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During the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been widely adopted by the online gambling industry. This new type of digital currency brings to the table flexible payments solutions that, in many cases, are far more efficient than traditional banking methods. You probably might have heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are thousands of additional cryptocurrencies available. New ones pop up each day, and each one of them spots different characteristics and features. Many people believe that they are just a fad, but others firmly believe that they are the start of a new financial revolution.

Be that as it may, cryptos have already heavily disrupted online casinos in a positive way. Crypto-friendly gambling sites are nowadays a pretty common sight. Cryptocurrency casinos offer features that conventional ones can hardly achieve. Two-click registration with no KYC documents, deposit bonuses that boost your deposit by 500%, and instantaneous withdrawals to name just a few available perks. Follow the article to learn how to find the best online crypto casino for you.

Which is the Best Online Crypto Casino

howA single best online crypto casino simply does not exist. The competition is fierce, and every brand has its own strong and weak points. We have gathered a list of the most reputable cryptocurrency casinos to help your research. These gambling sites are thoroughly tested, so make sure to check their respective dedicated reviews to learn all the details. Our recommendations offer quality casino products from the best providers, juicy welcome bonuses, and accept a wide variety of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

How do we Pick the Best Online Crypto Casino List

t&c-icon-transThe process of selecting the top brands for our list is not an easy task. Operators go head-to-head with each other, trying to find new ways of gaining an edge over the competition. Nevertheless, various criteria need to be met for a casino to reach the list. First and foremost, a casino needs to accept a broad array of cryptocurrencies, and not just one or two. This flexibility in online casino payment methods is significant to most crypto-oriented gamblers. Secondly, there have to be crypto-exclusive bonuses that hold a good value. This shows that the casino cares about the crypto deposits of the players.

Moreover, we really like cryptocurrency casinos that take the extra step and allow players to maintain their crypto deposit and not simply convert it into a FIAT currency. This gives players the ability to double-gamble due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Last but not least, the best crypto casinos should always help the players maintain a high level of privacy. KYC documents should only be requested for important reasons and not just as a hindrance. Apart from the crypto-specific points above, the usual factors apply, such as customer support efficiency, variety of games, licensing, reputation, etc.

What Benefits do Cryptocurrency Casinos Have

tick-iconLet’s take a broader look at the key advantages that crypto casinos hold compared to conventional ones. In essence, the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies allows for efficient under-the-radar gambling. Also, the revolutionary technology behind these digital coins manages to keep transaction costs extremely low in most cases. Check out the main categories of benefits.

Crypto Bonuses

Generally speaking, the processing of cryptocurrency payments costs less for the casino compared to traditional banking methods. Operators do not have to deal with chargebacks, disputes and expensive third-party fees. That way, casinos can direct more funds to other departments. A part of them goes towards better offers & promotions for crypto deposits. Furthermore, lucrative crypto bonuses are an excellent way to incentivize the use of cryptocurrencies.

Enhanced Privacy

The wallets which are used for crypto transactions do not hold any personal detail of yours. They are only a sequence of numbers and letters. The only way to get your information compromised is by KYC reviews either by the casino or the crypto exchange. Nevertheless, they are far more discrete compared to conventional online casinos and banks. Some cryptocurrencies are capable of completely private transactions and crypto casinos that will hardly ever ask you for any documents. If you seek to stay under the radar, cryptocurrency casinos are your natural allies.

Faster Withdrawals

The settlement of a crypto transaction will take a few hours at worst. Usually, it takes just a few minutes, if not less, depending on the cryptocurrency. That means that as soon as the casino payment department confirms your withdrawal request, you will get your precious winnings. No more 2-5 business days waiting time. Of course, the total withdrawal waiting time depends on the efficiency of each casino, but it is a notable improvement in any case.

Hybrid & Non-Hybrid Crypto Casinos

There are two kinds of crypto casino sites. The most common type, hybrid ones, convert your crypto deposit into a traditional currency like dollars, euros, or pounds. Of course, your withdrawal will be in the form of the original crypto you used. Most casinos do not allow coin mixing, as it can be considered a form of money laundering. The other type is non-hybrid casinos. Those let you retain your crypto deposit, and your gambling balance will be crypto only. The hybrid type is the less risky one, as you avoid the high level of crypto volatility. However, you cannot double gamble to speculate both in casino games and crypto market price.

No Geographical Restrictions

The anonymous and decentralized nature of most cryptocurrencies is like the internet. It is extremely hard to contain it within geographical borders. Most restrictions can simply be circumvented with a simple VPN service. This is the primary advantage of offshore gambling sites. They know that they can reach players around the globe, and their crypto payments will not get blocked.

