Best (XMR) Monero Casinos

Pretty soon after Bitcoin started making waves, leading the cryptocurrency evolution, privacy concerns rose. That led to the creation of Monero (XMR), which was the first cryptocurrency solely focused on privacy. Using a complicated technology, XMR achieves a second to none level of privacy, which allows you to make your transactions invisible to prying eyes. Seeing the immense potential this would offer to under-the-radar gambling, soon after that, Monero Casinos started popping up and they have been very popular to this day, despite Bitcoin casinos being the most well known crypto casinos.

This is because online casinos are very aware of players’ desire for a low profile when it comes to their gambling activity, even more for players who use crypto for gambling. It is not a coincidence that Monero has been criticized for its ties with the underworld and money launderers worldwide. Imagine how secure and stealthy Monero is that these outlaws go there to hide their illicit activity. You can then understand how successfully innocent players are able to conceal their gambling activity. While it is still not as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos are, they rate pretty high up in popularity. Through our picks, we gathered every reputed XMR Casino. What they all share is the unparalleled speed in withdrawals, crypto dedicated bonuses and true under-the-radar betting without borders.

Trusted Monero Casinos for 2024

In terms of popularity, XMR is not the most popular option in casinos, but not the least as well. It still ranks high in the most used crypto casino options. That fact, of course, does not affect its functionality and merits in any way. To help you sort out the best options, we have put together a list of the most trusted XMR Casinos. We gathered our recommendations based on dedicated crypto bonuses, if possible XMR dedicated too, smooth withdrawal process and quality of games they offer.

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What makes a Monero Casino Unique?

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrencies do not provide anonymity. Every transaction is recorded forever on the blockchain. That is a digital ledger with copies in computers worldwide, which also can not be falsified. Part of the reason is that everything is public and accessible to everyone. So cryptocurrencies are more like pseudonymous and not anonymous, in a sense that if you ever link your identity to your wallet address, where every transaction ever is visible, someone can see all your movements and everything you have ever done. This is why privacy coins are a big thing.

Monero has been instrumental in being the first coin that addressed this issue. If you like under-the-radar gambling or have funds you do not wish to disclose but still wish to enjoy gambling, then XMR is your choice. You can find any casino that accepts Monero and make your whole experience stealthy and invisible to outsiders. Since XMR is a well-respected cryptocurrency, you will find no difficulty trading for anything in cryptocurrency exchanges. Just keep in mind, though, that if you want to use a centralized exchange to swap Monero for traditional money, there is a good chance you will need to provide personal information as documentation. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

Another thing that makes Monero unique is that we live at an age where privacy is becoming more and more valuable and scarce online. Given this, players may start using Monero casinos more and more in the future.

Monero Casinos strengths

As mentioned above, privacy is the main focus of XMR. However, you will be surprised to hear that this is not the only strength Monero has when it comes to gambling. Let’s dive into all the reasons you should be using a Monero casino.

Total Privacy in Transactions

Using XMR, your transactions are truly untraceable, unhackable and invisible to anyone other than the respective recipient. Monero achieves this by utilizing unique technologies such as ring signatures and mixing your transactions with others. Bottom line, Monero, along with Zcash casinos (ZEC) are the cream of the crop when it comes to ultimate privacy.

Available worldwide with no restrictions

While this is not an exclusive trait of Monero, it is true in most cryptocurrencies. The main reason is decentralization; there is no one owner or entity controlling or managing the coin. Thus it has no sovereignty. You can use XMR from anywhere in the world, whether it is a beach in California or downtown Berlin.

✔ Very Fast transactions

It used to be the case that Bitcoin was considered very fast, being peer to peer and all. But cryptocurrencies have come a long way since then and right now, there are countless coins much quicker than BTC. Among them is XMR, which actually features one of the faster speeds in transactions. Meaning your deposits and withdrawals were never faster. Speaking of which, see below.

✔ Under the Radar Gambling

Utilizing the unique features of XMR, such as the total privacy, the speedy transactions and the lack of geographical limitations, you can finally practice under the radar gambling. You can register for your favourite Monero casino in just a heartbeat, without the need for any personal information, except for withdrawals in some cases, and move your XMR winnings like a stealthy ninja once you are done.

