Best Zimpler casinos in 2024

Zimpler is a Swedish online payment option launched in 2012 with the intent of making mobile online casino deposits smooth, safe and simple for players from the Scandinavian peninsula. After enjoying an excellent response from casino aficionados, Zimpler extended its services in Germany and is widely available in online casinos. We put a list of the best of them so you can choose the casino that suits you the most.

Is Zimpler the best mobile payment for casino or not?

Zimpler iconSince this is the question in the minds of many casino enthusiasts where Zimpler is available, we decided to jump straight into the topic and take a good look at the pros and cons of this payment method. So, we put together a list of the advantages and disadvantages you will be facing when using Zimpler for enjoying online casino games.


  • Ιnstant deposits directly from their bank account, credit/debit card, or phone bill. This makes Zimpler an all-in-one payment option with extended use
  • Fast registration process. You don’t have to worry about filling out endless forms with personal data, just enter your mobile phone number to sign up.
  • Its services are predominantly designed for smartphone users and it makes the online gambling experience a lot smoother.
  • Two ways of paying for your online casino deposits. If you’re using your bank account or a card, the funds are instantly coming out of the chosen source of payment. However, if you choose to pay via invoice ( phone bill) you have 14 days to refund the amount.
  • Can be easily integrated with Swish, another very popular mobile payment option in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.
  • There are absolutely no fees to worry about when using Zimpler, the casino operators cover any extra costs generated from using it.
  • Full control over how much you spend. You have the option to set a budget limit and the payment option warns you when you’re getting close to that limit.


  • Reduced availability. For the time being, only casino players from Sweden, Finland, and Germany can use the payment option.
  • Despite being adopted by more and more online casinos, Zimpler is still not as widely available as other local payment options such as Klarna or Trustly.
  • For a payment option entirely focused on mobile payments, it’s a downside that Zimpler didn’t develop a dedicated app for its service.
  • In case you pay via phone bill and miss the 14-days timeframe payment windows, you will have to face delay charges.

Where can I play with Zimpler?

Right now, Zimpler is only available in three markets – Sweden, Finland, and Germany – however, they work on partnerships that would allow users from other countries to use the payment method for an excellent online casino experience. Let’s take a look at what players from each of the three available markets can expect when using Zimpler for online casino games.


Sweden casinosSince Sweden is ground zero for Zimpler, it goes without saying that the payment option is highly popular here, both on licensed brands as well as unlicensed casinos. Not only that it’s appreciated for the fast and effortless online payments it delivers, but the ability to combine the bank account, a credit/debit card, and the phone bill to pay online, is something that makes Zimpler unique on the market. For an excellent experience for all Swedish casino players that want to enjoy instant Zimpler deposits, SEK currency, a website translated in Swedish and customer support in their native language, Unique casino is a great destination. King Billy, Betchain, and iLucki are also casinos with Zimpler payments, even though the other localization services aren’t available.


Finland flag transparent iconAfter the success it enjoyed in Sweden, Zimpler quickly made it across the border to neighboring Finland. And since the Finnish have a more relaxed attitude towards online casinos operating in the country, there are more casinos with Zimpler here. You can deposit and withdraw with Zimpler and also enjoy a fully-translated website alongside the EUR currency at casinos such as iLucki, Wazamba, or Playamo. On top of all those features, Wazamba also offers other popular payment options in the region, like Trustly or Klarna.


germany iconZimpler recently made its way to Germany and even though there’s no official data about the move, the earlier move of the Swedish payment method Klarna taking over Sofort may have something to do with it. Since German casino players are huge mobile users, Zimpler was received with lots of enthusiasm. You can enjoy instant EUR payments, a German website and customer support at casinos like Unique, iLucki, King Billy, or Betchain. Wazamba casino is also available in German and besides Zimpler, it also offers Klarna as a payment option.

Creating & topping up your Zimpler ‘konto’

Bank icon transWe’ve already mentioned that one of the advantages Zimpler delivers is the fast and easy registration process. All you need to create a Zimpler konto is a Swedish, German, or Finnish mobile number and a BankID in one of these countries. The BankID is issued when you open a bank account with banks in these three countries, it’s tied with the online banking account. All banks in Sweden are partners so you won’t have to worry about not being able to use the service. As for Finland and Germany, the vast majority of banks will also grant you access to Zimpler services, it’s just a few smaller banks that aren’t partners yet.

Once you create your Zimpler account, you can either start paying right away through phone bill or attach your bank account or a credit/debit card to it. The only thing to remember is that you will have to get the funds deposited through phone bill available in up to 14 days after the payment. You can review all transactions accessing Zimpler – my account. Attaching a credit card or bank account to the Zimpler account makes the payment method an intermediary between the card or bank account and the casino. You won’t have to first add funds on Zimpler and then deposit at the casino, the transaction is direct.

How to use Zimpler on online kasino

International online casinos iconEven though Zimpler is not as widely available at online casinos as other local payment methods ( Karna, Trustly) are, there are still plenty of options for punters that wish to use this method to top up their accounts. Compared to previously mentioned payment methods, Zimpler holds the advantage of delivering three ways to fund your online casino account, the advantage of being able to pay after 14 days for your deposits, and a quick registration process. All these reasons, plus the lack of fees and fast transactions make Zimpler ideal for depositing at online casinos.