Low Transaction Fees

All cryptocurrency networks charge a fee for every transaction. This is necessary to collect funds for maintenance purposes and protection against wide-scale denial of service attacks. Still, most crypto transactions cost even less than a cent. Many payment-specific crypto coins settle transactions within seconds, almost free of charge. This is an excellent advantage for both players and operators.

Fast Registration

Most of our picks from the best online crypto casino list hold offshore licenses. This way, they do not have to abide by strict regulations in most areas. Customer verification is one of them. Most crypto-friendly gambling sites allow you to register with just a valid email. Of course, additional documents can be requested if you raise suspicions of service abuse or money laundering. The fact is that you can start playing at a casino you like in just a minute without having to gather annoying documents.


Cryptocurrencies are still a far more low-profile payment method than debit/credit cards, bank transfers and even e-wallets. Your crypto wallets are not connected to any ID or mobile phone number. Fiscal authorities will have a hard time finding out your crypto transactions. Moreover, winnings from crypto casinos will not get taxed automatically. However, we do not condone tax fraud, as an in-depth audit will reveal every transaction you made, crypto or not. Keep a low profile and do not raise any alarms.

Provably Fair Games

Almost all crypto-friendly gambling sites offer provably fair games. But what does this catchphrase mean? It is closely correlated to cryptocurrencies, as some base technical characteristics are found in blockchain technology. In simple words, this cryptographically powered technology allows players to verify that a game round is indeed random and not manipulated. Simply put, you can check yourself if a casino is legit or not without having to rely upon third-party RNG audit teams.

Drawbacks of an Online Crypto Casino

policy-icon-transIt’s not all sunshine and roses. Cryptocurrencies may have many benefits and unique use-cases, but they have their own fair share of disadvantages. Do not always consider them above traditional banking methods. They are still in an infant state and there are quite a few risks involved. Sometimes, the idea sounds better from the reality of the practical part.

Technical Complexity

You should not just go in blindly and start performing crypto transactions. One should have at least a bit of technical and financial knowledge to avoid risky situations. A single mistype of a wallet address can be catastrophic, as you can lose your funds forever. Support from crypto exchanges and wallet services is minimal, so you should consider yourself the sole responsibility for every action. Many people do not like this level of responsibility and stick to traditional methods to keep their ease of mind. After all, gambling is about entertainment, not stressful transaction methods.

Market Price Volatility

As a new and upcoming type of tradeable asset, the market value of all cryptocurrencies is quite unstable compared to standard assets like stocks, bonds, etc. Price swings of +/- 10% are just another day at the office. This is good if you are an avid gambler seeking the wildest thrills but not optimal if you want a tightly managed bankroll. In any case, there is always the option to select cryptocurrencies with a stable value (stablecoins) or hybrid casinos. In this way, you can maintain the benefits of cryptocurrencies without exposure to volatility.

Regulatory Issues

Governments, central banks and key global financial institutions were doubtful of cryptocurrencies up until now. The billions of dollars that currently flow within blockchain networks finally got their attention. The reality is that it will be very difficult to implement regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies. They can act as investments, securities, currencies, speculative assets, and much more. Nobody knows what future regulations will bring. That is why any crypto capital should be considered a risky liability. If you decide to convert a part of your gambling bankroll to cryptocurrencies, you should always keep updated with recent developments.

Fluid Situation

To add up more to the point above, regulatory issues are not the only unstable factor in the crypto world. Cryptocurrency projects come and go every single day. Critical updates may happen overnight to one of the cryptocurrencies you are using. The online wallet you chose might stop providing support as the developers move to another project. Your local crypto regulations can change in the near future. To put it simply, you must always stay informed about the latest developments in the crypto space. This can be a burden for many people who will simply skip the whole process altogether.

Offshore Licensing

European licensing authorities deem cryptocurrencies a risky payment method. So a brand that accepts cryptocurrencies will not be able to get such a license, even if all other conditions are met. As such, crypto-friendly gambling sites resort to less strict offshore licenses or choose to stay independent. While this allows them to stay flexible, players are less protected from shady practices and scams. Try not to get into any dispute, as you will hardly get the upper hand.

Are Crypto Casino Sites Safe & Legal

Safety-iconAs we specified in the drawbacks above, the crypto space is a risky and volatile place, albeit with many treasures in it. If you keep yourself informed and stick to reliable cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wallets, minimal risk will be involved. It will be as safe as any conventional banking method. The point here is that your safety relies mainly on the cryptocurrency casino that you will choose. Do diligent research before you deposit anywhere. Read our reviews carefully and visit online forums where other gamblers share their experiences.

