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If you’re a fan of thematic titles then you’ve probably stumbled upon one of Playtech’s slots at some point. Playtech games are largely based on popular movies or superheroes such as Marvel and DC. Boasting an impressive variety of games for all tastes such as roulette, blackjack and bingo, the best Playtech casinos in the list below have everything a fan of the popular provider is looking for. Happy spinning!

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Playtech casinos: What do they have to offer?

Bold, innovative and beautiful are the words that come to our minds when we chat about Playtech. Debuting in 1999, Playtech is an archetype in gaming solutions including slots, bingo, poker and also arcade games. If you are up for a jolly good time with a simple yet astounding gaming software, look no further as Playtech is you obvious gaming partner.

Big on DC Comics and other branded games, Playtech has got us smiling all the time, plus we always look forward to some of the best games that they produce. Such games include progressive jackpot slot machines. One spin of the reel is enough to turn your simple Joe next door life into a billionaire cigar smoking, game binging and caviar eating lifestyle. Not sure what to do tonight? No worries dear player, get yourself comfortable, get your pint wine glass, and get all your nibbles ready, you are off to meet Playtech, and the rest is just history.

Playtech slots: Thematic online gaming at its best

slot-machine-icon-transDo you know what we love the most in life? Slot machines and comics. Mix those two together and what you get is Playtech slot machines of course. Forget going to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster and forget that family event you have planned for the weekend, with RTPs that reach 98% and above, we know what we are doing this weekend. We will put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside of our door as it is indeed date o’clock with Playtech. Keeping in mind that Playtech slots house edge is indeed favorable to you the player, you are indeed in for a jolly good time landing wins in abundance! Let’s discuss what games you should be playing, and why you will come back for more, including some progressive slots action.

Justice League

Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg all team up to give you this top of the charts slot machine with 40 paylines and an RTP of 96.33%. With 6 themed bonus rounds each dedicated to the slot’s superheroes, this slot machine is hot! Start off with Justice League slot free play and enjoy the pinnacle of Playtech DC slots. With jackpots that touch the millions at any given time, your future is sealed. So, wear your superhero cape, and let your alter ego run wild on the Justice League slot… your vigilante is safe with Playtech!

The Dark Knight

Batman, The Joker and 4 progressive jackpots await you on the reels of Playtech’s The Dark Knight slot machine. With 6 reels, 50 paylines and an RTP of 95.96%, you will claim Gotham city in no time. The Dark Knight slot free play is a good way to get acquainted with the game, then go all in, landing scatters, stacked wilds and re-spins.


Playtech’s Superman reminds us of the good time Sunday afternoon cinema trips watching Superman the movie. Want to bury Lex Luther and land a progressive jackpot? Head to Superman the Movie slot and get spinning. With an RTP of 95%, 100 pay lines and progressive jackpots that fall on your lap at random, you are in for a flying treat! Free spins, wilds and Crystal bonuses, all happening on the reels of Playtech’s Superman. Let’s fly over to the bright side and start spinning already!

Top Playtech slots
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A night out

Ready for a pint or two whilst hosting some of the most beautiful ladies out there? This is the vibe on Playtech’s A night out slot. With an RTP of 97.6%, 20 paylines and the potential of a free-flowing open bar, we cannot wait to see you on the reels of this gem. Click the Playtech Dollar Ball to activate the big jackpot that can be won at random, whilst enjoying wilds, free spins and array of bonuses that only Playtech can craft. A night out slot free play is a good way to get to know the game, then go all in with real play and enjoy the nights out one lady at a time!

Age of gods

Celebrating mystical Greece in a big way, Playtech has put out the Age of Gods slot machine. Giving you some of the best-looking gods out there and celebrating Greek mythology, Age of Gods enjoys 20 beltways and an RTP of 95%. Overflowing with Athena, Poseidon, Hercules and Zeus bonuses, Age of Gods is a celebration of mythology, beauty and gods alike! Spin away and hope to land one of the 4 jackpots that the game enjoys including Ultimate Power, Super power, Extra Power and Power jackpots. The gods have promised to change your life with just 1 spin!

