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The United States of America, the supposed ‘Land of the Free’ didn’t use to be so ‘liberated’ regarding online gambling. However, in 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA federal law that banned all the states from legalizing sports betting, which became regulated in most states shortly after. Inevitably, online gambling is heading towards a regulated market, too, as soon as the proper legislation is brought forward at the state level. Still, the USA remains, at best, a ‘grey’ market for the time being.

While gambling is legal under US federal law, each state is entitled to regulate the local market or even prohibit gambling if they will. That’s why when you assemble a list with brand new online casinos in the USA, you come across a tricky riddle. The same casino that is perfectly legal in New Jersey is restricted in Utah. As a result, Americans have turned lately to emerging international online casinos that still accept them no matter where they reside.

New online casinos USA list

Despite the strict, local restrictions, foreign casinos that have their headquarters overseas, mainly in Curacao, Panama or Costa Rica, offer their services to American players. However, we bet you would be overwhelmed by the number of new online casinos in the USA that pop up daily. To help you out, we distinguished the best online casinos that accept US players. You can check them out in the following list.

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How we rate the new online casinos accepting US players

t&c-icon-transThis article addresses American players as a whole. This means that we won’t refer to brand new online casinos that have gained state licenses, but we will focus on international brands available to every player no matter the state they live in.

We have agreed upon some characteristics that make new online casinos that accept US players worth playing at. Let’s see what we should take into account while evaluating a casino.


licensed casinoUnregulated markets offer great opportunities for offshore casino operators. Still, often, the absence of a regulatory framework means trouble for players, especially if they aren’t experienced enough to distinguish between a reliable casino and a scam. If you don’t reside in regulated states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, international casinos are your only option, but you should proceed with caution.

Many trustworthy casinos don’t accept US players because of the jurisdiction they (the casinos) are located. The UKGC and MGA licensed casinos reject American players from registering, leaving you with the Caribbean and Central American casinos. You can find safe options like the ones we have included on our list with the best online casinos USA, but there are also many scammers out there, so be aware. Always check the T&Cs of the site, the Responsible Gambling page, and casino forums with player opinions to have a full description of the casino.

Welcome bonus in new US friendly online casinos

bonus-iconMuch like everything in the States, bonuses are big. It’s best to know what to anticipate so that you won’t settle for something less. Cash play bonus amounts, especially on brand new online casinos accepting US players vary and might go all the way to 400% up to $4,000.

Many US online casino sites will give you an additional bonus if you deposit with certain payments like Bitcoin or Mastercard. Don’t fall for a massive bonus amount, though. However high the bonus is, it’s simply not worth it if the wagering requirements are huge and you cannot cash out unless you reach the impossible balance the casino has set.

Pay attention to the minimum deposit amount. If it seems too low to be accurate, double-check with the T&Cs because there might be a catch there. We have come across $20 minimum deposits on some USA online casinos with a $1,500 minimum balance requirement for the winnings to be cashed out.

Websites optimized for US players

USA iconOnline casinos support transactions in US dollars, but there are other elements that we have to consider other elements. For example, does the casino have US-friendly payment methods? Are there any games by famous American providers in the lobby? We know about websites powered by Real Time Gaming, but we value variety and prefer new online casinos that accept US players that offer titles by Betsoft, Rival, Saucify, and other notable American iGaming studios, too.

Instant withdrawals in USA online casinos

money-withdrawal-icon-transSince most USA online casinos focus on speeding up their withdrawals, new player sign-ups are rising significantly. The emergence of new instant payments like cryptocurrencies has led to the fastest payouts in history, as they can be completed within ten minutes. This is the new standard that online casino players are coming to expect. The instant withdrawal online casinos in the USA is a reality and not a fantasy nowadays.

How brand new US online casinos operate

Legal casinosThe United States has always had a turbulent history with gambling, which continues until today with brand new online casinos USA having to face a series of challenges. From its early days, gambling in the US was linked with criminal organizations, especially the Mafia, which used gambling services as a front for their illegal activities and excessive money laundering. As a result, the federal government was always reluctant towards gambling or, in the case of the Kennedy administration, mercilessly eager to close down gambling operations.

In 1961, the US Congress passed the Federal Wire Act, which banned wire communication for transmitting sports betting information. Games of chance and casino products were not specifically mentioned in the bill, so they became a disputed field between the public administration and the private casino operators for decades. The United States became a grey market where online gambling wasn’t regulated but not hunted down either.

How the UIGEA law changed the USA online casino landscape

howThe situation changed in 2006 with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, better known as UIGEA. The Act blew a significant hit to US players as it prohibited US-based financial institutions from knowingly accepting transactions related to online gambling. That led a considerable number of the best USA online casinos to shut down their services for Americans. UIGEA faced a lot of criticism by gambling experts for being brought forward in a shady way just a few days before the 20006 midterm elections. It is told that no Congress member had read the final language of the legislation and voted in favour only because the Act was integrated with the unrelated Safe Port Act, which referred to counter-terrorism.

