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Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency and the one that started the crypto mania.  Bitcoin is probably the best known digital currency that has recently made a sensation. Nevertheless, several online sites with Bitcoin payments have started to emerge in the past. As numerous operators with years of experience are currently available, there is no doubt that you will discover an amazing Bitcoin casino that answers your demands.

Operators and the whole gambling industry found a powerful ally in BTC, utilising the fast withdrawals it offers, along with the security and transparency of the blockchain. The anonymity BTC offers is ideal for under the radar too. The lack of third parties has lowered the cost for casinos, allowing them to offer lucrative Bitcoin dedicated bonuses and very good loyalty programs.

There is not a crypto casino online that does not accept BTC. This is true with other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Bitcoin gambling is arguably the best way to play and players will find everything they look for, including a massive array of games through a vast selection of the top providers.

Bitcoin Casino Top Picks for 2024

You will find no other more popular cryptocurrency in casinos than Bitcoin. BTC was the coin that paved the way for crypto to enter the casino industry. It is not by accident that players mostly refer to crypto gambling as Bitcoin gambling, regardless of the coin you are playing with. Below we have put together a list with the best reviewed Bitcoin casinos. Our handpicked selection was based on fast processes in withdrawals, hassle-free registration, crypto dedicated bonuses with good wagering terms and of course, the quantity and quality of games offered.

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Why should you use a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin is the granddaddy of crypto. These days it aims to dethrone gold from the best go-to asset for the store of value. And this is despite the fact that many users believe it will not occupy the number one spot for too long. The ablest rival taking its place is Ethereum. Until then, Bitcoin gambling is one of the most reliable ways to start crypto gambling. Let’s see why.

Crypto only vs. Casinos that accept BTC

The good thing about BTC’s popularity is that you have plenty of options. There are traditional casinos that have added Bitcoin as payment along the way. They accept your deposit in crypto and convert it to fiat. By doing that, they help you avoid volatility in prices as long as you play. For the less risk-averse players, there are the crypto-only casinos. There, your crypto deposit is not converted to fiat, so you can gamble straight with your BTC, possibly leading to more gains.

✔ Suitable for Under the Radar

Even though the blockchain is publicly accessible for anyone to see your wallet’s transactions, you as the wallet owner remain anonymous. This is excellent news for under-the-radar gambling fans. If you are not careless and somehow disclose or allow someone to link your address with you, your plays can stay away from prying eyes.

Your deposits will never be rejected

The fascinating thing about Bitcoin is that it needs no third party to process a transaction. The network completes the transaction directly from the sender to the receiver. This cuts the middlemen out of the way, such as banks, payment processors and similar. Combine this directness with the fact a crypto transaction is irreversible. Then you see that your deposits will never be rejected by a bank or card provider, not even the casino itself getting in the way.

✔ Crypto dedicated Bonuses

The lack of intermediaries we mentioned above has another pleasant side effect. It reduces the cost for operators. This way, the best Bitcoin online casinos can offer better and more lucrative bonuses for deposits in Bitcoin. They also feature fantastic loyalty programs for selected players. Be careful to look for bonuses with favorable wagering terms as some of them promise too much and have demanding requirements. For a more in depth look at Bitcoin Bonuses, check out our article

✔ Lower Minimums & Higher Maximums

The fact that crypto has less regulation around the world is very positive. Next, add the anonymity of the blockchain. Finally, add the lower cost for transactions. All these result in much better limits for your deposits and withdrawals. You can have much lower deposit minimums in Bitcoin casinos, allowing you to play even with a minuscule amount of money. Conversely, in withdrawals, limits are much larger than in traditional casinos. Be aware of terms for withdrawals, though, and know they usually require identification verification.

✔ Good Transaction Speed

In the early Bitcoin casino days, when there were not many other cryptocurrencies in casinos, the speed of BTC transactions seemed revolutionary. Skip to this day. Bitcoin has possibly the slowest speed among cryptocurrencies. But, with almost ironclad reliability and security, the Bitcoin network always delivers. This is crucial when it comes to your withdrawals, which are typically accomplished within minutes.

Reasons to not use a Bitcoin Casino

Arguably Bitcoin is the most famous crypto payment option in gambling sites. This is where it all started and BTC is still leading in terms of popularity. But, not everything about using Bitcoin gambling is positive. Let’s go through the disadvantages of using Bitcoin for your gambling.

