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Zcash (ticker: ZEC) is the second most popular privacy coin in the crypto space. The cryptographic technology behind ZEC’s blockchain network is able to fully conceal the crypto wallet addresses of both the sender and the recipient. This makes it ideal for players that like to keep a low profile. Naturally, the online gambling industry took notice of the capabilities of this cryptocurrency, and there are now several Zcash casinos available. Operators are well aware that the majority of the player base that opts for crypto transactions values discretion. We can say that the Zcash network is quite a hidden gem. It may not be the most popular coin but it offers fast, safe, and low fee truly anonymous payments. Our top Zcash casino picks allow for efficient deposits that know no borders, while also diminishing the withdrawal waiting times.

Top Zcash Casinos in 2022

We have gathered a list of the most trustworthy Zcash online casinos. As you can see, sadly there are only a few options available, as ZEC has fallen from grace since its peak in 2018. Nevertheless, that does not affect at all its perks and functionality. Our recommendations offer fast withdrawals, a huge selection of slots and live tables, as well as juicy bonuses. Take also a look at their respective dedicated reviews to get a better grasp on them.

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Why Go for a Zcash Casino

In contrast to what most people think, the majority of cryptocurrencies are not truly private. The addresses of the wallets used for transactions are public and transparent. This means that if someone knows your Ethereum or Bitcoin address, he/she can see what funds you move and to whom. If your address gets connected to your name in one way or another, you may as well post your bank statements on social media. This is where privacy coins shine.

The main advantage of Zcash gambling is of course privacy. If you wish to keep your gambling activity under the radar, ZEC shielded transactions are your best allies. Moreover, Zcash trading pairs are available in all the major crypto exchanges so liquidity will not be an issue. Last but not least, looming restrictive regulatory issues in the gambling industry might soon boost the popularity of privacy-friendly cryptocurrencies in online crypto casinos. Being familiar with these payment methods will keep you ahead in the game.

Zcash Casino Benefits

thumbsup-icon-transZEC is one of the most convenient online casino payment options. It manages to withhold the majority of the benefits that crypto payment methods offer without any significant disadvantage. It is indeed a pity that so many players are not aware of this coin. Zcash casinos offer quite a few perks that no serious gambler should ignore. Let’s check which are the main advantages with ZEC:

Low transaction costs

A Zcash payment costs exactly 0.0001 ZEC to execute. At the time of writing (06/12/21), this translates roughly to 0,017 $. Compare these numbers with the fees that popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum hold. They have skyrocketed due to network congestion issues and the problem will not get solved soon. After you make the comparison, you may as well consider ZEC transactions free of charge.

No failed deposits

As with most cryptocurrencies, payments can not be declined in any way. As soon as you confirm a funds transfer, the blockchain network works its magic to send ZECs to the address selected. You can top up your account without any additional worry. Moreover, If any dispute arises, you can even unshield encrypted payments to prove your point by providing all details needed. This is a feature that only a few coins have.

Top-notch privacy characteristics

Zcash was designed by default with privacy in mind. Only its main competitor, Monero, offers similar capabilities. It utilizes an advanced cryptographic technology called ‘zero-knowledge proofs’ (zk-SNARKS) that effectively allows transactions to be settled without the two sides knowing who they are truly dealing with.

No third-party

Say goodbye to third-party audits or blocked funds due to security checks. ZEC payments are purely peer-to-peer. The two parties of the transaction only have to deal with Zcash’s network, which is decentralized and neutral. Think of it as exchanging cash directly with the croupier.

Crypto casino bonuses

It is generally accepted that the handling of crypto payments costs way less than conventional methods. Operators do not have to deal with high fees and chargebacks, which most conventional methods hold. Additionally, less manpower is needed to execute transactions. That is why crypto-friendly casinos try to attract players with lucrative bonus schemes for deposits with cryptocurrencies. Zcash casinos are no exception.

Fast and secure transactions

The Zcash blockchain network is robust and tested. There have been no issues whatsoever in regards to technical difficulties. As far as speed is concerned, you will have nothing to complain about. Transactions are settled within minutes, so your bankroll management will be quite easy and convenient. Zcash does not hold the gold medal in speed for sure, but the other features make up for it.