Playtech Marvel games reminder: Marvel and Playtech always worked hand in hand in giving us some of the best slot machines out there. Unfortunately for us and all Playtech lovers, Disney has dissolved the partnership with Playtech in 2017, and thus Playtech’s slots faced a massive re-branding. Worry not dear players, Playtech still delivers some of the best gaming content out there. And really who needs Marvel when we can have our daily dose of DC slots?

Playtech games

Jack of all trades Playtech offers us an array of games to keep us from cleaning the house, working from home and even from socializing in fact. Yes, we are aware that the vast video slot portfolio is almost enough to keep us occupied, but Playtech is indeed more than just a mundane slot machine. Here are some of the games that we love to indulge in at our favorite Playtech online casinos aka hangouts.


video-poker-icon-transReady to land the perfect 21? Indulge in Playtech blackjack that will blow your mind with all the side bets available. If you are ready to win and win big, Playtech progressive Blackjack is the answer. Will you make use of the 7 Card Charlie and be crowned Playtech Blackjack king?

Playtech Roulette

casino-chips-icon-transPlaytech Roulette is a force to be reckoned with. Binge on the European, American, Club and Pro variations whilst enjoying a close up look at where your ball will be landing. Play HTML 5 Playtech Roulette and forget all the roulettes you played before, this is the real deal.

Playtech Bingo sites

bingo-card-icon-transWe get our daily dose of bingo and every day starts with a daub or two. If you love Bingo and love the thrill of landing that line of numbers, Playtech is your bingo partner in crime. Themed, fast-paced and beautifully designed, this is what Playtech bingo sites are all about. Teaming up with Virtue Fusion, Playtech made it to the No1 spot in providing the best Bingo out there. On your marks …daub!


progressive-video-poker-icon-transPocket aces or a full house, Playtech Poker is a poker player’s paradise, mecca and even nirvana. Having teamed up with Pokerstars, the poker variations available are just divine, pristine and exquisite. If you are into some serious glorious poker fun, Playtech’s poker is the perfect match for you!

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Chunky Playtech casino no deposit bonuses

bonus-icon-transparentCasinos know what sells. And the answer is a very simple one, bonuses associated with some of the biggest names in gaming. What enchants you from this casino as opposed to the next? Well, if we walk into a restaurant and they offer free fries, siders and maybe some extra toppings with that lobster we crave, we will definitely eat there again.

This is how casinos craft some of the best Playtech casino no deposit bonus offers. How about making your 1st deposit and getting Playtech free spins? Enter the Playtech casino no deposit bonus codes provided by the casino and spin away into the night, day and even at work! The wold of Playtech bonuses is intense and just waiting for you to claim them, just like Colombus claimed America!

Mobile casino

mobile-slot-icon-transWith a portfolio like that you know you are in safe hands with Playtech mobile casino. Stock up and opt for casinos that offer you a Playtech mobile casino no deposit bonus and binge on some of the best games out there. Nowadays your mobile is indeed your best friend, knows all your secrets, passwords and people you deal with.  Forget cycling to work, catch the bus and play some of the best Playtech mobile casino games.

If the person next to you is staring, possibly winking at you, give them a lecture on why it is important to have Playtech in your life, how the user experience is impeccable, and how just a spin on your mobile could land you a progressive jackpot. One of the best things in life is definitely indulging in a Playtech mobile casino, anywhere, any time and whenever you want!

Live casino

landbased-casino-iconAre you the kind of player that craves that extra spice in their games? Playtech live casino is the answer to your needs. With various live dealers offering an array of languages, smiles in abundance and some added charm, you know you are in for a good time playing at live casinos of the popular casino provider.

Roulette, live speed roulette, poker, 7 seat Baccarat, VIP Tables and live blackjack. You are just spoilt for choice. Start off with watching the Playtech live casino video to understand the magic that the provider brings to the table, choose your game and enjoy your day or night. The ultimate real-life gaming experience is here, there and everywhere …Playtech is your live casino giant!

You get the gist, we love Playtech. Actually, we adore Playtech. The provider is just like a sizzling dish served with sparklers good.  If you are new or if you are an established player, you will for sure cross paths with Playtech at some point in your life, and we assure you once you do, you will never look back. Slots, table games and progressive jackpots. Graphics, themed games and more. Our love affair with the casino provider started way back, and we will never find another partner we love so much. Playtech is gaming and gaming is us!

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