Finnish authorities take measures against gambling advertising

Finland goes against gambling advertisingFinnish police force and Traficom, the Transport and Communications Agency unite against gambling advertising on local television and radio. Traficom stated clearly to the media owners that anyone who does not comply with the regulation and is found frequently violating the law could see their broadcast license get revoked.

Finland’s market is monopolized by public company Veikkaus which is the only operator granted the right to advertise, although many international Finland online casinos accept players from the region. Veikkaus informed that its annual gross faces the danger of significant reduction due to the competition from digital foreign operators’ advertisement.

The Finnish operator presented a 4% drop regarding its turnover and it also seems that its digital platform is gaining more and more attention as 30.8% of its income derives from there. Veikkaus is taking steps towards improving its digital services by announcing a four-year deal with SBTech, one of the leading sports betting suppliers.

The government’s move against online gambling promotion on the media followed Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) requests for stricter dealing with gambling marketing. The Institute, though, did not make discriminations as they addressed Veikkaus for its marketing activities as well. THL seems concerned about the public health risk that gambling causes and it compares gambling to other health consuming addictions like smoking or drinking alcohol.

Veikkaus’ managing director, Velipekka Nummikoski, attempted to defend the strategic marketing of Veikkaus by comparing it with the more aggressive competition. It is a fact though that gambling addiction is growing in numbers year by year in Finland.

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