Rogue casino affiliates perform immoral tactics to attract players

Scam affiliates target self excluded playersUnfortunately, in the online gambling industry, not every businessman is willing to follow the ethical rules that apply to protect the health and the financial stability of the customers. Lately, it was observed that rogue affiliates target players with gambling problems on purpose, who have previously registered to GamStop service in order to be self-excluded.

These type of affiliates target search terms that players use, such as “Non-GamStop casinos”. What these casino affiliates actually propose to gamblers with addiction is to bypass their self-exclusion and continue to play at online casinos that don’t cooperate with GamStop. The ultimate goal is obviously to take advantage of the players and rip them off financially.

Responsible gaming is a matter that concerns each and everyone who is actively involved in the online gambling industry and for sure it shouldn’t be taken lightheartedly. The main reason is that gambling-related problems have become a public health issue. Casino affiliates that perform unethical marketing tactics should be isolated and even outcasted from the industry if they stick with these malpractices.

It seems that alongside unreliable casinos the industry will have to deal with rogue affiliates as well.

About GamStop

GamStop is an independent service in the UK which helps players to self-exclude from online casino gambling for a specific period. The period is chosen by the players and it can be 6 months, 1 year or even 5 years. Players with online gambling problems can provide their personal details(e-mail address, postcode and date of birth) which are going to be used solely for the purpose of self-exclusion. Each time a player will try to login to a UK-licensed casino that partners with GamStop, they will be turned down. Only the players themselves have the authority to revoke their self-exclusion by request to GamStop.

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