As for the legality part, it is currently a grey area. Cryptocurrencies are not fully regulated in most countries. They are a completely new phenomenon and it is quite difficult, especially for highly bureaucratic regulatory bodies, to categorize them. Nevertheless, it will be very hard to get in legal trouble for crypto transactions. One should really get out of his way and manage to bring attention upon himself. In simple words, if you can play at a regular online casino, you will also be able to play at a cryptocurrency casino. Keep in mind possible age restrictions and the laws of your country in regards to gambling.

How to Join a Cryptocurrency Casino

Before you take a deep dive into crypto casino games, it would be better to check a few details about how to choose the best gambling site, as well as the ideal casino crypto coins for you. You need to find a crypto exchange of preference, as well as a personal crypto wallet. Remember, never make direct transactions between exchanges and crypto casinos. Always use your wallet as an intermediary. Exchanges usually flag casinos as risky merchants. Your funds might get frozen and your account closed. Do not get caught with your pants down on this.

 Crypto Wallets: There are many options here and no optimal solutions. There are browser wallets, desktop & mobile wallets, as well as offline hardware wallets. Check the different types carefully and choose the best one for you. The most reliable picks are Exodus as an online wallet and the Ledger wallet for offline storage.

Crypto Exchanges: Again, there are many reputable crypto exchanges for you to choose from. The most popular and safe selections are Binance, FTX, Kraken, and Coinbase. Review their features carefully before starting an account with them.

What Differentiates the Best Online Crypto Casino from the Rest

Someone needs to be able to distinguish the actual value of a crypto casino. You have to look behind all the flashy promotional material and bonuses that offer insane deposit boosts. Sometimes, hidden terms or well-placed phrasing can be the difference between a successful gambling session and an unsuccessful one. These are the main points you need to focus on:

⚀ What cryptocurrencies are accepted

The more options, the better. Some casinos only offer Bitcoin as a crypto payment method, but this no longer cuts the deal. There are far more efficient cryptos for simple transactions nowadays. Check if the casino has the crypto payment option of your choice. Also, make sure that they offer the same deposit and withdrawal options. Some casinos offer a wide variety of crypto deposits, but you can only withdraw with Bitcoin or Bank Transfer.

⚁ Hybrid type and conversion fees

Casinos that convert your crypto deposit into a traditional currency usually rely on third-party services. They do not handle cryptocurrencies directly themselves. Sometimes, these payment providers charge too much in fees. Always check the proposed conversion rate in comparison to standard market prices. If the markup is too high, find another casino.

⚂ Withdrawal times, limits and fees

Crypto deposits are instantaneous in almost all casinos, even if the precise time frame depends on each separate blockchain network. However, withdrawals are another story. Most crypto casinos claim instantaneous withdrawals, but that does not account for the review of the withdrawal request by the casino’s payments department. This may take up to 48 hours, so check the terms & conditions carefully. Moreover, check the withdrawal limits for each available cryptocurrency, as well as any possible fees. The best online crypto casinos do not charge any additional fee.

⚃ Bonus terms & conditions

This is where most gamblers get tricked. Many promotions advertise 5 BTC welcome bonuses, 500% deposit boosts, daily +20% crypto bonuses and so on. Be that as it may, if you check the terms & conditions of these offers, you will see insane wagering requirements, with time restrictions and a multiple deposit requirement. Moreover, wagering is commonly only achieved in slots. Make sure to read the fine print of every promotion. The devil hides in the details. Do not fret over it, though, as there are many crypto bonuses of high value.

⚄ Geographical restrictions

Cryptocurrencies can be sent everywhere around the globe. Still, sometimes geographical restrictions apply, even in crypto-friendly gambling sites. Some casinos simply do not want to deal with specific countries, as they can get into legal trouble easily. Also, some game providers can not legally provide services in some countries. Check if your country is available on the terms & conditions page. You may always use a VPN, but if you get caught, say goodbye to any winnings.

⚅ Casino & sportsbook products

A casino may as well offer the best bonuses and accept all the top cryptocurrencies. Still, that does not mean anything if they do not have games that you like. Also, some gambling sites significantly lack in their sportsbook product. Many players usually want to combine both. Before you make a deposit, spend a few minutes on the website. You may find out that the games are buggy, or you get disconnected often. Rather safe than sorry.

Which are the Best Casino Crypto Coins

how-toThere are so many options that the process of selecting the best one will be a real hassle. We have analyzed for you the most relevant ones. These are the coins that most crypto casinos accept. Of course, Bitcoin and Ethereum are a category of their own but do not miss out on other options, as they usually hold better value. Feel free to check their dedicated articles, where we analyze their pros & cons in great detail.

♠︎ BTC: The undisputed king of cryptos. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and bitcoin casinos were the first crypto-friendly gambling sites. A solid option for sure, but not the fastest and neither the cheapest.

