Best iDEAL online casinos in 2022

If you’re Dutch and you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 15+ years, you’ve probably heard or used iDEAL already. iDEAL is the dominant online payment method in the Netherlands. Whether you buy yourself a new laptop or deposit money on your favorite online casino, paying via iDEAL is the fastest and most convenient way. Founded in 2005 by a coalition of 8 Dutch banks, iDEAL has made the lives of thousands of Dutch people easier with its instant, secure and above all free of charge payments. In the list below, we showcase the top online casinos offering iDEAL.

EuropeTop iDEAL Casinos
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Online casinos with the iDEAL payment: The definitive guide

iDEAL is a convenient, fast and secure local payment that can be used only by players that have a Dutch bank account. Below, among other things you will find out how you set up your iDEAL account, in which banks you can find it and what fees apply. Continue reading in order to get the “bigger picture”.

Do I need to register for an iDEAL account for casino transactions?

casino-audit-icon-transThis is an interesting part because there is no need for any kind of registration. As long as you are a customer of any of the participating banks and you have activated web banking services, you will be able to use the iDEAL payment without enrolling your details anywhere. The funds that you use are drawn directly from your bank account the same way as when you use a credit card and you can immediately deposit them at the casino of your choice.

Dutch banks allowing iDEAL casino deposits

ideal-roundThe iDEAL payment method is more of a technical protocol agreement by the Dutch banks which take part in this scheme rather than a payment system. The 8 banks that took this initiative formed a financial association named Currence, which monitors the payment systems of the Netherlands, among them, of course, it’s iDEAL. There were 4 banks added since the launch of the system in 2005, so the full list of iDEAL banking partners is this:

  • ASN Bank
  • bunq
  • ING
  • Knab
  • Moneyou
  • Rabobank
  • RegioBank
  • SNS
  • Svenska Handelsbanken
  • Triodos Bank
  • Van Lanschot

How to deposit and withdraw money with iDEAL on an online casino?

Wallet-icon-transThe procedure of casino deposits with iDEAL is easy, fast and secure. For example, when you want to make a deposit at Unique Casino just select the “Deposit” tab on the front page. When the window opens select the iDEAL logo and choose your bank and the amount of money you wish to deposit. Then you will immediately be transferred to your familiar web banking environment where you will log in to your account. You will just follow the typical steps you take when you make an online transaction via bank transfer and the desired amount of money will instantly appear at your casino balance.

The bad news is that iDEAL cannot be used for withdrawals. Unfortunately, you will need to choose a different payment method in order to receive your winnings.

What fees apply to iDEAL casino transactions?

No fee online casinos iconThere is no need to worry about fees when it comes to online casino iDEAL payments as the service is used totally free of charge. It is very unlikely for casino brands to apply their own fees on the service as it is considered a big shortcoming for any casino.

iDEAL alternative casino payment methods

online casino payments iconiDEAL is clearly the “King of payments” in the Netherlands. Approximately 60% of the total online transactions are conducted via iDEAL while all the other payments combined take up the remaining 40%. Being a Dutch online casino without offering the iDEAL payment method is equivalent to forcing people to take the stairs while an elevator is available. Most likely players, in this case, will be dissatisfied.

That is why almost every casino brand that targets Dutch players offers iDEAL.The reasons for this clear preference are obvious: speed, security and lack of fees. Bank transfer is always the simplest way and the only important obstacle is the disclosure of your bank account details to the casino. With iDEAL even this obstacle is erased. Let’s see iDEAL in comparison to other payment methods as well, having always in mind that it’s a deposit-only method.

iDEAL vs credit cards: Which one’s best for casino transactions?

visa-roundThe procedure to make a casino deposit with iDEAL is almost identical to the one you do when you use a credit card. In both cases, you complete your online transaction in the secure environment of your bank. However, when you make for example a 5 euro deposit on an iDEAL casino you don’t reveal your account number while with credit cards, this isn’t possible.

iDEAL vs Paypal: A payment head-to-head

paypal-icon-transYou won’t find differences regarding speed or security as Paypal excels in these fields as well. The key factors in favor of iDEAL here are availability and funding. Paypal isn’t eligible for every Dutch casino opposed to iDEAL which is considered as the primary casino payment method in the Netherlands. Paypal chooses its partnerships with casinos carefully as they should fully comply with the regulations of their region. On the other hand, iDEAL doesn’t impose such demands.

