Top Casino Bitcoin Bonuses

Bitcoin bonuses are one of the major advantages that someone can find in crypto-friendly gambling sites. Online casinos benefit greatly from cryptocurrency transactions, as they correlate to lower operational costs. So, to incentivize crypto deposits, they bring forward every method they can get their hands on. A typical bitcoin welcome bonus boosts your deposit 200% to 500% and can match up your BTC payment up to 5 BTC. These numbers outclass their conventional counterparts greatly. Even so, these lucrative offers often hide atrocious terms and conditions. See below our top hand-picked offers, the common traps to avoid, and how to evaluate the best bonuses for you.

Exclusive Bitcoin Bonuses

The digital landscape of crypto operators is completely different from a few years ago. The competition in order to grab a large slice of the crypto-friendly player base is wild and fierce. Bitcoin bonuses are the primary weapon of choice for most brands. We have gathered for you a list of casinos that offer you some of the best promotions. These include crypto welcome bonuses, deposit boosts, rebates, and much more. Each casino is different and holds exclusive bitcoin bonuses, so make sure to check their dedicated reviews to find out more.

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Which are the Common Bitcoin Bonuses

Crypto bonuses come in different shapes and sizes. There are standard offers & promotions that you can find even in conventional online casinos, as well as original crypto exclusive offers. The ample selection of cryptocurrencies available allows for more creativity too. Also, keep in mind that nowadays you can claim crypto bonuses with a wide array of cryptocurrencies on most crypto gambling sites. Nevertheless, the term Bitcoin bonus has stuck, as the first online casinos that offered such innovative promotions accepted exclusively Bitcoin for a long period of time. Let’s group up the main promotion categories:

☑️ Bitcoin welcome bonus: Casino welcome bonuses are standard offers that greatly enhance your first deposit. This promotion is available in almost all online casinos, crypto or not. The usual crypto welcome bonuses range from 100% up to 500%. Some casinos have an extremely high matchup level, as the bonus can reach 5 BTC ($215,000 at the time of writing).

☑️ Bitcoin deposit bonus: The second most common offer that enhances a normal crypto deposit. The boost here generally fluctuates between 20 to 100%. The characteristics of this promotion vary greatly between different casinos. Usually, you can claim them daily, weekly, or on specific days of the week.

☑️ Crypto cashbacks: Some casinos may credit you back a part of the turnover that originated from a crypto deposit. They usually offer a cashback for your activity during the first month. Let’s make an example with a 1% cashback promotion. With a turnover of 100 mBTC, you will get back 1 mBTC as a bonus.

☑️ Refer a friend: Many crypto casinos hold such promotions, as crypto-knowledgeable gamblers are really valuable. With such offers, word of mouth spreads quickly within the crypto community and new blood rushes in.

☑️ Loyalty Programs: Crypto casinos make sure to keep their players happy. Loyal crypto gamblers receive an ample variety of rewards. These bonuses can be free spins, withdrawable crypto cash, or a valuable cashback system. High rollers are especially welcome, as VIP crypto bonuses are some of the best in the industry.

What are the Usual Bitcoin Bonus Terms

howYou should always read carefully the terms & conditions of each casino you decide to join. We know that it is annoying, but it is a necessary step to prevent mistakes and errors. This is especially necessary for offshore & independent brands, as you can hardly resolve any dispute afterwards. You can usually find the rules at the bottom of the website. These are pretty much the standard rules:

Rollover Requirements: These are the requirements that the casino sets on how many times you need to wager a deposit to cash out any winnings. Careful here, as some casinos mention only the bonus amount, while others refer to deposit plus bonus. This little detail can make a big difference.

Available Casino Games: One of the most important terms. Yes, a bonus might seem really valuable, but it may not apply to your favourite games. Many bonuses apply only for slots, while wagering in live tables or other games counts only partially or even not at all. Make that clear from the start.

Wagering Time Limit: Most bonuses give you ample time to enjoy them at your leisure. However, some offers have strict time limits. Check them carefully to avoid unpleasant situations.

Maximum Stake & Winnings: Almost all bonuses have these limitations. They may restrict your bets in slots and tables considerably. Make sure not to cross these limits, as casinos might cancel your whole bonus amount. Additionally, no matter how much you win, there is usually a ceiling. Most casinos set this at 10x the bonus amount.

Package Bonus: If you see a gargantuan bonus, it is probably a package deal. You might claim the full bonus amount only with consecutive deposits. Of course, this does not mean that they can not be valuable.

How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

First of all, do not let high bonus percentages and single-digit Bitcoin matchup amounts fool you. Most of the promotional material for these bonuses is a bit manipulative. Set your expectations straight. Online casino promotions need to supplement your gambling activity and not limit you with annoying restrictions. Generally, you will have to search for bonuses with low rollover requirements that can be used in the games you enjoy. It would also be better for a bonus not to have any maximum winnings, as it can significantly reduce a big win. If you are a high-roller, avoid bonuses that have a low stake limit. Focus on what matters the most to you.

Let’s talk raw numbers with two examples. A bitcoin bonus of 200% that matches your deposit up to 2 BTC, with a $2 maximum stake for slots only and wagering requirements of 60x (deposit+bonus) is a horrible one. The rollover is very high, and you will probably never complete it. Furthermore, the slots restriction does not let you take advantage of higher RTP games like blackjack or craps.