Perhaps the most underrated benefit of Zcash online casinos. The transparent blockchain networks that we mentioned above hold another serious disadvantage. The history of each ‘coin’ is traceable, so merchants may refuse funds that have been tainted by suspicious activity. Zcash’s technology counters this issue, making each coin as fungible as any paper bill.

Zcash Casino Drawbacks

bad-welcome-bonus-transparentThe main issue is always the technical and financial complexity of cryptocurrencies compared to normal FIAT banking methods. Many players do not want to overcomplicate matters just to hit a few rounds of blackjack or some slot pay lines. ZEC further intensifies the problem, as it is quite an unknown coin and there are not many Zcash casino sites around. Additionally, players may be more hesitant to trust it with their gambling funds.

Offshore operator licenses

Online Zcash casinos hold offshore licenses or no license at all. That is because the European regulators deem cryptocurrencies as an unsafe payment method. Proceed with diligent research before depositing at such casinos, as these licenses do not protect you effectively if a dispute arises.

Low popularity

The Zcash network fell behind its main competitor, Monero (XMR). It managed to become the leading choice in privacy coins and its brand name is much more marketable. This is the main reason why there are far more Monero casinos than Zcash casinos, even though they are both excellent payment solutions.

Crypto price volatility

An ambiguous subject, as sometimes the price volatility can be beneficial and other times detrimental. A positive price swing can boost your winnings, but it can also enhance your losses. Furthermore, a negative price swing can reduce your losses but slash your winnings too. Nevertheless, the sure thing is that the unstable market value of cryptocurrencies makes the effective handling of your bankroll a complex task.

Crypto regulatory issues

The crypto space is not like it was a few years back. It has grown massive, with billions of dollars in circulation every day. This now got the attention of governments, central banks and financial regulatory bodies. New legal frameworks are being developed behind closed doors and nobody knows what will come next. Privacy coins like Zcash might be targeted first, as they can facilitate illegal money transfers. In any case, nothing is clear for now, but one should keep his information up to date to not get caught with his pants down.

Are Zcash Online Casinos Safe & Legal

compare-icon-transZEC’s blockchain network itself is as safe as it gets and you will face no issues whatsoever. The safety of your Zcash gambling depends mainly on the casino you will choose to play in. We suggest you select one of our picks, as many shady operators will gladly relieve you of your ZEC coins.

As for the legality part, if you can gamble online with conventional (FIAT) currencies, you will be able to do it with Zcash. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are legal or even non-regulated in most countries. Just be mindful of the fluid state of cryptocurrency regulations.

An interesting fact is that your winnings will not be taxed automatically, as crypto transactions are mostly invisible to fiscal authorities. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even with the avant-garde encryption technology in play, the transactions can still be traced back to you if you manage to bring unwanted attention upon yourself. At least theoretically, as it is a highly complex process.

Take a Deeper Dive into Zcash Casinos

examine-icon-transIn order to take full advantage of ZEC’s capabilities for your gambling purposes, it would be useful to know a bit more about this cryptocurrency. Zcash stands out from all the other cryptocurrencies as it is one of the few coins that can fully protect your anonymity, ensuring low-profile online gambling.

How Zcash secures your privacy

fast withdrawal slotsZcash allows for two kinds of wallet addresses. Those are transparent addresses (t-address) and shielded addresses (z-address). You can choose yourself which type of address will be used for a transaction. This provides quite the flexibility, as these two types of addresses are interoperable. A z-address can make transactions both with other z-addresses and t-addresses. The same is valid for t-addresses. So, all four possible combinations are possible. Transparent addresses can be searched up in the blockchain and their details are available to everybody. On the contrary, shielded addresses hide all details. The encryption technology that enables these processes is called ‘’zero-knowledge proofs’’ (zk-SNARKS). Most Zcash casinos have transparent addresses for you to deposit to. Even so, if you utilize a z-address to send funds to a non-KYC casino, your anonymity will be secure.

Bitcoin and Zcash

Zcash shares many similarities with Bitcoin, as it was initially based on it. However, the developers behind the ZEC project added features that help users protect their privacy. Still, at their core, they are both two decentralized blockchain networks.