Using crypto is technically demanding

Crypto is not for everyone. And it most certainly is not the most user-friendly field of interest right now. A simple thing such as a deposit in a casino entails multiple tasks that one must do to complete. You need to possess a certain level of technical savviness to pull through. Not many players want to jump through so many hoops just to play on their favorite table. You have to create a wallet, purchase BTC on an exchange, handle wallet transactions, send crypto back and forth between your wallet and the operator. It can be overwhelming at times. And all that considering you do not make a mistake. Speaking of which, see the next point.

Transactions in BTC are irreversible

Regarding the stress and complications that come along when using crypto, perhaps the most important one is that transactions are irreversible. That has to do with the nature of peer-to-peer networks, where there is no intermediary. Let’s say you make a mistake and send your funds to the wrong address or via the wrong network. In such a case, your funds are gone forever. There is no one to turn to for a cashback or reversal of the transaction.

❌ Only Offshore licensing

Crypto-only casinos nowadays can only obtain an offshore license—even the hybrid ones. The traditional online casinos accepting BTC for a while now can not even get a license by any significant regulatory entity such as UKGC. The most used license among Bitcoin casinos is any type of Curacao license. This is a decent license, but do not expect the best possible representation as a player in any complex disputes. Offshore licenses can be good but don’t put all your hopes into them when push comes to shove.

❌ Fees are not as cheap anymore

Back in the early days of Bitcoin and casinos that had started utilizing it, fees were minimal. Fast forward to today, approximately 7-8 years later, and along with the rise in Bitcoin’s price, came the usage of its network and consequently the more expensive fees.

❌ Regulation may be around the corner

Around the world, regulation regarding cryptocurrencies is still at a discovery phase. Countries and regulatory bodies do not yet know what to make of BTC and for now, things lean towards a more neutral point, where Bitcoin is primarily unregulated. But the more cryptocurrencies gain in value, the greater the possibility of heavy regulation falling upon them and affecting their prices and under the radar nature.

❌ Fierce Competition from crypto casinos

As we mentioned, Bitcoin casinos have to face fierce competition nowadays. Besides Ethereum and the top-rated casinos that accept it, in the past 3-4 years alone, there have been many cryptocurrencies that one way or another make more compelling arguments about gambling with them. Litecoin, XRP, offer way faster transactions. Tron and Eos are also super fast and inexpensive. By now, the last and most substantial argument for Bitcoin against that competition is the longevity and reliability BTC carries. However, do not be surprised if some competitors become the number one option for gambling soon.

Bitcoin Casinos Legality and Safety

Bitcoin is among the oldest and most stable, technologically speaking, cryptocurrencies. BTC’s code and network are beyond dispute. This should serve as a testament to the safety and security of Bitcoin casinos. Additionally, the irrefutability and transparency provided by the blockchain are particularly important. The blockchain is an online ledger with copies worldwide, which tracks and documents transactions, putting them in blocks, publicly accessible to anyone.

Surprisingly, as for the legality of a Bitcoin casino, it does not depend so much on the cryptocurrency aspect. Crypto is legal to use in the vast majority of the world and you should have no issue there. As for gambling in crypto casinos, provided online gambling is legal in your region and you are legal age to gamble, you should have no issues whatsoever.
Last but not least, I am sure you are wondering about taxation.

Taxes and BTC are muddled waters. In most cases though, you will pay taxes when you cash out your Bitcoin in the form of capital gain taxes. Also, in many countries, if you do not sell your Bitcoin, you do not pay any taxes. In any case, best consult a professional if you are about to make a significant transfer of funds from crypto to your bank.

Basic Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos

Even though BTC has fallen a little behind in terms of evolution and upgrades regarding what applications you can build upon it, it will always be historic because it was the first cryptocurrency that Bitcoin casinos adopted as a payment method. If you want to embark on your journey in Bitcoin gambling, it is good to know some basic things about Bitcoin. Let’s go through the basics.