Zimpler KYC policy: Credit history impedes new transactions

kyc-icon-transEven though Zimpler doesn’t require account verification after you create one – as other payment options do – they still do periodic checks on the invoices issued for phone bills. If you don’t refund the amount owed in the 14-day period, Zimpler won’t allow a new transaction. So, always make sure you’re up to date with all the phone bill payments to avoid such a situation.

Instant Deposits on Casinos with Zimpler

  • Depositing with Zimpler at an online casino is simple and straightforward. You just need to follow these steps:
  • Log into your online casino account and go to the cashier/banking section
  • From the list of payments available, choose Zimpler from the list and enter the amount you want to deposit
  • After tapping Next, you will be taken to a new window where you need to verify the transaction using your BankID. This step only applies for the first time you’re depositing with Zimpler, since afterwards you’re just going to receive a security code on your phone number to confirm.

The Zimpler deposit is instantly processed without fees with the minimum deposit set at €10 and the maximum around €800 per transaction for credit/debit card and bank account, or €500 when paying via phone bill.

Withdrawals with invoice

money-withdrawal-icon-transWithdrawing funds from an online casino is just as effortless as the procedure for Zimpler login. The steps to follow are identical to the ones described for deposits, with the exception of going to the Withdrawal section in the cashier. The first time you request a withdrawal, you will need to insert the phone number, select your bank and specify the bank account where the funds will be sent. On your following withdrawals, the phone number, bank account, and bank institute will be pre-populated and you’ll just insert the amount and request the withdrawal.

The minimum amount for using this payment method at a Zimpler casino is €20, while the maximum you can request in one go is €5,000. However, both the minimum and maximum can vary depending on the online casino you’re using.

Newest Zimpler Casinos

Kingmaker Casino
Ohmyzino Casino
Powbet Casino
N1 Casino

Pugglepay casinos: Any different from Zimpler ones?

Pugglepay iconAbsolutely no difference here, Pugglepay is the name Zimpler used when they first started. So, Pugglepay casinos are identical to Zimpler casinos. Actually, you will never see the Pugglepay icon in casinos anymore, since the rebranding. However, just in case you were not aware of this change of name that happened quite early in the payment option’s history, it’s good to know exactly what happened. So, in case you were using Pugglepay to top up your online casino account and you’re confused because it’s not available anymore, now you know it was renamed and improved as Zimpler.

Casino-orientated services: Pay simpler with Zimpler

pay-by-card-iconZimpler is continuously improving its services to deliver the best possible experience for casino players and the operators that integrate this payment option. Two of the most popular additions to the Zimpler service are Zimpler GO and ZimplerID.

Zimpler GO

Zimpler GO is a B2B solution that allows operators to implement Zimpler for various uses, the pay and play functionality being the most important. Through Zimpler GO operators get very fast payouts, built-in KYC procedure, and many other benefits which also reflect into the user experience. So, whenever you’re enjoying a Zimpler casino such as Unique casino or King Billy, you can appreciate the efforts made to offer you this smooth gaming experience.


ZimplerID is similar to the BankID you’re getting from the bank when creating a Zimpler ID. Again, this is a solution that mostly addresses to operators, however, if the casino you play at, has this function, it will mean an easier login process for you and faster payments since you won’t need the BankID to confirm the payment. Casinos like Wazamba or iLucki that adopted this technology stand out specifically for using these state-of-the-art services.

Zimpler vs Trustly: The payment ‘battle’ of Scandinavia

Legal casino sites iconEven though Trustly is the most popular payment method in Scandinavia, it’s clear that Zimpler has put a dent in their dominance. Specifically addressing mobile users and offering a straightforward service has put Zimpler on the map and that lead to some shady manoeuvers from Trustly. Recently, Zimpler reported to the Swedish Competition Authority that Trustly usees its leverage to force operators that use their payment option to remove Zimpler from the list of payment methods.

And Trustly has all the reasons to worry about the competition from Zimpler. Here’s what makes the two payment options similar:

  • Both come with no fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • Both offer instant deposits and fast withdrawals
  • Both payment options make you eligible for a first deposit options

However, there are still some differences that could make Zimpler better than Trustly for some casino players, and the most important are:

  • Despite being available in fewer online casinos, Zimpler offers a simplified deposit method in which you only need to input your phone number to successfully make a deposit
  • Since it’s newer on the market, there’s a big chance you will find better bonuses for Zimpler deposits at operators that want to promote this payment method

So, while the fight is on between these two amazing payment options in Scandinavia, they each have the segment they address. And since Trustly has a few extra years of experience under their belts, it makes Zimpler’s success even more impressive in comparison.


Depending on the bank you’re using Zimpler with, you can face fees when you withdraw funds from the online casino. Fees between €1.50 and €4.90 have been reported by Zimpler users for withdrawals.

Zimpler went for a very friendly approach for the content on its website and the customer support department has been designed the same way. You can reach them on the phone, via live-chat or via a contact form on the website. They’ll always reply in a timely manner and deal with any issue to let you go back to gaming with a smile on your face.

Unlike other payment options such as Neteller or Skrill, depositing with Zimpler won’t prevent you from enjoying the welcome bonus at your favorite online casinos. Even more than that, Zimpler comes with a built-in KYC procedure which can make it even easier for casinos to verify your account.

Once you make a deposit and approve it, there’s no option for canceling the deposit. However, you could contact the customer support department of the casino and see what your options are to recover the funds if you didn’t mean to deposit that much.

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