Evolution Gaming releases new multi-wheel Instant Roulette variant

evolution instant rouletteEvolution Gaming the world-leading provider of Live Casino games, announced the release of its new, exclusive multi-wheel Instant Roulette. The popular brand had given us a glimpse at ICE 2021, but this month it goes live officially. Instant Roulette is another innovative variant which will be added to the Evolution Gaming Live Casino product after the introduction of award-winning titles like Lightning Roulette or Immersive Roulette. 

What’s new with Instant Roulette? The game consists of 12 synchronized Auto Roulette wheels that spin in a sequence, one after the other. In this way, it is secured that the pace of the game is controlled by the player. The key difference to a normal Roulette title is that the player has unlimited time to decide when to bet as the 12 wheels run indefinitely. As soon as the player bets, the wheel that is closest to the next drop of the ball will provide them with an almost instant result and then they can continue their gaming session in the same way. 

Evolution Gaming representatives explained that the game doesn’t introduce any rule differences compared to standard Roulette. The whole purpose of the new design has to do with putting the players in charge of their gaming pace.

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, revealed that the intention of its company was to create a gaming experience similar to RNG tables but with the feel of Live Casino. He added that in this game the players won’t be restrained by time limit as whenever they wish to bet a new wheel will be assigned to their bet.

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