Provably Fair Casinos

During the past few years, the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin casinos brought the spotlight upon a groundbreaking feature, provably fair casinos. Through the provably fair system, online casinos can now prove fairness quickly and transparently. Which in turn helps players to verify whether the games they participate in are fair easily. The way players check fairness is by using a simple process and a provably fair calculator. This eliminates the need to rely on third parties making transparency more accessible than ever.

This cutting-edge technology revolutionises the gaming industry because it practically empowers and strengthens the trust and bond between players and operators. Players who pick provably fair casinos can now easily place their confidence that no fraudulent practices are taking place and that the operator respects them and does not try to scam them. And frankly, the best casinos are the ones that feature this system the most, simply because they have nothing to hide. Let’s proceed to explain the basic categories of provably fair you will find in casinos.

List of Provably Fair Casinos

If you like the idea of being treated fairly in your games by the casino and you are not willing to take their word for it, then you should check our list with provably fair casinos. The games may be simplistic at first glance, but the replay value is immense, especially considering the fairness you will enjoy in all rounds.

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Types of Provably Fair Casinos

Going under the hood, let’s understand how the provably fair system works. There are two categories of this system, the non-blockchain and the blockchain-based systems. We will focus on non-blockchain based provably fair games since this is where most players will be playing. The blockchain-based ones are only accessible via crypto casino dApps (decentralized applications) and this is another conversation that we will not get into much detail.

We should mention, however, that from dApps is where provably fair gambling was born. More specifically, in the legendary website Satoshi Dice. Getting back on the task at hand, most crypto casinos use a seed generator, which is akin to what the process onto the blockchain does. Let’s dive in on how it works.

How does the Provably fair algorithm work

The way the provably fair algorithm works is a very technical process. Nonetheless, we will attempt to explain that process in a digestible way so you have a general understanding of how it works. In the most commonly used provably fair systems, there are three basic variables. First, there is the server seed, which the casino provides. Secondly is the client seed, which is usually derived from the browser the player uses. Thirdly, we have the nonce, which is just the variable that depicts the number of rounds the player has had in that game. Let’s see how all these three variables work together in proving fairness.

Client Seed and the Nonce

When a player starts a new provably fair game, the game’s software uses the player’s browser to generate a unique seed (series of numbers and/or letters) which in essence represents the player for the duration of this particular game. The nonce is generated at that point, which is nothing more than the number of rounds; think of it as the player’s dice rolls.

Server Seed

At the same time as the creation of the client seed and the nonce, the server seed is generated. This is the variable that represents that particular game on the casino. The serve seed becomes available to the player in a hashed, meaning shortened, version. It is also encrypted because the player could then predict the game’s outcomes if it was not. The real, unhashed version of the server seed is revealed as soon as the player finishes their session. There is also the possibility to refresh your page between rounds to generate new client and server seeds. The latter is an extra step towards randomness and due diligence.

Testing the outcomes for fairness

As soon as you finish your rounds, you can access the unhashed version of the server seed. Then, you go to the provably fair calculator of the site (or a third party one). Some casinos have their built-in calculators, but it defeats the purpose of checking for fairness in the same place you want to study. You then enter the client seed, the unhashed version and the nonce. If the results presented by the calculator are identical to the ones you faced, it means the game was fair towards you.

Blockchain-Based Provably Fair Gambling

This is arguably the best field for provably fair gambling and where it all began actually. The transparency of the blockchain allows everyone to check the results publicly via the utility of a smart contract.

Think of the smart contract as a programmable script. All actions performed on and by the smart contract are displayed publicly on the blockchain. The blockchain is a digital ledger whose copies exist in computers worldwide, making it impossible to duplicate or alter. Blockchain-based, provably fair systems work similarly to the non-blockchain ones we mentioned earlier without getting into many specifics.

Actual Example of Provably Fair Gambling

To demonstrate an actual example of proving fairness, what better way to do so than with images. Let’s go through a step by step explanation of how to check fairness at a non-blockchain game. For our example, we will use the Crash type game.

Starting your game

provably fair casinos

As you can see here, before you start your game, you can click on the ‘fairness’ option and check the active client seed, the hashed server seed and the nonce, which is the number of rounds you have gone through so far, which since you are just starting, has a value of zero. In other casinos, the above information may display automatically without the need for you to do anything.

