Playtech strives for innovation through new gaming platforms

quantum blackjack PlaytechThe iGaming powerhouse, Playtech, announced the introduction of two new platforms to its Live Casino portfolio, namely “Live Slots” and “Quantum Blackjack”.

The first innovative idea is about the concept of a “Live Casino Slot”. The whole concept revolves around the feeling of a live gaming show, where there is a host and players can actually communicate with each other, thus creating a sense of community. Playtech has launched a feature called “community spins”, during which many players can bet simultaneously on the same spin.

Kevin Kilminster, Head of Innovation for Live Casino at Playtech referred to the new platform as an industry-first that will benefit both players and operators. He also added that the Playtech just listened to the players’ desires for more engaging gameplay and interactive sense, qualities that players enjoy while wagering their money at a land-based casino.

In addition, Playtech confirmed the launching of “Quantum Blackjack”, the blackjack’s equivalent for “Quantum Roulette”, a table version that the company has already added o its portfolio. Basically, Quantum Blackjack is the first version of the game featuring a multiplier. For each hand, there will be an extra draw regarding a multiplier of 3x, 5x or 10x, which will be assigned to three specific cards. The lucky players that will receive these cards, should they beat the dealer, will be paid according to the multiplier.

Mr Kilminster highlighted the success that Quantum Roulette already has and expressed his hope that Quantum Blackjack will follow up. He also announced the company’s intention to continue to produce “Quantum” type games.

Playtech focused on its Live Casino product for the past year as they launched more than 20 different versions of games like American Roulette or All Bets Blackjack. According, to Mr Kilminster the company has no intention of slowing down during 2021.

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