✔ Low fees with a welcome side effect

On top of all the goodies mentioned above, Monero has low fees, which is extra cool. Before we explain, keep in mind that in crypto, you pay for every transaction a certain fee to the network you are using, in our case Monero’s. XMR Casinos tend to absorb the fees for their transactions, but you must pay a fee from your side when you deposit. What is exciting about XMR is that costs are minimal, which means you can fund your bankroll to the fullest without shedding too much of your money in transfers.

✔ Crypto dedicated Bonuses

Another nice thing about niche cryptocurrencies and casinos, such as XMR casinos, is that operators know there is room in that particular casino market to grow. So they do the best thing to attract new players; they offer crypto dedicated bonuses and sometimes Monero gambling dedicated promos. We would strongly recommend you take advantage of such opportunities while they are still out there and while you are at it, check our article on Bitcoin Bonuses.

✔ No third parties & Secure Transactions

One of the unique things in crypto is that, in most cryptocurrencies, transactions are peer to peer. This means that there is no middleman or third party involved, such as a bank. That is an additional benefit towards privacy since the transaction takes place only between sender and receiver. In the case of XMR, additional information is hidden compared to other coins so that not even the receiver can see details of the sender. Understandably, the latter is also a testament to the unparalleled level of security in Monero casinos transactions.

✔ XMR is too big to fail

With privacy being a hot potato in our digital world and major corporations making it their business to strip it away from us, solutions like cryptocurrencies and the stealthy approach of XMR have been a deciding factor in its popularity. For the same reason, it is bound to be around for years to come and don’t forget; it is already a top 20 coin overall. Keeping Monero not only advocates for privacy but is also a good investment in the long run.

✔ Deposits will never be rejected

Same as with almost every cryptocurrency, Monero utilizes a blockchain. That is an online ledger with digital copies in computers worldwide that keeps track of every transaction ever. And the best part, it is public, accessible for everyone to see. This means there is zero chance your deposits at a Monero casino get rejected or disputed.

Monero Casinos Weaknesses

As you would expect, not everything is great when it comes to XMR casinos. There are several disadvantages to using them and we list them below. Have a look and keep in mind that, even though the cons may not be as many as the pros, it does not mean you should take them lightly.

Monero is difficult to find in casinos

Unfortunately, Monero is a rather scarce option in casinos at the moment. And while one could argue that you can find XMR in a decent number of casinos, the number of casinos that let you keep your wallet in XMR are very few, if any. It would be amazing if there were more casinos that allow you to keep your wallet in Monero. That would bring your under-the-radar gambling to new levels.

❌ Difficulty in using Crypto

As with all new things in technology, crypto is not exactly friendly for an average computer user. To use cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently, you need to have an above-average knowledge and understanding of how things work.

❌ Monero is extra difficult to use

On top of the increased difficulty to use cryptocurrencies, an added factor that makes it even harder is that Monero requires a great deal of expertise. Because in case of a mistake, you will lose your funds. Not many players are willing to risk so much just to enjoy their favourite slots, roulette or poker tables. Or you can turn to other crypto casinos.

❌ There is no undo button in crypto

The trifecta of difficulty in using crypto and XMR is the fact that there is no undo button in crypto. If you make a mistake in a transaction, such as using the wrong address to send your funds, they are gone. And no customer support or management can help you.

❌ Volatility in Price

Another characteristic of cryptocurrencies is the volatility in their price. Given how young it is as an industry, it is very logical that prices are swinging up and down all the time. You must consider this carefully. It is not very pleasant to wake up to a -60% of your worth in your bankroll just because you bought some XMR to play some Blackjack.

❌ Monero has a bad boy reputation

The complete anonymity and stealthy nature of Monero have long been a tarnish in its reputation because it is widely believed that the underworld and the darknet use XMR heavily to mask their illicit activities. This is not a very good thing because, by association, all Monero casinos serve as money laundering places, something we can never know if it’s true or not.

