What you Need to Know Before you Gamble Dogecoin

Dogecoin round logoIt would be useful to learn a bit more about Dogecoin before diving straight into Dogecoin casinos. DOGE’s story is very different from most other cryptocurrencies. It was developed as a joke by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. Their inspiration was ‘Doge’, one of the most popular memes of that period. Doge is a distortion of the word dog, and the meme depicts a funny Shiba Inu dog, which comments on different situations with ironic altered phrases. The developers’ intention was probably the mocking of the crypto scene, which had taken off then.

Dogecoin was initially used for donations to gaming streamers or between users of different online forums. Nobody thought that it would end up as a top 10 cryptocurrency. It managed to get ahead of big crypto projects which have immense funding capabilities. Nowadays, Dogecoin has millions of fans, and it is supported by billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. The project was abandoned, and one of its two creators, Jackson Palmer even spoke against DOGE and cryptocurrencies in general. Despite this, a new Dogecoin Foundation was formed, which includes the other creator, Billy Markus, Ethereum founder Vilatik Buterin, and other important figures. There seem to be interesting times ahead for this controversial cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin

VS buttonThe two creators based their work on Litecoin, which itself is based on Bitcoin. So one can say that these two cryptocurrencies have many similarities in their core code. Nevertheless, the similarities end there. Bitcoin is the king of crypto and is considered digital gold due to its scarcity. On the other hand, Dogecoin is still a meme cryptocurrency with no intrinsic value. With that being said, DOGE transactions are faster and cheaper than BTC so that Dogecoin gambling might be the better solution for many.

How to Start your Dogecoin Gambling

howAs Doge would say, Wow! Much gambling, such winnings! Before you start enjoying yourself at a Dogecoin casino, a few things have to be done. Be extra careful in every step, as most transaction errors with cryptocurrencies can not be undone. The first step is to open an account in a Dogecoin casino of your choice. Then follow the steps below:

Deposit to the DOGE Casino

⏩ Get a DOGE wallet: There is no perfect solution here, as there are many valid options. You will have to choose the one that suits you best. The safest bet is to choose the recommended wallets from Dogecoin’s official website. Be sure not to forget your passwords.

⏩ Buy DOGE from an exchange: Our recommended crypto exchanges are Kraken, FTX and Binance. Of course, there are many other valid options. Start an exchange account, then buy any amount of DOGE you wish. The most common methods to fund your exchange account are debit cards and bank transfers. After acquiring DOGE, send them to your personal wallet. Never make direct transactions between crypto exchanges and crypto casinos. Always use your wallet as an intermediary. There have been various reports of exchanges banning accounts that deal with gambling sites due to security reasons.

⏩ Deposit to the DOGE Casino: Click the cashier tab of the casino. Choose dogecoin as the deposit method. A complex alphanumeric sequence will appear. That is your casino account’s DOGE address. Copy and paste it into your wallet’s send funds tab. Now you will have to keep in mind two things. First, some casinos convert your DOGE deposit to a FIAT currency, while others let you keep your bankroll in DOGE. Check the conversion rate for the first case. Secondly, some casinos require two or more confirmations on the Dogecoin blockchain before crediting the funds, for security reasons. Every confirmation takes around 1 minute, so check the T&C’s before your deposit.

Withdraw from the DOGE Casino

⏩ Send the winnings to your DOGE wallet: Choose Dogecoin as the withdrawal method from the cashier tab in the casino. Copy and paste your wallet’s address to the tab that will appear. Confirm the withdrawal request. You will receive your funds within a minute after the casino confirms it. This usually takes 24 – 48 hours in most Dogecoin casinos.

⏩ Fully Cash-out: If you want to trade your DOGE with other cryptocurrencies or a traditional one, you will have to send them from your personal wallet to your exchange account. Again, double-check the addresses. We do not want any unpleasant surprises here. Remember, some exchanges issue their own debit cards. A useful way to spend your winnings without relying upon any conventional bank.

New Dogecoin Casinos you do not Want to Miss

new-player-transSince Dogecoin is still a hot topic in the crypto scene, more and more casinos continue to add it as a payment method. There are also always brand new operators getting into the scene. New crypto-friendly casinos usually try to offer the best bonuses and promotions in order to bring in new players. Check out our exciting newcomers.