Zcash vs Monero

Monero is also a decentralized blockchain network with built-in features that secure complete anonymity. Their difference stands in the cryptographic technology that powers their unique characteristics. Instead of zk-SNARKS, Monero uses an encryption technique called ‘ring signatures’. The argument for which of the two methods offers better protection is debatable at a high technical level. Be that as it may, Monero managed to establish itself as the leading privacy coin in the market.

Start Playing at a Zcash Casino

As you can see, If you like to keep things more private, you might want to get started with Zcash gambling. It will not be hard as most popular crypto exchanges offer Zcash. You may always exchange ZEC for other popular cryptocurrencies too. The first step will be to open an account at a Zcash casino that you like. Then follow the steps below:

Top up your account

⏩ Get a Zcash Wallet: There are many options available, but we recommend choosing one from Zcash’s official website to avoid any scams. Remember, always make transactions with Zcash casinos from your personal wallet and not directly from an exchange. Many exchanges deem crypto-friendly operators risky merchants and your account may be frozen.

⏩ Where to buy Zcash: We recommend FTX, Binance and Kraken, but you can find ZEC in most exchanges. Start an account in an exchange of your choice. You can fund your account with debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallet services. Buy Zcash and send any ZEC amount you wish to your personal wallet.

⏩ Deposit to a ZEC Casino: Go to the casino you have chosen and click the deposit button. Select the Zcash payment method. A complex combination of characters and numbers will appear. That’s the casino’s ZEC address. Copy and paste the address in your wallet’s send funds function. Before completing the deposit, you will have to choose if you want to encrypt your address or not. Remember that most casinos will convert your Zcash to a traditional currency, so check the conversion rate beforehand.

Withdraw your winnings

⏩ How to withdraw from a ZEC casino: You will surely want to withdraw funds after a satisfying win. Select the Zcash withdrawal option. Remember, you will have to provide a shielded address to maintain full anonymity. Copy and paste your address at the relevant tab. You will receive your precious ZEC a few minutes after the casino confirms the withdrawal request.

⏩ Cash-out your winnings: To cash out your winnings fully, you will have to send ZEC from your wallet to one of the Zcash exchanges. There you can trade it with other cryptocurrencies or FIAT ones. Some exchanges even issue debit cards, so you can get your hands on those funds without moving them to any bank. This concludes the low-profile chain of financial transactions that Zcash casinos make possible.

Should you Play at a Zcash Casino

exclusive-code-icon-transCryptocurrencies have proven themselves to be an ace up the sleeve of the gambling industry. They are an efficient and convenient method for both operators and players that helps them circumvent the increasingly restrictive online gambling scene. New local regulations that are being implemented in most countries will put even more pressure on online casinos. Many of them will seek to adopt crypto payments, as they know no geographical restrictions and cost way less than traditional banking methods.

We can say with confidence that Zcash is one of the best choices for online crypto casinos. Its privacy-focused technology, coupled with low fees and adequate transaction speed, makes it an ideal choice for gamblers that like staying under the radar. Sure, there might be few Zcash casinos available and getting accustomed to the crypto space is not the easiest thing, but our opinion is that the rewards are worth it.


Are Zcash casinos legit?

Most of the casinos that accept Zcash are completely fine. However, due to their offshore licenses, one should be more cautious. Do your research in various gambling forums and check our reviews to get a better idea of what’s going on.

Is Zcash really private?

Yes, if you send funds from a shielded address (z-address), no information of yours will be leaked anywhere. Keep in mind that most crypto exchanges and Zcash casinos might ask for KYC documents, which can compromise your anonymity. In any case, you are far more protected compared to other cryptos.

Monero or Zcash?

A tricky question. There are many disputes about which is the best privacy coin. There are also hardcore fans for both coins. You can find many arguments in different forums about the pros and cons of each coin, but the details require advanced knowledge in informatics and cryptography. Our opinion is that both projects are reputable, so choose whichever you find more convenient.

Does Zcash have a future?

Many people say that Zcash is a dead cryptocurrency, but that is not the case. Sure, the project might not have the developments and partnerships of other coins, but the development team is still active. Every day brings forth something new in the crypto space, so you never know what the future will be like.

Where to buy Zcash?

Zcash casinos go hand to hand with Zcash exchanges. Our top picks to buy Zcash are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and FTX, but there are, of course, other respected exchanges. It would be better to check ZEC’s official website to find all the officially endorsed crypto exchanges.

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