Yggdrasil and AvatarUX launch RagingPop

Yggdrasil and AvatarUX have clinched an agreement for an African adventure in the studio’s latest YG Masters launch called RagingPop™.

RagingPop™ is the most recent title by AvatarUX to contain the vastly popular PopWins™ mechanic, provoking intense feelings with every spin.

During the game, a Golden Rhino acts as a super-high symbol, where the imminent combination of just two symbols pays out.

Moreover, the Raging Reel feature can be triggered whenever the reels are spun, which will see Rhinos rampage across the screen, raising reel heights and putting on multipliers to the matrix, which can reach up to 500x in height.

In base play, reels can reach up to six symbols high through the “popping” of wins. In the bonus, reels can hit seven for anticipation building with every pop and amplified win potential in the bonus.

CEO at AvatarUX Nicola Longmuir stated: “RagingPop™ is another exciting addition to our portfolio, and we’re thrilled to launch it across Yggdrasil’s broad network of operators. It’s another strong milestone for us, and we look forward to seeing how our collaborations continue to bear fruit.”

Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, Stuart McCarthy, added: “AvatarUX is a standout studio in its own right, and it’s a fantastic partnership for us that brings innovative content to players worldwide. We can’t wait to see how operators receive the latest PopWins™ creation.”

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