♠︎ ETH: Ethereum is the second in command of the crypto space. Ethereum casinos are almost as common as BTC ones, so that you will have a wide selection of casinos available. It is not the ideal choice lately, as ETH transactions spot very high fees due to network congestion.

♠︎ LTC: Another classical cryptocurrency, one of the cousins of Bitcoin. Litecoin casinos offer you low transaction fees and adequate speeds. There are quite a few options available.

♠︎ DOGE: A meme cryptocurrency that means serious business. Dogecoins’ popularity spike in 2021 made many Dogecoin casinos pop up. It is a respected choice, as it is fast and charges low fees. Make sure to keep an eye out as it has a very volatile price.

♠︎ XRP: Ripple casinos are probably one of the best options, as XRP transfers are almost instantaneous and charge a nominal fee. The only downside is its centralized nature, but it is only a secondary issue for gamblers.

♠︎ BCH: Another one of Bitcoin’s cousins. Like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash casinos are a jack of all trades. Adequate speed and fees, and several sites accept it.

♠︎ XMR: The most popular privacy coin. XMR transactions do not reveal the address of the sender. If staying under the radar is your primary concern, Monero casinos will be your best friends.

♠︎ ZEC: The second most popular privacy coin. Zcash uses a different technology from Monero, but it is still a reliable choice. The downside is that there are not many Zcash casinos around, as its popularity has fallen considerably.

♠︎ EOS: Think of it as a project that seeks to become a better Ethereum. As a payment method, it indeed manages to surpass Ethereum, as it is faster and cheaper. Nevertheless, sadly there are only a few EOS Casinos around.

♠︎ DASH: A good option among the best casino crypto coins, albeit unpopular. Dash is a cryptocurrency-focused, specifically on payments. Furthermore, you can optionally make your transactions private or instantaneous for a small markup in fee cost. Dash casinos are rare but quite useful and efficient.

♠︎ TRON: The Tron network and its native cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX) focus on the entertainment industry, which of course includes gambling. There are many decentralized Tron gambling applications, as well as normal online Tron casinos. That is because the network spots fast transaction speeds and extremely low fees.

♠︎ ADA: Cardano is another so-called Ethereum-killer. The project has a long road ahead, but Cardano Casinos allow you to deposit fast and cheaply. ADA is a true jack of all trades.

♠︎ USDT/USDC: Tether and USDCoin are the two most popular stablecoins. Their value is pegged to the greenback, so they will always be valued at $1. They hold the best of both worlds, the stable value of FIAT currencies and the flexibility of cryptocurrencies. Tether casinos and USDC casinos are indisputably some of your best options.

New Crypto Casinos you do not want to miss out on

new-player-transIt would not be an exaggeration to say that a new cryptocurrency casino pops up almost every month. In order to grab a large player base as soon as possible, most of them bring out lucrative offers, such as high percentage welcome deposit bonuses, valuable loyalty programs, enhanced crypto deposits, and much more. Check out what the latest newcomers have to display.

Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Worth the Hassle

The latest developments in the online casino industry show that cryptocurrencies and gambling will pretty much go hand-to-hand from now on. The combination of these two benefits both players and operators by a great margin. Cryptocurrencies give back to the players the privacy that they have lost from the always-increasing gambling regulations. They are also the ideal payment gateway for cryptocurrency casinos, as they are easy to handle, cheap and efficient.

Our opinion is that sharp gamblers should familiarize themselves with cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. It will be a bit of a hassle initially, but the rewards are well worth it. The best online crypto casino picks offer perks that conventional ones can only dream of. Of course, keep in mind that there are quite a few risks involved. Always do diligent research and keep yourself informed of the latest developments in the crypto space.


Are crypto casinos legal?

Although crypto casinos generally do not hold European licenses, they are indeed not illegal. If you can play at a normal online casino, you will be able to play at a crypto-friendly one. Check possible age and geographical restrictions to be on the safe side.

Are crypto casinos safe?

Yes, the great majority of crypto casinos are legitimate brands that legally operate in the industry. However, due to more relaxed regulations and the fact that cryptocurrencies are still in a wild west situation, many scammers and shady operators are prowling around. Check our recommended picks, and stick to reliable brands.

Where do I buy crypto?

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges nowadays. The top names include Binance, FTX and Kraken. You can start an account with them and buy cryptocurrencies mainly via debit cards and bank transfers.

Where can I store cryptocurrencies?

There is a wide array of personal crypto wallets. Each wallet has its own set of pros and cons, so search for what works best for you. Remember, it is generally better to hold the majority of your crypto gambling bankroll in your wallet and not on the exchange. Not your keys, not your coins.

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