Pariplay brings the new Raffle Rocket tool

raffle-rocketOne of the main casino software providers, PariPlay, has launched Raffle Rocket, a new retention mechanism that seriously helps raise players’ engagement levels. The new tool offers players’ a unique experience while it allows operators to build raffle campaigns across all vendors and games offered on the company’s platform.

Wager, win and win ratio based are the 3 different types of raffles available that will award players with tickets, as a result of their activity on the reels. Multiple reward options will be available including cash prizes and free spins. Plus that, Raffle Rocket will improve players’ loyalty and will increase players’ lifetime value and revenue for the operators.

Without any additional integration, PariPlay’s new tool can be freely offered by the operators and campaigns can be customized to fit any promotion or event. Moreover, the user interface is fully adaptable to any device in both landscape and portrait mode and is designed to fit all existing regulations.

The VP of Product for Pariplay, Vladimir Pavlov, said: “Engagement tools are becoming increasingly important for operators to stand out from the crowd and to increase player retention. Raffle Rocket introduces a fun new way for our partners to offer additional excitement through popular raffle draws. Maintaining consistency with all our promotional tools, we’ve ensured the creation process is easy and we have added customization options to highlight the spirit of each campaign. Available across any third-party vendor or game, the tool is a perfect addition for any operator looking for a way to further boost the player experience.”

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