Now let’s see what a good crypto bonus looks like. It has a 100% boost up to 0.1 BTC or 1 ETH. Wagering requirements are set to 35x of the bonus amount. Your bets in slots count normally, but only 50% of your stakes count in live tables and other games. That is normal, as otherwise, there would be many abusers to deal with. Furthermore, the maximum stake is $5 and the maximum winnings are 10x the bonus amount.

Common Tricky Terms of a Crypto Bonus

how-toIt is very important to mention here the tricky terms that can cause a lot of trouble to unsuspecting players. These terms commonly hide somewhere between the numerous generic terms and conditions of the casino. They usually apply to all of the available bonuses unless otherwise specified. Casinos set these rules to protect themselves from abusers, but scammy operators designed them specifically to withhold winnings from players. Make sure to spot them.

☛ KYC Documentation

Some casinos state that only verified accounts can claim bonuses. This is not good if you choose a crypto casino specifically to stay under the radar. Furthermore, they may state that they can request additional documents at their discretion. If you manage to score a big win, shady operators could start asking you for an infinite amount of documents to delay the payment.

☛ Generic Bonus Eligibility

This can include a broader range of restrictions. For example, some bitcoin casino bonuses can be claimed only with specific cryptocurrencies. A casino may accept 10 or more coins, but you can use only 5 of them to get the bonus. Also, you can not claim some offers if you have already used another promotion. Be especially careful of welcome packages, as sometimes you can not claim other offers until you get all the welcome ones first. Additionally, check if you can have one or multiple active bonuses. Always cross-examine the generic bonus terms and the promotion-specific terms.

☛ IP Address Restrictions

Online casinos, especially crypto-friendly online casinos, have to deal with non-ending waves of abusers. A typical casino restriction to prevent multiple accounts by the same person is that a single account per household / IP address is permitted. Or that a bonus can only be claimed by one account per household / IP. We suggest you connect to any casino only from your router or with your mobile data to avoid unfair restrictions and account blocks.

☛ Sticky Bonuses

Generally, there are two kinds of bonuses. Sticky and non-sticky bonuses. When you have a sticky bonus, you will have to use your own deposit funds first, and then the bonus funds can be used. Most bonuses are sticky, as the casino secures the rollover requirements that way. Make sure you know how a bonus works before claiming it.

How to Claim a Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Here are the steps on how to effectively claim a bitcoin bonus in the safest way possible. Do not worry. It is almost the same as any other casino bonus. We are not going to leave any room for mistakes, so make sure to follow the steps closely. After this, we are also going to show some of the best brand new bonuses. For now, here are the 5 steps:

⏩ Register to a crypto casino: Check our reviews, and do your own diligent research. There is an abundance of casinos, so you will surely find one that you like. Make sure to try their games in ‘demo’ mode.

⏩ Read the T&C’s: Scrutinize the terms and conditions of the casino. Both the generic ones and the general bonus t&c’s. Do not get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of text. Just do it. Rather safe than sorry. You can usually find them as ‘Terms & Conditions, ‘Our Terms’, T&C’s, Bonus T&Cs and so on.

⏩ Check the T&C’s of each promotion: Each offer will probably have different terms and conditions. There are often contradicting terms, so make sure to find them. Make sure you have everything clear.

⏩ Contact customer support: If some terms are not fully clear, there are contradictions, or you simply do not understand something well, ask for help. Live chat is the fastest way to contact an agent, but we recommend using an email if time is not of the essence. An email can easily be used for proof if any dispute arises later on.

⏩ Deposit to claim the bonus: Provided that everything is clear, make the deposit. Careful, as you can receive bonuses only by typing a specific promo code or contacting customer support after the deposit.

The Latest Hot Crypto Bonuses

We are always in search of the freshest and most valuable offers and promotions that crypto gambling sites have to offer. Their casino departments surely have no lack of imagination, as there is always something exciting coming up. Below you will find casinos with amazing brand new bitcoin bonuses and promotions.

Should you Go for Bitcoin Bonuses

Bonuses of all types are some of the most important marketing tools of many online casinos. Some players pick casinos exclusively by evaluating their offers and promotions. Especially nowadays, the innovative nature and flexibility of cryptocurrencies allow for Bitcoin casino bonuses of great value. That is because casinos gain a great advantage due to the low operational cost and the lack of geographical restrictions of most crypto coins. Therefore, they use lucrative crypto bonuses to make it a win-win situation for both them and the players, incentivizing cryptocurrency usage.

We believe that avid gamblers should get themselves involved with cryptocurrencies, as they can gain a lot from crypto casinos. This is especially true for high rollers due to the high matchup of crypto bonuses and players that like to keep their anonymity secure. However, one should always stay vigilant, as many shady operators seek to take advantage of unsuspecting players to the more relaxed regulations of crypto casinos and the crypto space in general.


You are going to see this term in many online crypto casinos. A single Bitcoin, at the time of writing, is valued at $43,000. This is a pretty high number. To make things easier, many casinos use the unit of millibitcoin (mBTC). 1 mBTC equals 0.001 BTC.

It depends on the casino. Usually, you can claim Bitcoin bonuses even with other cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the term ‘Bitcoin Bonus’ is a bit anachronistic. Many operators now use the term ‘Crypto Bonus’, which is more correct.

Cryptocurrency transactions cost very little compared to traditional banking methods. Furthermore, they are not regulated in most countries, and it will be very hard for any authority to keep track of them. In this way, you can easily make significant transactions with no questions asked.

Due to their terms & conditions, almost all casinos can deny or cancel any bonus regardless if it's crypto or not. However, this usually happens only if they deem that you abuse their terms of service. Try not to. Rarely do disputes with casinos end well for the player.

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