Best Ripple Casinos

It is a fact that XRP is one of the largest cryptocurrencies around. It is also true that XRP has vocal supporters and haters. The reason is that instead of being decentralized like Bitcoin, XRP, the coin issued by Ripple, a fintech corporation, is totally centralized. On top of that, Ripple (XRP) features one of the most agile and cheap networks in all crypto. Ripple casinos have been booming lately and understandably so. Using XRP makes them a bridge between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies, offering the best of both worlds.

Therefore, we can confidently say that a Ripple casino is a hidden gem. They may not be as popular or abundant as Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos. Still, they offer blazing-fast transactions, nonexistent fees and the level of security cryptocurrency technologies provide, such as the blockchain. Our selection of the top casinos to go to for XRP gambling enable you to enjoy instant withdrawals, no geographic restrictions and, of course, a rich quantity of games.

Top Ripple Casinos for 2024

For now, Ripple Casinos are very scarce. There are not many of them out there, but given the popularity of XRP, this is bound to change. Nonetheless, we went through the few options available and created a list with the cream of the crop. Use it to enjoy your favourite slots, roulette, even live casino by top providers. You will only find the best option in terms of reliability, which is crucial given their infancy, withdrawal processing speed and quantity of games.

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What is so special about a Ripple Casino?

Ripple (XRP) is one of a kind when it comes to significant cryptocurrencies. What makes it unique is the use of the RippleNet, a payment system akin to the one traditional banking system uses with SWIFT payments. Another unique feature for Ripple is that all its supply is available and, contrary to Bitcoin, there is no mining. The most important thing though is that XRP seamlessly bridges the gap between banks and crypto. Ripple has not been shy about its goal either, becoming a worldwide digital currency for everyone.

There are not a lot of XRP casinos out there but, slowly and steadily, this changes. As a player, the best thing to do is be an early bird to a Ripple Casino, which means that you might enjoy better bonuses operators might have in store to promote their addition of XRP as a payment method aggressively. Another factor contributing to this has to do with the very low cost of Ripple transactions. Furthermore, crypto casinos usually do not charge you any fees in your deposits. And it is a fact that in all cryptocurrency transactions, you pay fees to their network. XRP practically enhances the power of your bankroll so that you waste almost zero fees when doing an XRP transaction, this way, you maximize the amount you can deposit.

Ripple Casinos strong points

There are many reasons to get excited about using a Ripple Casino. Once again, do not be fooled by the fact there are not many of them out there. The case of using XRP for your gambling is stronger than ever.

Blazing FAST transactions

Sure different types of cryptocurrencies aim for fast settlement in transactions. Few of them can match the speed of the Ripple network. All transactions on it are practically instantaneous and this saves you a lot of time whenever you wish to make a speedy withdrawal to move to the next hot casino you want to check out.

Centralization is a good thing

The fact that Ripple Labs is the large corporation behind Ripple and XRP spells witchcraft for hardcore crypto enthusiasts because it is literally as centralized as it gets. But centralization is not necessarily a bad thing. It means that a public face makes it harder for the project to disappear overnight with your money, which is not uncommon in the cryptosphere. It also indicates longevity in terms that the project is here to stay for years to come.

✔ Deposits are low; withdrawals are high

This is true for most cryptocurrencies, but the fact of the matter is that there are very low deposit limits you can take advantage of. At the same time, withdrawal limits are so high that you could withdraw a small fortune, something almost impossible in traditional casinos because of the scrutiny on the way out. To be fair, there is some processing in withdrawals for XRP casinos too, but it is much more refined and fast.

✔ Nonexistent fees maximize your bankroll value

You need to remember that in crypto, you pay a certain amount of fees for any transaction you make. This is to reward the people that keep the network running. In Bitcoin’s case, it is the miners. In XRP, the validators (XRP has no mining). The fees that you pay vary significantly from project to project. Nowadays, BTC and Ethereum are practically unusable given how expensive it is to move money around for the common folk like us. That is why using XRP in Ripple casinos is so awesome, because you don’t chip away your money in transaction fees; there are virtually no costs involved in Ripple transactions. This translates to more cash on your bankroll and more spins for your favorite slot.

✔ Access to unique bonuses

We touched upon this earlier. Since there are so few XRP casinos, operators would want to attract players. What better way than to offer better bonuses and promos than other crypto casinos. Meaning, jumping on board now while it’s still early, you will be able to take advantage of these deals while they last. For a more comprehensive look in Bitcoin bonuses, check out our article.

✔ No third parties are involved

This is one of the most groundbreaking things about crypto. The fact that XRP is peer to peer means that there is no third party involved in the transaction. Direct, without anyone scrutinizing or freezing your account for ridiculous non-compliance. For players, it is the closest thing to handing out money in exchange for chips in the cashier.

