Slot machines in the Czech Republic reduced by 62%

Czech-Republic-GamblingLast September, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic brought an assessment on the effectiveness of the local gambling regulations that were voted on in 2016. The results of these regulations revealed that the number of slot machines has decreased 62% from 53,554 to 20,269. On top of that, gamblers are now safer than they used to be.

The Czech Finance Minister, Alena Schillerová, stated: “By setting clear rules, we have managed not only to tame rampant gambling but above all to better protect our citizens and their families from the destructive consequences of gambling addiction. There are currently over 200,000 people on our list of people who are not allowed to participate in gambling.”

Among the regulations that were introduced 5 years ago, were: strengthened supervisory powers, mandatory registration and limits on gambling advertising. The Gambling Act has also raised players’ consciousness on the effects of gambling and presented a new and more effective system of taxation. Moreover, since the Gambling Act came into force in 2017, online gambling in the Czech Republic has been increased from 10% to 45%, as of 2020.

Concerning online gambling in the country, Alena Schillerová said that: “Internet gaming is becoming increasingly risky, mainly due to the speed of the game, players’ anonymity and the 24-hour-a-day availability.”

There are already rules in the country to tackle online gambling addiction, including mandatory registration on the operators’ sites, self-limitation measures and reporting obligations on the operator. Furthermore, regulation of advertising exists too. However, as it seems, these rules are not sufficient enough and new limitation measures are about to be adopted to face the new challenges related to online gambling.

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