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Looking to play scratch cards online for free? Try out the awesome scratch card game above, and if you feel like you need to spice things up a bit, no worries. The list below features the top online free scratch cards all in one place for your convenience. Scratch your way into an early retirement!

Free money scratch cards with no deposit required  

Ever been to a casino and stumbled upon an awesome free scratch cards game? Well, it happens to us all the time and truth is we don’t hate it at all! The fun and thrills of scratching and matching 3 exact symbols is a buzz indeed, and honestly, we cannot stop scratching… scratch cards that is! Let us introduce you to the world of scratch cards, and how you can get used to the game, online and for free!

Why play free scratch cards online?

exclusive-code-icon-transIf you have never been to a bookie and paid for a scratch card, no worries. If you’ve never seen online scratch cards, it’s cool too. Let us tell you how to get accustomed with the game, and how to master it. Various scratch cards, various themes and also various prizes are available online. How about enjoying a free scratch card with no deposit needed and getting all the info and the theme the card has? New cards are released daily, weekly and promoted via special occasions, hence having fun without a deposit is a must. There is no big strategy to free online scratch cards to be fair, but trying new themes and new cards without the notion of spending money is a fun way to get into the scratch card world. 

Free scratch cards with no deposit required is not a myth, it’s our reality, your reality. Let’s get scratching, shall we? 

Where to play free scratch cards online?

country-restrictionWhile scratch cards are not as popular and in demand as slot machines, casinos are slowly introducing the concepts of scratchies. Once you settle on your casino of choice, simply mouseover the card of choice, click on the ‘demo’ or ‘play for fun’ option and scratch away. No strings attached, all online free with no deposit required. Also, you can look out on your App store for some of the best downloadable scratch cards to play, enjoy and hopefully win, just for fun with your bankroll staying intact.

Online free scratch cards games types

examine-icon-transVarious scratch cards come along with promos, themes and also expectations. Some casinos have also gone that extra mile in crafting some of the best deals, especially for new players. Below are some of the most prominent ones out there, the ones we love, and the ones players crave.

  • Free 5 pound no deposit scratch cards
    A casino knows well that the thrill of scratching that silver coating is fun and immersive. One of the most popular scratch cards is the free £5 no deposit scratch cards, where you get a free £5, or any other currency to use on cards that are normally chosen for the promo. Any winnings will normally be subjected to a wagering requirement that requires a deposit.
  • Free 10 pound no deposit scratch cards
    Another promo that casinos use is the free 10-pound deposit scratch card that is granted to players to use on cards. Specific cards would be tied into the promotion, and very much like the 5-pound card offer, wagering requirements might come into play to redeem your winnings.

Online free scratch cards FAQ

FAQ-icon-transWe know that you have lots of questions regarding free scratch cards. We also klnow that there are a lot of myths circulating on the Internet, even claiming that you can win real money with free scratch cards. Find answers to all these questions below.

1. Are there free online scratch cards to win real money with no deposit required?

Unfortunately for us all, this is not possible.  For you to be able to withdraw any winnings from your free online scratch cards with no money deposit, you would need to make a deposit first.

2. Can I play free mobile scratch cards with no deposit requirements?

If you love your downtime mobile play, you will enjoy the fact that free mobile scratch cards with no deposit do exist. Just check out your fave casinos and enjoy the scratch!

3. Are there free no deposit scratch cards that allow you to keep winnings?

There is a difference in playing scratch cards for fun and for real money.  The UK Is a big market for scratchies, and sometimes we get asked if you can play free scratch cards with no deposit and keep the winnings. The answer is no, as playing for fun means no deposit is required, and your fun bankroll is fictitious.

4. Free signup bonus no deposit scratch cards: Are they a real thing?

Casinos are acknowledging the fact that the scratch card hype is increasing, and they are cooking up some free bonus no deposit scratch cards for you to start off your casino scratch card experience. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Free online scratch cards: Can you win real money after all?

Many ask if you can win real money while playing free online scratch cards.  The answer is no, if they are free and you scoop winnings while scratching, you would need to make a deposit amount to claim and walk away with your winnings.

6. Can a player win money instantly on free scratch cards?

Playing free does not allow you to win any real money, instantly or at all. If you then go ahead to deposit you have the possibility of claiming your winnings. The speed of the fund reaching you always depends on the payment provider of your choice and the casino’s T&Cs. This is the only way you can win money instantly with free scratch cards.

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