Sweden to end online casinos’ restrictions

swedish-casinosThe Swedish government announced that it will end its temporary restrictions on online casinos on November 8. As local media reports, Sweden will no longer enforce its policy that had been applied since July 1, 2020, as a protective measure for its players.

The locally licensed operators had been forced to impose a necessary weekly deposit limit of SEK 5,000 (i.e. €480) on players’ accounts, downsizing player bonus motivation to SEK 100 (i.e. €10). There were times that the Swedish government was criticized for keeping on imposing online casino limitations.

Apart from the end of the temporary restrictions, Swedish operators are preparing for some serious market changes; as the local government examines the proposals of Spelmarknadsutredningen (i.e. the Gambling Market Inquiry). Furthermore, Spelinspektionen (i.e. the Swedish gambling regulator) will submit, no later than March 15, 2022, a partial report concerning the evaluation of the temporary gambling responsibility measures.

The minister of Social Insurance in Sweden, Ardalan Shekarabi, said that: “Turnover in the gaming market has increased and online gaming has probably benefited from changing consumption patterns since the regulation. There is a risk that this has led to a long-term behavioural change with increased gambling. This is a development that should be followed up to see if there is a need for further measures.”

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