Gambling Commission intensifies efforts regarding players’ protection

UKGC new safety rulesThe United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced a list of changes that will be implemented to its current license conditions. The Gambling Commission intends to give strict guidelines to the operators which will aim to secure the safety and fairness of the environments, in which the players gamble.

The UKGC has set the bar high in order to improve the existing alternative dispute resolution program. Moreover, the regulator will ask the operators to increase the number of requirements about the personal details that a player provides upon registration. By that way, the identification of players that already had or have a tendency to gambling addiction would become easier.

The UKGC will introduce the new rules in stages with the first stage beginning in October 2019. The Gambling Commission held open discussions for many months with the operators, players and gambling industry experts so as to conclude to a set of new rules which will find all interested parties satisfied. The changes are to apply to all operators which hold a UKGC license but not to the igaming providers.

The operators will no longer solve the disputes with the players on their own but they will solely address to third party services that will meet the requirements of the British regulator. The goal is to secure that alternative dispute resolution companies will perform at the highest level by providing the players with top quality customer support, decision making and consultation services.

The new regulations will cause a significant change in the relationships between the operators and the players. From now on the online casinos will have to be cautious with gamblers that show signs of developing a gambling problem. The Gambling Commission has stated numerous times that gambling addiction and is considered as a public health issue and therefore it should be treated as a matter of utmost importance by the operators.

The pioneering step that the UKGC hopes to be made is that the operators should not only interact with their players but also evaluate what is the result of this interaction. It is an essential step that needs to be made in order to measure the effectiveness of the whole ‘modus operandi’ that the online casinos impose regarding the gambling problem. Furthermore, the UKGC requests from the operators to continue to deliver voluntarily financial assistance towards the research for the prevention and management of gambling-related problems.

The Gambling Commission intends to impose further rules what will take into effect in January 2021. Their purpose will be to funnel the funds provided by the operators towards delivering the Gambling Commission’s “National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms in Britain”. The regulator will announce in the future a list of charity organizations in which the operators can contribute their donations. The key part of the successful implementation of these new rules lies with the willingness of the operators to take seriously their responsibilities and achieve full compliance with the new guidelines.

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