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So, “What is Dankort?” Basically, it is the Danish word for “debit card” but its literally a debit card, first issued by the state and the central banks in 1983. From 2001, Dankort A/S took over the Dankort’s rights. Under the new management, the card was combined with VISA for abroad transactions. Offering increased security, straightforward use, and a complete lack of fees, it quickly became adopted by the gaming industry as well. Searching for the best Dankort casinos? Then check our list.

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Is Dankort the ideal casino payment for Danes?

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Denmark, as well as all the other Scandinavian countries, is a “hotbed” for fintech companies and Dankort is up against some serious competition. However, it has a unique list of advantages that makes it stand out in the online gambling section. Let’s analyze the main pros and cons of using Dankort at your favorite online casino.


  • The main advantage of Dankort over any other payment option in Denmark is its reputation. Dankort is airtightly secured by Nets and offers instant transactions.
  • Did we mention it’s secure? Besides the security provided through Nets, Dankort has an extra layer of security. All transactions that are higher than 450 DKK have to be confirmed through a unique code received via SMS.
  • There are no fees involved when using Dankort, partly because the casinos and banks in Denmark aren’t allowed to make a profit from the payment process.
  • It’s very simple to use and ideal for players that don’t want to try more modern payment methods like e-wallets or take money out of their bank account.
  • Dankort doesn’t require you to set up an extra account and have a new set of login credentials, as it uses the same with your bank account.
  • It can be easily combined with VISA and used even at online casinos that don’t accept Dankort specifically.
  • Dankort can also be used for withdrawals, as opposed to other popular payment options in Scandinavia – Euteller (Finland) or the internationally-available Paysafecard
  • Since Dankort is a debit card, it’s impossible to build a debt as all the funds have to be available in your account before you can deposit.


Dankort comes with all the negative aspects of using a debit card issued by a bank – reveal of personal data, lack of anonymity, as well as the necessity to have a bank account attached to it. Sharing your card details on the internet always comes with a chance (tiny as it is) they are leaked on the internet. Luckily, the top online casinos used the latest SSL encryption to prevent such incidents.

Dankort comes with daily limits, that can’t always be removed or changed on the spot. The payment can limit the amounts a player can enjoy in the casino. In addition, Dankort debit is only available in the online casinos licensed by the Spillemyndigheden, the Danish online gambling regulator. For depositing at international casinos, you will need to use a Dankort/VISA card.

How to obtain a Dankort Card from a Danish bank

Dankort iconObtaining a Dankort card is really easy. Any Danish bank can issue a Dankort debit card or a combined Dankort/VISA card when you open an account with them. Even more than that, you can request a Dan kort card from the bank where you have an account, even if you didn’t do so at the time of opening the account. You can request your Dankort card from any of the over 62 Danish banks offering it. The most popular banks in the country are:

  • Danske Bank (the vast majority of national debit cards issued in Denmark are Dankort Danske Bank cards)
  • Nykredit Bank
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank
  • Jyske Bank
  • Sydbank
  • Nordea (even though this bank developed its own payment option that can be used for online gambling, you can still get a Dankort Nordea card)
  • DLR Kredit
  • Spar Nord Bank
  • Realkredit Danmark

Depositing with a Dankort Card at an Online Casino

Payment deposit iconUse your credentials to access the casino of choice (if you’re not sure where to play, choosing a top-rated brand like Casumo, or Leo Vegas is always a good start).

  • Click on the ‘Deposit’ button the cashier ( usually located on the top-right corner).
  • In the list of available payment options, select Dankort and input the amount you wish to deposit (all Danish casinos should accept a minimum deposit of 100 DKK via Dankort while the card is limited at 5,000 DKK per day for gambling transactions).
  • After choosing the amount to deposit, you will have to manually insert the card number, cardholder name, expiry date, and CVV code in the corresponding fields.
  • If you deposit more than 450 DKK, you will receive a confirmation code via SMS and you will be automatically redirected to a page where the code is requested to proceed.
  • The funds are instantly transferred to your casino account.

Funding Other Casino Payments via Dankort Card

Since Dankort is a debit card, multiple other online gambling payment options can be funded through it. Funding your Skrill ewallet, for example, is the best example to back up that statement. 1xBet casino offers the distinct Dankort by Skrill payment option, while VideoSlots offers the Dankort/VISA payment method on their Danish website.

Also, you can top-up a PayPal ewallet using your Dankort debit card. However, note that you will need the Dankort/Visa card for this topping up PayPal. The Dankort MasterCard link is also possible, for users that don’t want to go with VISA. Also, the casino players mostly playing from their smartphone, will surely love the ability of funding Mobilepay through Dankort. The Dankort Mobilepay combination is all need for an awesome mobile gambling experience.

Visa Dankort: The Card That Danish Players Prefer

visa dankort cardBesides the standard Dankort debit card, Danish citizens can also apply for a credit card issued in partnership with VISA. The VISA Dankort card enables you to deposit at all the international casinos since VISA is the most widespread online gambling method. While the procedure for getting the Dankort/VISA credit card involves a few extra steps compared to applying for the debit card, the same banks will issue both types of cards ( scroll up to double-check the full list of Danish banks issuing Dankort cards).

To apply for a credit card, you need an open account with the bank you are applying to. So, getting a Dankort/VISA Nordea credit card is the most facile option if you have a bank account opened at Nordea.

Can I use Dankort to withdraw money from my casino?

examine-icon-transWhether you have a standard Dankort card, or a VISA/Dankort combined one, as long as you’re using the debit card, you will be able to request withdrawals. The withdrawal process is fairly similar to the steps taken to deposit.

  • Go to the Cashier section once again, but this time click on “Withdrawal” (note that the “Withdrawal” button may sometimes be placed under “My Account”)
  • Select Dankort from the list of available withdrawal options (if you chose to save the card while making the deposit, it should be displayed here so you won’t have to insert the details manually)
  • Insert the amount you want to withdraw and confirm.

A Dankort withdrawal typically takes between 1 and 3 business days at top online casinos like BetWinner or Karamba, depending on the bank that issued your card. There’s no difference in the processing times of a standard card or a Dankort VISA.

Dankort app: Have control of your casino expenses on the go

dankort appBesides the Dankort debit and credit card variations, the company also issued its own mobile wallet in 2017 – the Dankort app. Through it, Dankort card users can make online casino deposits without entering the card details every time. You just link your card with the Dankort mobile app, and when you visit the online casino to make a deposit, you will be redirected to the app. Use your PIN code or authenticate with your fingerprint ( or any other login method you set up for the mobile Dankort solution) and all the card details will be automatically filled.


1. What extra costs should I be aware of?
There are no extra costs involved when using Dankort to make a deposit at Danish online casinos. The amount that leaves your Dankort card will be identical to what you can enjoy. Other fees may be applied by the issuing bank, such an annual fee maintenance fee.
2. Are there any limitations regarding welcome bonuses when I deposit via Dankort?
Since we’re talking about a debit card deposit, there are no limitations to worry about. As long as you meet the other requirements for the welcome bonus, depositing with Dankort will never represent an obstacle.
3. What currencies does it support?
Since Dankort cards are only available for Danish residents, the only currency supported is the Danish Krona. However, going for Dankort/Visa combined carts can open up the € currency as well.
4. Can I receive more than one Dankort card?
When referring to Dankort debit cards, each user can only have one card issued on their name. However, nothing is preventing a Dankort debit card user from applying for a Dankort/VISA credit card as well.

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