❌ Possible Regulation is around the corner

Not only for the above reason but regarding crypto in general, regulators and lawmakers worldwide may be thinking up new ways to regulate cryptocurrencies. A possible harsh regulatory framework in the near future could hurt XMR and cause a drop in its value. This is something that should always be in the back of your mind when it comes to crypto.

What about Monero casinos legality and safety

Monero casinos are very safe. We have already mentioned how secure Monero is, given its unique approach to security through its technology. Get used to playing in trusted options, though, because you never know whether an unreliable casino will close shop overnight and disappear along with your funds. A good indicator to look for is a license; usually, a good XMR casino has one, mainly a Curacao license.

Regarding their legality, casinos that accept XMR are as legal as it gets. You need to remember that what matters is whether gambling is legal in your country. Also, look for the legal age for gambling in your region. All in all, keep in mind if you are of legal gambling age and the online casino allows you to access it and register, chances are you are totally fine.

As for taxes, this is a bit of a grey area all over the world. In broad strokes, if there is any tax at all, it will be in the form of capital gains taxes. It is also true that in most countries, gambling gains are not taxed. As far as crypto and taxes are concerned, the best practice is to lock your crypto away and not sell them for traditional money. Not very ideal if you want to spend them immediately, but it usually results in multiple gains, given cryptocurrencies’ massive rise in value over the years. In such a case, it is best to consult a professional on the best way to act.

Kickstart your gambling in a Monero casino

Given what we said about the difficulty when using crypto and Monero’s added complexity, it is only natural that it may seem intimidating at first. That is why we have gathered all the essential steps and tried to keep them as simple as possible. That way, you have a complete experience in Monero gambling without the extra fuss.

Brief Introduction to Monero (XMR)

Monero is a privacy-centric, open-source digital means of transaction with total privacy and very low fees. XMR transactions are untraceable and unlinkable to each other. The coin was founded in 2012 under another name. Back then, it was Bytecoin. Later, around 2014 it adopted its current form and unique technology and was renamed Monero, meaning money in Esperanto.

Casinos were among the first adopters of this unique cryptocurrency. Despite not being at the top of popularity in crypto casinos, Monero is widespread enough to find a casino to enjoy your favourite game easily. But what exactly makes Monero tick? Let’s touch upon the unique technology behind it.

A simple explanation of how Monero works

Before diving into gambling with Monero, we will attempt to explain the basics of how Monero works. Using complicated technology, which we will not bore you by explaining here, XMR transactions achieve to be invisible and untraceable to outsiders. As an outside observant, you can only witness a transaction happening. You can see neither the amount transferred nor information on the sender or the receiver. By information, we mean the addresses of the parties involved. The latter is very common in crypto; you send your crypto to someone and that transaction is public on the blockchain. In XMR’s case, the transaction can only be viewed by the person who has the keys to reveal it, which the sender can only provide.

The way Monero achieves this kind of functionality is through ring signatures and fungibility in each token. Ring signatures mix your transactions with others, so it is impossible to see which is which. Then the fact that each unit of XMR is fungible means it is unique from the other. To explain, Imagine having two separate one-dollar bills. You can tell them apart by nothing else than their serial number. XMR tokens do not have distinctive information from each other, so your funds disappear in a sea of similar transactions. Pretty cool stuff.

How to play your games at a Monero casino

Let’s proceed now into the steps you should follow to fund your bankroll at a casino that accepts Monero. The whole process is speedy and you will be able to play your favourite game in no time. Just make sure to follow all steps correctly and always double-check everything before you confirm a transaction.

  • Get a wallet to store your XMR. Most software wallets are free but make sure they are compatible with Monero. If you are doing this more than a couple of times, we strongly recommend you go the extra mile and purchase a hardware wallet, which is the most secure way to store your crypto.
  • Go ahead and purchase some XMR from a big exchange. We recommend Binance (caution if you are from the US, you must use Binance US), Coinbase, Kraken for good liquidity.
  • Open an account at the exchange. Average players should be ok because you will not need to provide personal information if you trade up to a small amount. That amount is usually around 2 BTC, so you most likely will be fine.
  • Deposit to the exchange via the available options. Usually, it is via card, bank transfer and similar. Then buy some XMR and send it to your wallet.
  • Now go to our favorite Monero casino. Usually, you will only need an email address for your registration.
  • Pick XMR as the deposit method. Copy the XMR address and carefully paste it into your wallet. Confirm the transaction, then funds should appear very soon and you will be able to start playing.