We strongly recommend you copy and paste the two seeds in a temporary note, word file of your choice. Be mindful that you will need to repeat this process each time you refresh your page because the seed pairs will change too.

Place your bets, then verify your results

For this example, we are going to play two rounds of Crash. Then we are going to cross-check and verify whether the results have been fair.

provably fair casinos

provably fair casinos

As you can see here, in the first round of Crash, we did a 10.29x before cashing out. In the following round, we crashed and won nothing. Then we go to change the server seed, revealing the hashed server seed, which we copy. Afterwards, we go to check the fairness of the ‘verify section’.

provably fair casinos

Since the game was probably fair, the results of the verification check match the ones we had during our game. The whole verification process needs some practice at first to make sure you do not refresh and change the seeds, therefore lose track of your progress, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to prove fairness in your games in no time.

What are the most common Provably Fair Games?

The provably fair algorithm works in a way that, unfortunately, can not apply to every casino game. There is a good variety of games you can prove fairness, but not every game can utilize this process. You will not find bombastically produced games with amazing graphics and details using provably fair, simply because the algorithm is not compatible with the way these types of games are made. On the other hand, you will be able to find classic games in simple renditions, ones that players have been enjoying for decades, even before the era of eye-catching graphics and elaborate bonus round plays. This by the way is true to the majority of crypto casinos. Do not despair, though. It is possible in the future that provably fair will be able to scale and apply to top productions, so there is a good chance we players will have our cake whole and eat it too.

Provably Fair Dice

The first game to ever do this was Satoshi Dice, a now-infamous game and perhaps the first-ever Bitcoin Casino. Dice may very well be the game that the original, blockchain-based provably fair system was first applied. Every casino offering a provably fair dice game uses some kind of variation of that legendary game.

Provably Fair Roulette

This classic online casino game also comes with a provably fair version in most of the best online casinos. The high RTP and the fact that operators can now demonstrate fairness is one of the many reasons why you can now enjoy roulette carefree.

Provably Fair Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most beloved card games, if not the most popular, along with poker. Whereas poker does not have a provably fair version, Blackjack does and this is awesome. You can now gamble purely based on your edge and luck without worrying about the dealer having an unfair advantage towards you.

Provably fair Crash game

Crash is a game that does not share the same history or levity as dice or Roulette, but it has become one of the most popular and heavily provably fair games around. The premise is so simple yet so addicting; now that you know fairness is not an issue, you can go on for hours playing it. This is why we chose it for our hands-on example earlier.

Skill games

Skill games are arguably the most innovative and compelling game type. They are also the most original games. This is because creators do not have the restriction of classic rules such as in BlackJack or Roulette. A great example of this is minesweeper, which we all loved growing up in our older PCs, spending countless hours playing it. Now you can not only enjoy minesweeper with a chance of winning real money, but it is fair towards you. The same goes for games such as rock paper scissors types of turn-based games, which have infinite scenario possibilities for your liking (aliens, knights, vampires).

Is Provably Fair Gambling in casinos worth it?

Probably fair is a fantastic evolution to the tools players now have by their side when playing at online casinos. They go the extra mile in establishing trust between the players and the casinos, but that’s it. However, you should not trust them blindly, as these systems can be gamed too. And it would take highly high skills to spot the fallacies. Another downside is that the games offered with provably are pretty basic, especially compared to top-notch providers, as far as graphics and overall production value. But the core games are unchanged and will keep you busy for long hours, giving you a fair chance at winning in many . It is a useful tool that you can try using as often as you like but take it with a grain of salt.


Q: How does provably fair work?
A: Provably fair systems use an algorithm to depict whether the round of the game you played is fair or not. It uses a set of three variables for this process. One variable for the casino, the server seed), one for the player (client seed) and one for the number of rounds (nonce).

Q: Is provably fair safe and legal?
A: Not only is it safe and legal, but it is one of the greatest weapons in players’ arsenal against casinos, most specifically the ones looking to scam players.

Q: Are provably fair games better compared to traditional online casino games?
A: They are better in the sense that they can demonstrate fairness to the player without a doubt. They are not better in the sense that they can not have elaborate graphics, lucrative bonus rounds and complicated processes embedded in the game itself, meaning you will only find classic but straightforward games utilizing the provably fair algorithm.

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