Quick Dive in BTC history

Bitcoin (BTC or less known as XBT) was created in 2008. Its founder, an elusive figure known only as Satoshi Nakamoto, published his manifesto. This is a so-called whitepaper, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” As described in the paper, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. It requires no third party to process a transaction between two parties. Which makes the currency completely decentralized and free of any outside influence or agenda. Instead, to keep track of every transaction ever but also prevent double-spending or other malicious action to happen, Bitcoin uses a blockchain. That is an online ledger with copies all around the world. Publicly accessible for everyone, the blockchain has revolutionized finance in terms of transparency and infallibility. Bitcoin was also the spark that led to explosive growth and development of myriad other cryptocurrencies, usually called altcoins, with the largest of them all, Ethereum.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) has firmly established itself in second place of the largest cryptocurrencies. Some say that it may very well surpass BTC soon, an event crypto fans call “The Flippening.” The similarity between these two market leaders is that they currently use a proof of work algorithm. This is a way in which the machines that we mentioned keep copies of the blockchain worldwide reach a consensus for every single transaction that is to be inscribed on the blockchain. That way, the miner (the machine that works for the network) provides proof of the calculative work it has done before their proposal for the next block of the chain passes. A big thing happening right now is that Ethereum is currently undergoing a massive update, which will complete in the near future. That update will allow it to move from the energy-hungry PoW to Proof of Stake.

Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Another fundamental difference between Ethereum and BTC is that Ethereum is a booming ecosystem of applications, from decentralized finance, Non-Fungible Token markets worth billions of dollars to Ethereum Casinos, of course. This is possible through the use of smart contracts Ethereum features. These are programs you can code to have them execute complex sets of tasks. Tasks like these can be about anything. From finding the best yield for your investment to running an entire casino without using many human resources. Even though Bitcoin theoretically has innovative contract applications, it does not offer the same flexibility and tools to build decentralized applications on it as ETH does.

Bitcoin Casinos and Provably Fair Gambling

Another super positive aspect of Bitcoin and crypto casinos in general, is that the majority of operators feature provably fair casinos. This is accomplished through the use of an algorithm, It relates to the blockchain and can prove that all game results are fair towards the player. This is massive in the sense that before BTC casinos existed, the way to prove fairness was to go through third parties that specialize in proving fairness to games and all of this, only provided the casino is collaborating with them too.

How to Kickstart your Bitcoin Gambling

To begin your Bitcoin Gambling, you need to have some Bitcoin first. We mentioned that dealing with cryptocurrencies can be a bit daunting at first but fear not. Make sure you follow our simplified steps, and you will be able to play your favorite games in no time. Let’s start.

  • Install a crypto wallet that is suitable for Bitcoin. If you can not afford the best option, which would be to buy a cold(physical) wallet that costs money, the next best option would be Exodus or Mycelium.
  • It’s essential always to check where you are downloading these wallets from. Because if you do not go to the official website, there are tons of persuasive fake ones which will steal your BTC the moment you send it to the fake wallet.
  • Select a trusted exchange such as Bitsamp, Coinbase or Kraken to buy some Bitcoin.
  • Register for an account at the exchange. You will not need to provide personal information unless you will trade a lot of BTC or you want to withdraw money to your bank account.
  • Make your deposit via the available methods. The most popular are card and bank transfers.
  • Proceed and buy your desired Bitcoin amount and send it to your wallet.
  • Visit your favourite Bitcoin Casino and register there with nothing more than an email address in most cases.
  • In the deposit section, select Bitcoin as the option. Check your amount is within the minimums and maximums. Then, copy the Bitcoin address and paste it to your wallet. After a few minutes, your bankroll will be ready, and you can start playing.

Making a Withdrawal from a BTC casino

Once you are done playing, the withdrawal process is pretty straightforward. You simply follow the steps for the deposit in reverse. A couple of things you need to watch out for is the terms and conditions for withdrawing from a casino. Even given the increased speed of Bitcoin transactions, your withdrawal may take some time because many operators handle them manually.

Then there is the issue of identity verification. You most likely are going to have to provide that information when you want to withdraw your funds. This will most certainly belate your very first one until your documents are reviewed.

Look out for New Bitcoin Casinos

Let’s be honest. One of the hottest things crypto players look for is new Bitcoin casinos. The reason why is because new casinos pop around all the time. And when they launch, most of the time, they do it by offering fantastic bonuses. Sure, you can aim to find bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus. But these are rare and most likely have outrageous requirements. Speaking of which, make sure you check the wagering terms for these new bonuses, though. They are not always as lucrative as they appear to be.

Popular Bitcoin Casino Games

Abundance and variety are two of the things you will have no issue with within Bitcoin gambling. Let’s get through some of the most popular categories for Bitcoin casino games. These casinos have been around for a while, and the quantity or quality of games is more than enough. Plus, another fun fact to know is bitcoin faucets, which we will explain below.

