Ukraine to pass a law on the amendment of gambling taxes

legal-ukraineThe Deputy Chair of the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) for Communications, Victoria Zakrevska, announced the results of the international gambling summit held by SBC in Kyiv in October. Foreign operators and investors demonstrated a high interest in the Ukrainian market, in this event.

The SBC Summit CIS focused mainly on three topics. Regarding taxation, the bill № 2713-d will be passed by November 10, 2021, according to Boris Baum. In that way, a better tax environment for foreign operators applying for licenses will become a reality in the first quarter of 2022.

As for Ukraine’s regulations in gambling, brands’ representatives discussed the topic with representatives of KRAIL and other government regulators. Many issues were on top, such as licensing, the requirements for gambling establishments, gambling advertising and players’ verification.

Concerning principles of responsible gambling, solutions and technologies that are designed to combat addiction and prevent problem gambling, gave their presence in that conversation.

Also, a number of meetings were held with the representatives of foreign operators, which revealed the need for negotiations on entering the Ukrainian market. Moreover, during this summit, 11 licensees signed a memorandum on gambling advertising.

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