Norway is ready to block foreign gambling sites

Norway-casino-newsThe Norwegian government is planning to stop the activity of the foreign gambling sites which offer their gambling products in the local market.

The Norwegian Minister of Culture Abid Raja has made the call to block such sites. Many international casino sites that operate in the country will all be impacted by the potential blocking.

Furthermore, this proposal is likely to have the support of the whole parliament, since it has been expected for several years already. This is definitely something that worries the foreign casino sites. It is also worth mentioning that a majority in Storting (the Norwegian parliament) supported this proposal back in 2018. 

By having in mind to strengthen the gambling monopoly of Norsk Tipping (the national lottery in Norway), Abid Raja made the aforementioned proposal of blocking foreign casino sites in Norway. In addition, the Minister of Culture also claims that these websites are circumventing the laws within the country and they are not supporting the necessary protection measures for problem gamblers.

“These companies do what they can to circumvent Norwegian law. With blocking, we will be able to stop them. We will go as far as possible to get rid of these companies,” the Norwegian Minister of Culture said.

However, Rolf Sims, the PR Manager of Kindred Group in Norway, stated for example that his company would like to read this proposal in its entirety before commenting on the situation.

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