Bitcoin Casino Slots

Arguably the most popular game in the history of casinos. It is no surprise that there are thousands of games available, sometimes even in one BTC casino only. The rate at which the slot games are renewed and available is astonishing. Slots here are not only RTP but also provably fair. Plus, top providers have been building them for years now. Netent, Evolution and Microgaming are only some of the leaders in the industry making slot games for BTC casinos.

History was made by a Bitcoin Dice Casino game

To understand the importance of the title above, you must have been around in 2012 and the creation of Satoshi Dice. This is equivalent to experiencing the symbolic birth of the term Bitcoin Casino. That game was when everything started and its rumor echoes to this date. It is not a coincidence that the website, with just that game of dice, was sold for 12,4 million dollars in 2013. Suffice to say that Bitcoin dice games will always be around and have a prominent presence in every respectable casino that uses BTC as payment.

Bitcoin Casino Roulette

Roulette is another famous game where you will encounter lots of tables in any casino. Sam with Bitcoin ones, you will find a plethora of tables to choose from. There is also the option for live roulette for a more immersive experience. Place your bets wisely and sharpen your strategies in the game, also RTP and provably fair.

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker has relatively fallen out of grace and popularity lately. At some point, it was such a niche that skilled players did not find any good matchups with other players to have a challenge. You can still find a decent number of tables, though. And tournaments, of course. From turbo ones for a quick challenge to more flexible Sit n Go tables. Live poker is also an option here. The most popular variations you will find are Hold ‘em and Omaha.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Another game for the card game fans. Blackjack is pretty straightforward but not as popular as, let’s say dice, in Bitcoin casinos. This game of 21 is also RTP and with live options available. Look for tables with reasonable limits so you can play multiple hands and enjoy yourself.

Bitcoin Faucet

One of the coolest things and perhaps the most offball chance you had to become a millionaire back in 2010, was to use a bitcoin faucet. This was a group of websites that basically rewarded you with Bitcoin in exchange for performing simple tasks online, such as viewing advertisements, solving captchas, clicking links and so on. The creator of the Bitcoin faucet was a famous developer within the Bitcoin community and a later star programmer by his own right, Gavin Andersen. The goal behind the creation of the faucets was simple; to promote adoption of Bitcoin to simple users. To grasp the magnitude and importance of our former statement, faucets were initially designed to give out approximately five Bitcoins per user(!). You did not have to pay anything for these bitcoins, except perform the tasks we mentioned. This gave a major incentive to early cypherpunks to spread BTC adoption. Some of the other places you could find Bitcoin faucets in later years, but with much much smaller giveaways now, are Bitcoin casinos. To this day, there are also faucets for other coins, with a similar goal. 

Our verdict on Bitcoin Casinos

Online gambling was a significant market even before Bitcoin. But when BTC came along, they both joined hands, and the outcome has forever changed gambling ever since. Casinos have massively benefited from the under-the-radar capabilities of cryptocurrencies and the reduction of overhead costs. Players have been the ones that have been enjoying the most upside. From lucrative bonuses, anonymous betting, and fast withdrawals. Also, don’t forget about the massive upside potential by the appreciation of BTC’s price over the years. Sure, fierce competitors out there want a more significant piece of the players’ pie. Still, Bitcoin will always be the first cryptocurrency that paved the way for all other coins to thrive in online gambling. We most definitely recommend you begin your crypto gambling from where everything started.


Yes, Bitcoin gambling is legal under two conditions. isOne, that gambling is legal in your region, and two, you meet your country’s legal gambling age criteria. If you meet both requirements, then gambling with Bitcoin is legal for you.

Bitcoin casinos have been around perhaps the most out of every other crypto casino. This is a testament to their reliability and endurance. Nonetheless, make a habit of playing only with trusted casinos, who have a solid reputation. An offshore license would be a definite plus on the side.

These days, you can buy Bitcoin almost anywhere. Payment giants such as PayPal and super popular investing app Robinhood are already offering the chance to buy BTC. We would recommend you buy from a trusted cryptocurrency exchange, though. This way, liquidity will never be an issue and you will not have to provide tons of personal information on the way in.

The future of Bitcoin looks very promising. In just ten years of existence, it has managed to sneak in the conversation for the best store of value asset, along with gold. Cryptocurrencies are breaking the mold regarding how financial institutions will be operating in the future and BTC is mainly responsible for this.

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