As far as funding is concerned, Paypal is connected with your bank account or credit card but still functions as the middle-man between you and the casino. In order to make a deposit you need to have sufficient funds in your Paypal account otherwise you will have to transfer money, while iDEAL draws the funds directly from your bank balance.

EuropeBest iDEAL Live Casinos
Casino Bonus Live Casino Info Rating
Slotwolf Casino Bonus 150% up to €350 + 100 FS + 20 no deposit free spins
Exclusive Bonus
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
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Should I play with iDEAL or not?

thumbsup-icon-transBy now, you must have an idea of what is iDEAL and which are its key attributes. But in order to clear it in your mind, it’s important to read the following list of pros and cons.


  • iDEAL is as safe as it could be. Using iDEAL is exactly the same as completing online transactions via bank transfer or mobile app banking and because the transactions are made through the banking environment there are no security flaws. In addition, you don’t have to give in your account details to the casino, iDEAL is just a gateway.
  • It’s a fast, convenient and one-touch system. You don’t have to type anything besides the money amount you want to deposit and your security token. The transfer is instant.
  • There are no bank fees and in almost all cases no casino fees as well.
  • Because the payment method targets the Dutch market exclusively, the procedures are conducted using the local language. This means that you avoid most of the confusion and you’re sure of what is going on at all times. Of course, the English language is available, too.
  • It’s widely accepted in the Netherlands. Since the majority of the local banks take part in the iDEAL scheme, it’s difficult to find a Dutch online casino that doesn’t support the iDEAL payment method.
  • The payment procedure that’s followed should be familiar for all the users as it is conducted in their own bank environment. So, no unpleasant surprises here.


  • Of course, the major disadvantage is the fact that iDEAL doesn’t offer a withdrawal option. If you want to withdraw your money from your casino balance, you should use a different method like an e-wallet or a credit card.
  • iDEAL would have been declared the best deposit method in the world if it weren’t for the fact that it is limited only to the Netherlands. However, some international banks like Deutsche Bank have obtained a license to conduct iDEAL payments but still, you need a bank account to their Dutch department.
  • You cannot reverse an iDEAL payment. The moment you confirm the transaction, there is no turning back and reclaiming isn’t possible. You may take advantage of the safety measures of the web banking environment but in case of fraud, iDEAL leaves you unprotected. The only solution is to contact your bank and make a case but the results would be uncertain.
  • Technical failures, especially in the night hours, aren’t rare for the iDEAL payment system. The website of iDEAL even provides users with an “availability table” showing the status of each bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. iDEAL casino bonus: Are there any bonus limitations when depositing with iDEAL?
There are casinos that don’t allow players who deposit with Skrill or Neteller to receive some bonuses. Fortunately, you won’t face any problem like this with iDEAL.

2. In which types of online casinos can I deposit with iDEAL?
iDEAL supports any type of online casino providing that it is operating in the Netherlands. So if, for example, you are looking for an iDEAL live casino you won’t have any trouble finding one.

3. What currencies does the iDEAL payment system support?
iDEAL supports Euro as its only currency, therefore, conversion to other currencies is unavailable.

4. Is there any mobile banking app that I can use with iDEAL?
We live in the era of smartphones, so Currence, the association that manages iDEAL, has created a mobile app where you can make your casino transactions with just a few touches. Otherwise, you can try the mobile apps of the participating banks which include iDEAL

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