Withdrawing from a Monero Casino

When you are done playing, it is time for you to withdraw your funds. We advise you to never keep your crypto for a long time at an exchange or a casino. All you need to do for withdrawals is follow the steps of the deposit in reverse. Make sure you have read the withdrawal policies beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays. Also, never send your crypto directly from a casino or betting site to an exchange. Most of them have strict anti-gambling screening and may easily block your account, and you will lose access to your funds.

Popular Monero games to play Casinos

Casinos that accept Monero are mildly popular. But this does not mean you will not be able to play your favorite games. There are plenty of options on all popular games. Even more so, the best providers of the industry have been putting out lots of quality options.

Monero slots

Slots are among the most popular games in online casinos. Same here, you will find hundreds of options to choose from. Many casinos give away free spins, too, as part of their bonuses so you could even try your luck for free. As an average, there is also great RTP in all slots because of crypto. As for quality, it is second to none, as you will find slots by Microgaming, Netent, Play n Go, which keep the bar at a high level.

Monero roulette

Roulette tables are more than abundant in XMR casinos. You will find plenty of tables, sure to match even the most demanding taste. There are also options for live tables for a more realistic experience. An impressive +98% RTP is the norm here, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Monero dice

One of the most classic games in gambling is represented here as well. Quick history lesson, Bitcoin dice was one of the first-ever online games with hardcore fans even to this day. Same with Monero, you will find all the major dice games, predominantly crap. Results are RNG and the speed is super fast for long hours of play.

Monero Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games. You draw cards until you or the dealer reach 21 or go bust. An impressive array of both regular and live tables is standard in casinos that accept XMR. You will definitely find a table either way in every online casino.

Monero Poker

One of the most famous casino games, especially in the past years. You will find a plethora of options in tournaments, Sit’n’Go tables, even live poker tables. The most popular styles played are Hold’em and Omaha. The only hiccup in poker is that you may sometimes not find truly good players in tournaments due to how niche crypto online gaming is.

Are Monero Casinos worth it

Gambling has always been the kind of industry called first adopters. It has embraced crypto and both have been mutually beneficial to each other. This fact is even more true with Monero. Players and casinos alike have been favouring it in the past couple of years, given its privacy-oriented nature. The unique, along with Zcash, the opportunity for truly gambling under the radar has been a major factor.

Do not let the slight tarnish on its reputation fool or discourage you, because. The focus on privacy and the low fees make Monero one of the best choices you can make when it comes to gambling with crypto and arguably the best for under-the-radar gambling. This is among the reasons we most definitely recommend XMR casinos. Sure there may not be many XMR casinos out there, but still, it is worth diving into the best Monero Casinos.


Monero is a leader in its field, which is privacy. It has a large and faithful group of users, which only grows larger as the need for privacy in our online activities keeps getting more and more in demand. But for now, Bitcoin seems to be the undisputed.

The best XMR casinos are the ones that have been around for years, ideally since Monero ever came in the market. They have a license, have a good reputation and have active support via email and chat 24/7. They should also offer a great number of games, typical must be hundreds of slots at least, and the addition of top industry providers is a very good plus.

This depends more on your region’s legal age and gambling laws than on Monero. Cryptocurrencies are legal in most parts of the world, so best focus on the above laws to be sure.

As it currently stands, there are not that many casinos that accept XMR. This is not to say that they are not worth your time and effort. Instead, it means we are still early as far as Ripple adoption to casinos.

The truth is even better than this. Given how niche XMR casinos are, operators offer unique and often Monero dedicated bonuses and promos, along with VIP programs. This will last until XMR casinos become more mainstream, so better hurry up and scoop these offers fast.

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