How to play roulette online

How to play roulette online

Roulette is not only simple and interesting, but also one of the most prominent and sought-after games in both land-based and online casinos. The game is all about probability and placing carefully planned bets. Having singular, grouped or even advanced bets, roulette gives you that extra element of spunk that you are looking for in your life, along with big earnings. How about starting off with some free roulette online?

This will help you get used to the game, get acquainted with the type of bets that are available, and will also facilitate the lifelong love affair that will develop between you and the game. And if you get tired of the game, worry not, as it comes in many variations. Today we bring you some of the best strategies and tactics on how to play roulette and win big at the elegant roulette table.

How to play roulette and win

tournament-icon-transparentWe love our roulette and we also have some favorite playgrounds that get all our roulette needs satisfied. Take a dive into the tables at top online roulette casinos such as Royal Panda, Energy Casino, Casino Cruise and Leo Vegas, and you will not look back. However, before doing that, let us share with you some insights on how to win on roulette. We have played and played and have created the ultimate ‘how to play roulette for dummies’ guide that will help you turn from a novice player into a roulette mastermind. Here are some of the things that you should know before placing your bets:

How to place a bet in roulette

wagering-icon-transparentEach game has its own minimum and maximum bets. However, a casino will always give you a certain amount of chips for a specific amount of real money. When it comes to betting, you can bet on a singular number or a set amount of different numbers grouped together. You can choose to make either inside or outside bets. Should you opt to go for an inside bet, the chances of the ball landing on that chosen number is less slim. Yet if a win comes along, you will expect it to be substantial.

On the contrary, the odds of scooping an outside win are more frequent, yet the wins are smaller in size. If a big and life-changing bet is what you are after, then we suggest placing all your coin stash on one particular chosen number, as the winnings for that would be 35:1.

Just remember that this is the riskiest bet you can place and you could end up either losing all your roulette chips at one go or owning the casino you are playing at! Learn how to place a bet at the roulette wheel by trying various bets via free play, and once you are ready to play with the big dogs, go all in!

Roulette bets

When it comes to roulette betting, there is no ultimate winning strategy that will help you get rich in an instant. Luck indeed plays an important role. However, knowing the various types can help you learn which are the best roulette bets in order to accumulate winnings over the course of a game. Let’s have a look at the various betting types available.

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Inside bets

casino-chips-icon-transSo what is an inside bet in roulette, after all? They are the hardest ones to land compared to outside ones, and sometimes deemed as the betting choices of the more advanced players. If you know your odds and your roulette boards, having a go at inside bets is risky, yet worth it if a win is achieved.

  • Straight or Single Bet
    That’s when a player decides to bet on a single number.
  • Split
    When a player decides to place a bet on 2 numbers that would be next to each other.
  • Street
    When a bet is placed on 3 number, lined up horizontally.
  • Corner or Square
    Betting on 4 numbers in a corner.
  • Six Lines or Double Street
    Betting on 6 numbers forming 2 lines.
  • Trio
    Betting on 3 numbers, one of which would be a Zero.
  • Basket / First Four
    Betting on the first 4 numbers including a Zero.

Outside Bets

examine-icon-transHere you will realize that landing an outside win is mostly a 50% chance of win, hence your winnings are more frequent and the money paid out is less. Low or High Bets: 1 to 18 (manqué) being the low bet or the 19 to 36 falling in the high (passé). Red or Black (Rouge ou Noir): A bet of a chosen color.

Even or Odd (Paid or Impair): A bet on whether the next number drawn will be either an even number or an odd. Dozen Bet: A bet when a number will fall in the chosen dozen of your choice. For example, you bet that the next number drawn will fall in the first dozen, namely numbers 1-12. Column Bet: A bet that is placed on 12 numbers that are grouped together.

Neighbor Bets

roulette_icon-transThe neighbor bet is when you pick a particular number and also bet on some of the neighboring numbers of the said number. For example, let’s say that your chosen number was the 19 as your birthday falls on that day. You will also pick on the neighboring numbers of 19 to form a bet of 5 numbers in total. You can also go big with betting up to 17 numbers that are close to the 19 via some roulette neighboring bets, however your winnings will be small in size if a win is secured.

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Roulette Rules

attention-icon-transKnowing the ins and outs of the game before you dig into it for good is essential in collecting some substantial winnings. So, let us summarize what you should know before starting to spin the wheel in a frenzy:

  • Surrender Rule
    Commonly found in American roulette tables. If the player placed an outside bet and the ball falls on 0, they can surrender half their chip bet and not walk away empty handed.
  • En Prison Rule
    If the player has made an even money bet and the ball falls on 0, they can either opt for the surrender half of their bet or apply the La Partage rule (explained below).
  • La Partage Rule
    If the ball happens to land on zero, all even money bets will indeed be divided and you will be reimbursed with half of your initial wager. This translates into all bets on even numbers and pays out a generous 1.35%, hence think wisely before betting, as this rule could help you keep your coin stash.

Roulette payouts & odds

Roulette payouts differ and depend very much on the way that you have placed your bet. Let’s take a deeper look into the best roulette odds and payouts based on the bets that are available.

BetOddWin Probability
Even or Odd1:146.37%
Red or Black1:146.37%
1-18 & 19 – 361:146.37%
1-12, 13-24 & 25-362:131.58%
Single Number35:12.63%
2 Number Combo17:15.26%
3 Number Combo11:17.89%
4 Number Combo8:110.53%
6 Number Combo5:115.79%


When Einstein said that you cannot beat the odds of a roulette table, he was right.  However, fast forward to 2018 and you will realize that nowadays you can even find apps or calculators that will count your odds and payout probability.  Hence, it would be a good choice to research that before placing all your eggs in one basket!

History of roulette

There are many theories, myths and legends that surround the birth of the roulette wheel. The first theory is that the French inventor Blaise Pascal invented the French version whilst playing with odds and numbers. The game was played in Paris in the 1700s. The second legend states that a French monk was bored with life at the monastery and invented the roulette in between prayer meetings.

The third and final legend states that a French Dominican monk invented the roulette wheel based on an animal Tibetan games. Unfortunately, there is lack of evidence that supports the correct theory and legitimacy of who invented roulette, however the only sure thing is that it’s French indeed!

In the 1800s gambling became illegal in France, and in 1842 the game made its way to Germany with the help of Francois and Louis. These 2 Frenchmen wanted to leave their mark on the game, so they added the zero and re-branded the game as the European version, the so-called European roulette. The gambling community was no longer in the shadows, so roulette and Europe became best friends!

By orders of Prince Charles of Monaco, the game made its way back to the motherland, France and also crossed over to Monaco, where the first land-based casino was established. The world looked on, and more land-based casinos were born, with gambling becoming a norm.

Fast forward to 1891, the day Charles Wells walked into the Monte Carlo Casino, and walked out a wealthy man having won 23 wins out of the 30 roulette spins that he played. Call it luck, call it whatever you want. We know that Charles Wells will always be named in history as the man who cracked the roulette and walked away with the biggest win in history!

And finally, the first online roulette game was created back in 1994 and it was the renowned Microgaming roulette, and the rest is history. One small tip from us before you start playing, get to learn the game and the rules. When you start feeling comfortable enough, then you can try going after those more challenging bets that are bound to turn you into the tycoon you’ve always been dreaming of becoming.

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