The UIGEA scared American based online casinos operators away, and they stormed out of the US market as they didn’t want to mess with Uncle Sam. As expected, that led American players to brand new US online casinos licensed abroad, which didn’t have to comply with the local legislation.

Land-based vs New online USA casinos: Who wins?

VS buttonThe culture of brick-and-mortar casinos in the USA was dominant long before online gambling appeared. The gambling cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City are always appealing to passionate gamblers, but you need to prepare a whole trip just to get there. New real money online casinos in the USA solved the problem of transportation and although they may not have the same iconic atmosphere, they are available to you 24/7.

Another advantage that internet casinos have over land-based ones is the larger and more frequent bonuses. Land-based casinos also have their promotions, combining them with exclusive vacation packages, ticket restaurants, free drinks, etc. Still, they cannot compete with the variety of in-game deals that an online casino offers.

Why choose remote US friendly online casinos?

how-toYou prefer US casino websites over land-based ones. But, which brand do you choose? There are so many. Should you go for a locally licensed site or a casino with an offshore license?

Well, the USA online gambling scene isn’t fair to everybody. In each state, they decide for themselves. For example, players residing in the great state of New Jersey can play in a regulated environment, while players from Louisiana don’t have any locally licensed sites. In Nevada, you could gamble, of course, in Las Vegas, but if you want to play legally online, forget it, as only online poker is regulated. Interstate gambling is largely forbidden, meaning that brand new online casinos USA in New Jersey cannot offer their services to Louisianians. There are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) signed between Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware allows interstate online poker services. Still, so far, there had been no talks for online casinos.

That doesn’t happen with the remote US-friendly online casinos, as you can register from wherever you are in America without limitations. Also, you don’t have to stick to specific online casino options. In regulated states, the responsible authority, for example, the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey, publishes a definite list of licensed casinos. A remote casino doesn’t need a license to operate in your state as foreign authorities control it.

Transactions with real money at new casino sites

Wallet-icon-transThe first thing to be noted is that new online casinos in the USA with real money usually have higher minimum deposit and withdrawal limits than their European counterparts. Minimum deposit limits may start at $20-25 and reach up to $100. Minimum lifting limits can go pretty high, up to $300 in some casinos. Bank Transfer withdrawals, in particular, set the minimum limit at amounts ranging from $100 to $500.

When it comes to payment methods that American players prefer, credit/debit cards and bank transfers are on top of the preferences. It may sound odd because bank institutions aren’t supposed to accept gambling-related transactions by unlicensed operators. However, since the international casinos are based overseas, there shall be no problem. Then, there’s also the Gift Card option, which is actually more accepted even than credit/debit cards themselves. You can buy those online or in stores, with VISA most convenient. Other options include MST Gift Card (which you buy directly from the casino and not from a store), Vanilla Visa, JCB and Directpay.

In case you prefer anonymity, you can go for e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have been majorly popular in brand new online casinos USA in recent years because not only do they facilitate anonymous transactions, but they have instant withdrawal times, too.

What the future holds for new USA online casinos?

ball, crystal, future, magic, magical, sphere In May 2018, a historic decision by the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA federal law that banned all the states from legalizing sports betting. The decision has led to changing the USA’s gambling landscape once and for all. The majority of the states, one after the other, passed bills to legalize sports betting. It’s only natural that online casinos will follow suit shortly.

The cliche ‘the future looks bright’ couldn’t be more accurate for the American online casino industry. Law ramifications and technological advancements in new online casinos for USA players (more live casino content, Virtual/Augmented Reality) are expected to attract American players. It seems only a matter of time before this sleeping giant wakes up; however, at the moment, international online casinos are still your best option. Once the industry proceeds with intense regulation in the majority of the states, our evaluation of the market will change significantly.


The answer depends on where you are located. There are states that have legalized it and states that until today consider it outlawed. However, on a federal level, online gambling isn’t considered illegal.

Again, it depends on which state you’re residing in. The minimum gambling age ranges from 18 to 21; however, it’s best to check out the laws of your respective state before playing.

Online gambling has been thus far regulated in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Connecticut. More states are likely to follow.

Unfortunately, PayPal partners only with online casinos in regulated markets such as New Jersey’s, so you won’t find it among the payment options of our recommended casinos.

Although AmEx is a popular payment method in the US, it cannot be found in each and every casino. However, there are plenty of them that offer this banking option.

Yes, all gambling income is taxable even if it was acquired overseas. You should report your winnings and even losses (as an itemizable deduction) to the IRS, especially if you declare a professional gambler.

This is a misunderstood concept as many people believe that just because Nevada is the homeland of Las Vegas, online casinos are allowed. Nevada hasn’t legalised or regulated the online casino market yet, unlike online poker and sports betting.

Even though most casinos hold questionable licenses from Curacao, Panama, or Costa Rica jurisdictions, there are trustworthy sites. It would be wise to stick to the list of casinos that accept US players.

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