Public money scandal in Slovak gambling sector

The public gambling sector of Slovakia received a huge blow by its own executives as they got arrested on charges for money laundering. Specifically, Jan Barczi, the chairman of “TIPOS SK’, and Milos Prelec, the company’s IT Director, will be led to court on allegations for altering corporate reports with the purpose of compromising money laundering activities.

Last week, officers of NAKA, the national crime agency of Slovakia, arrested the two men at the main offices of TIPOS SK in Bratislava. Apart from the main charges, the executives are also accused of actively hiding money to fake player accounts and withdrawing them from unverified bank accounts.

The Slovak news agency, “Aktuality”, further reports that the Chairman, Jan Barczi had hired an unidentified partner to work within the TIPOS SK ranks in order to orchestrate the whole money laundering operation.

The exact amount of money that was used for money laundering purposes hasn’t become known yet but NAKA assured the public that the executives are prosecuted based on money laundering charges, a real serious crime since the executives will be charged for misappropriation of public money. TIPOS SK, which operates as the national monopoly for lottery, bingo, land-based football betting together with its online version for beting and casino, will see their credibility getting shattered within the country as a consequence of the ongoing scandal.

Luckily though, there are still many online casinos that accept Slovakian players, so it’s not like the well-known local operator is the only option.

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