✔ Secure Transactions

In the same fashion that Bitcoin and Ethereum use a blockchain to record and document transactions, XRP has its own blockchain, the RippleNet. This is very secure because every transaction is documented there and no one can ever dispute this in case of a deposit misfire. Similarly, you can check your address and find out whether a casino is not being entirely honest about sending your withdrawal to you.

✔ Increased level of privacy

The great thing about the blockchain is that it provides a great deal of privacy. Because of the lack of third parties we described earlier, no one will ever judge you or give you a hard time about your hobby. You do not link any personal information on your transaction and no one needs to know about it. Just be careful not to link your identity accidentally because then every move you have ever made will be linked to you.

✔ Provably fair Ripple (XRP) Casino

Provably fair is another exciting feature that comes only with certain casinos that accept crypto. Likewise, look for a Ripple Casino with provably fair games. This is achieved by using an algorithm that runs through the blockchain and ensures that all game results are fair towards the player. You can easily access it by contacting the support of the casino. Most of the best Ripple online casinos even have a self-explanatory section to check your game’s fairness.

Reasons against Ripple Casinos

Not everything is merry as far as XRP gambling is concerned. The primary source of drawbacks is the complexity that comes when dealing with crypto. Some players are unwilling to go through so many hoops, such as creating a wallet, being mindful of not making a mistake in transactions, and holding magic internet money instead of the ‘real’ thing, just to enjoy their favorite roulette table or slot game.

Centralization is a bad thing

There are two sides to a coin and this is also true for XRP being centralized. We talked about it being a good thing, but there is a flip side. When a corporation holds 51% of the supply of a coin, it is always one who can not help but be fearful of what will happen if management decides to sell all their coins to the market. It will be a total disaster not only for players but also for Ripple Casinos too.

Steep learning curve in crypto

As mentioned above, you need to attain a certain level of proficiency to use cryptocurrencies effectively. Not many players are willing to go through that learning process which is totally fine.

There is no undo button in crypto

A hard fact of life is that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. This drawback also goes in tandem with the technical proficiency you need to have. Because in case you make a mistake, lose your wallet’s keys, type in the wrong address, your funds are gone. Nothing can undo that, so understandably, it puts a great deal of seriousness when your own money is at risk and depends solely on possible mistakes you make.

❌ Price is volatile

Cryptocurrencies are a very new thing and as such, they suffer from significant volatility. It can be very off-putting when you manage to score a nice win on your favourite roulette table, cash out, then the next day, XRP price drops 30%. It hurts every time this happens and it happens more often than not in the crypto space.

❌ There is no true anonymity

The blockchain may be a major step towards anonymity. But along with anonymity comes complete documentation of every move you make. If you uncover or link your identity to your wallet’s activity by any chance, then everyone will know what you have been up to. Especially given Ripple is a private company, it makes you wonder what they will do with your personal information. Furthermore, some casinos accept crypto, which will ask for identity verification on the way out when it comes to your withdrawals.

❌ Withdrawals still take some time

We all know how carefree and easy it is to deposit money at a casino. It is on the way out that things get interesting. Besides the fact, there is a good chance the casino will process your request manually. So instead of taking a moment to cash out, this may take a couple of days. Or there could be limitations in amounts you can withdraw daily, weekly and so on. Still, it is faster than most traditional methods, but not always instant as we would hope for.

Are Ripple Casinos Safe and Legal

Ripple casinos are very safe. If you make a habit of playing in trusted ones, like the ones we include in our list, you should be fine. You need to look at a Ripple casino with at least a license, usually a Curacao one.

As for legality, it usually and mainly depends on the age and gambling legislation in your country. That is because cryptocurrencies are legal in most parts of the world. As a simple tip, if the casino you are trying to play at lets you register, then you are good to go. By the way, avoid VPNs because they are red flags for operators and will block your account and lock your funds.

As far as taxes are concerned, this is a grey area. But the main idea is that you are not paying taxes if you do not convert your XRP to cash and if you do, you pay a capital gain tax. We advise you to seek professional advice before moving any significant amounts of funds, though.

Getting started with Ripple casinos

It is very natural to feel intimidated and don’t know where to start for online casinos, let alone crypto ones. For this reason, we have put together important information which may help you navigate through the seas of crypto casinos and XRP in particular. Let’s dive in with some basic information about Ripple and XRP.

A Basic Introduction to Ripple

Ripple is a private fintech company that has built its network, RippleNet. Using XRP as a transaction means, Ripple has created a digital currency that aims to become the number one place to go for frictionless and instant transactions worldwide. Ripple also serves as a link to corporations and banks with the crypto world, bridging them together. If we had to compare, RippleNet is similar to the SWIFT network banks use nowadays to settle transactions but faster and cheaper to use. It has been a constant presence in the top 5 cryptocurrencies for the last couple of years. While technically, XRP is not as old as other popular cryptocurrencies in online casinos, it has been around in one form or another since 2005, when Jed McCaleb conceived it. They achieved a network that uses as much energy as sending an email, which is quite remarkable. XRP transactions are among the fastest ever achieved by a cryptocurrency, almost instant. Online casinos came quickly to realize the potential of Ripple, but the popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos has gotten in the way of greater adoption of Ripple casinos. Of course, this is changing rapidly now that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular.