What Games can you Find at a Dogecoin Casino?

how-toCrypto-friendly casinos do not have anything less to offer in comparison to conventional online casinos. Thousands of slots from the best providers, live tables with the most popular casino games, poker, scratch cards, lotteries, and many more. Furthermore, most of them offer reliable provably fair games, something you can not find at a regular online casino. With them, you can secure a fair gambling experience yourself, without relying on any third-party audit. Let’s see what the best dogecoin casinos have to offer:

Dogecoin Slots

The favourite game type of most casino players. Not only you can find products from the best providers, but provably fair ones developed specifically for each DOGE casino too. Enjoy your rolls and try to hit those juicy pay lines. Some casinos may also allow you to play with small fractions of Dogecoin, which translates to a very low sum of money. This way, you will be able to enjoy a slots session even with a low budget.

Dogecoin Dice

DOGE dice was one of the first gambling games powered by Dogecoin. Dice is a classic casino game and it could not be missing from Dogecoin casinos. Most of the games are also provably fair, which makes this dice alternative much more enjoyable. Dice is a game with historical significance for Dogecoin, as Doge Dice was one of the first decentralized gambling games with DOGE. Nowadays, there are many versions of it.

Dogecoin Blackjack

Even if you are more of a card games person, DOGE will not disappoint you. Dogecoin casinos allow you to enjoy this casino staple in RNG mode, live-casino tables, and naturally as a provably fair game. Challenge the croupier and try to get the elusive 21. If you believe that casinos shuffle the decks in their favour, the provably fair function will show that it is just the standard house edge that does the damage.

Dogecoin Poker

Poker is available for the most tactically-oriented players in DOGE casinos. You can find RNG video poker games and provably fair ones too. Sadly Dogecoin lacks in live poker tables, but that might change soon. Usually, poker tables have higher entry stakes than other games, but that is not true with Dogecoin. You will find some of the lowest buy-ins available, so you will be able to make some calls even with just a few DOGE.

Dogecoin Roulette

Roulette is perhaps the most iconic game that casinos have to offer. Crypto-friendly casinos are no different, so you will easily find live doge roulette tables, RNG-powered ones, and of course, provably fair options. As with all other classic casino games, you will have fewer selections and a lower variety of providers available for Dogecoin gambling. However, the provably fair function that most of them provide coupled with low transaction costs and fast speed make up for it.

Should you Try a Dogecoin Casino

Online gambling sites found the ideal ally in the form of cryptocurrencies. Peer-to-peer payments that rely on decentralized blockchain networks are fast, have low fees, and, most importantly, can not be restricted geographically. Moreover, players can maintain a higher level of anonymity as they circumvent traditional banking methods. The increasingly restrictive gambling restrictions will lead more and more casinos down the cryptocurrency way. Dogecoin casinos manage to incorporate all the above benefits, as DOGE is quite a flexible cryptocurrency.

Despite this, the coin’s unpredictable future and high volatility make it a bit of a risky choice. However, while DOGE holds no advantage over other cryptocurrencies, it is still a legitimate online casino payment option. Its transaction speed is adequate, the fees are low, and the blockchain network is secure. Evaluate the risks carefully, and keep yourself informed.


Despite the humorous name, Dogecoin is a legitimate and technically sound cryptocurrency. It holds a numerous fanbase, and it is currently one of the top cryptocurrencies. However, the coin is experiencing notable price swings, so be careful.

In regards to the financial transaction aspect, yes, it is completely safe and legal in most countries. However, do diligent research before depositing in any dogecoin gambling site, as a few shady brands are around.

Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer network based on a decentralized blockchain ledger. It was created in 2013, and the creators based it on Litecoin, which itself was based on Bitcoin. The name’s inspiration came from the popular ‘Doge’ meme.

You can buy DOGE coins in almost all crypto exchanges. There are multiple trading pairs, so you will be able to buy DOGE with FIAT currencies, as well as with other cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges have their own mobile applications, so you can comfortably buy and deposit DOGE from your phone.

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