Placing a bet using Ripple (XRP) at casinos sites

Below you can see the simple steps to get some XRP and deposit to a Ripple Casino. Be very careful in the process and not miss any steps, because like we said, there is no undo button in crypto.

  • Make sure you have a digital wallet to store your XRP. Keep in mind that even though they are technically free, XRP wallets require you always to keep a minimum of 20 XRP to use them.
  • Proceed and buy some XRP from a trusted exchange. We recommend FTX, Binance (caution if you are from the US, you must use Binance US), Coinbase, Kraken.
  • Register for an account. It will not require identity verification if you purchase up to a certain amount, which is a lot, so average-sized players should be ok.
  • Deposit via card, bank transfer and similar options.
  • Purchase some XRP and send it to your wallet.
  • Pick your favorite Casino and game. Register (usually only with an email address).
  • Select XRP in the deposit section. Copy the XRP address and paste it carefully into your wallet. Send funds and once they appear, you are good to go.

Time to withdraw from a Ripple Casino

As soon as you decide you had enough winnings for the day, go to withdrawals. Follow the steps of the deposit in reverse. Be mindful of any fine print regarding withdrawal policies before starting the whole process. After that, as soon as you receive your funds in your wallet, you are free to either sell them for cash, keep them or trade them for other cryptos – one more thing. Never send funds from /to a casino from an exchange account. This is almost guaranteed that your funds will be locked by exchanges, which follow the strict anti-gambling screening.

Other games you can enjoy at Ripple Casinos

Even though casinos that accept XRP are not readily available, you will be able to use your Ripple to play; there is certainly no shortage of options from your favorite games. You will find almost everything you would find at a non-crypto casino.

Ripple (XRP) roulette

Roulette tables are in no shortage in casinos where you play with Ripple. You can find an impressive quantity of tables, both in online and live casinos. Just select a table you fancy and start sharpening your inside betting positions and Neighbours bets.

Ripple (XRP) slots

Slots may very well be the first place you go to warm up when you enter a casino. With your Ripple already deposited, you can enjoy an impressive variety of tables. What is also remarkable is you will find XRP slots made by top-notch providers such as Netent, Microgaming and Play n Go.

Ripple (XRP) Blackjack

Blackjack is available plenty in Ripple casinos too. You will find many tables both in mobile & desktop casinos. Here there are live casino Blackjack tables, too, for a more immersive experience.

Ripple (XRP) poker

This may be one of our favorite games and we are so excited to report you can find XRP poker tables in XRP casinos. While the options are somewhat limited and the usual plague on crypto poker rooms is the lack of skilled players after a certain point, it is still a welcomed fact that you can enjoy tables with Hold ‘em, Omaha and tournaments of these variations.

Ripple (XRP) dice

As far as casino games and crypto, there is no game more classic than dice. As you know, everything started with Bitcoin Dice. Nowadays, you will find dice games with almost all popular cryptocurrencies, including XRP. Usually, it is crap you will find more often, and games are RNG that is also provably fair. What else can you ask as a dice enthusiast?

Our verdict on Ripple Casinos

It is worth mentioning that online casinos and crypto have been going hand in terms of adoption. This is true in Ripple Casinos, where it is still early and despite the fact they are a bit of a rare sighting, you should most definitely grab the chance and gamble some of your XRP. Provably fair, unique bonuses and the transparency of the blockchain are your allies in this. And as for enjoyment, you will miss out on nothing since top providers have entered the field and keep delivering. Don’t be intimidated by crypto’s seemingly complex way of doing things. Once you do this a couple of times, it will be like riding a bicycle.


This could not be further from the truth. Several casinos are accepting XRP. For the best ones, check our list further above.

The best Ripple casinos are the ones that have been around for a while. They have an extensive quantity of games by top providers. They also have responsive customer support and dedicated crypto bonuses.

It depends on the legislation regarding age and gambling in your country. If the casino you are trying to access allows you to register, you will most likely be fine.

As it currently stands, there are not that many casinos that accept XRP. This is not to say that they are not worth your time and effort. Instead, it means we are still early as far as Ripple adoption to casinos.

Actually, it is even better than that. Not only are there bonuses and promos when using Ripple at a casino. Not many players opt to utilize XRP, so casinos lure them in with excellent and dedicated promos. Better take advantage of unique and possible lucrative bonuses and promos while there are not many players flocking.

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