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Citadel Commerce launched an e-commerce online payment system called “Instant Payments by Citadel” in 2000, with headquarters in London, UK, and operating offices in Canada, and Malta. This fast and reliable online payment method is available in more than 15 countries around the globe. Instant payment by Citadel is a perfectly adapted method for making casino deposits and withdrawals. It incurs no fees, allows immediate and straightforward deposits, and more than 300 financial institutions support it. Check out the list of the best Citadel casinos that offer this payment method along with considerable gaming catalogues, recurring bonuses and promotions, and many other perks.

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Citadel: Why play on casinos with it?

Citadel instant banking logoUsing Instant Payments by Citadel comes with quite a few advantages that facilitate playing on online casino sites. The main benefits that come with Citadel are:

  • Funding of casino accounts is completed in the secure environment of the banking transaction system and no third party payment service providers are included.
  • The deposits are instantly available in your casino account — it can hardly get more convenient than that.
  • Since Citadel functions as a gateway between your bank and casino, the casinos won’t get hold of your sensitive banking details, thus ensuring your private information remains private.
  • To use Instant Payments by Citadel, you don’t need to register. You just have to be over 18 and have an account at a partner bank.
  • Unlike most other instant payment banking systems that only allow deposits, Citadel offers the withdrawal option, too.
  • Citadel charges no fees for either deposits or withdrawals from casinos.
  • The system supports all local currencies from countries it operates in, so you don’t need to worry about conversion rates.

When it comes to Citadel’s flaws, there are few of them but they are still there. Namely, Citadel is indeed supported by 300 financial institutions. However, it conducts business in only 17 countries in the world, including the USA, the UK, and Canada. Operating in such a limited number of countries leaves a vast portion of the market uncovered.

Also, each client is given a spending limit depending on the bank used and where you are sending the funds. This limit increases with each successful transaction. The more you use Citadel, the bigger the limit. The final limit you can reach might not be suitable for high rollers, as it is set at $40,000 per month. Other limitations include a maximum of three transfers per day or 10 transfers on a monthly level. The maximum daily amount is $10,000.

When considering withdrawals, you might come across some setbacks as not all casinos offer this option, so you better check with the customer support team. The withdrawal processing times require from 1 to 5 business days to complete, so have that in mind, too. You should also be aware of the possible fees associated with withdrawals — some banks are known to apply those.

Countries where you can make instant casino payments with Citadel

Globe iconThe most notable Citadel banks supporting this type of payment are HSBC, National Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, and many other renowned financial institutions that you can choose from the list of partners when you decide to make a payment. Citadel Commerce offers Instant Payments by Citadel in 17 different countries. The following countries are included in the scheme:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

How does Citadel work on online casinos?

Gambling info iconCitadel deposits are easy to make. After you have selected an online casino that supports Citadel and logged in, head to the Cashier section of the casino. There, you can usually find the payment’s logo under the general subsection “Instant Banking”. Note that Instant Payment by Citadel might also be listed as Citadel Commerce. Now, you will have to choose your bank from the list of financial institutions supporting the payment method and indicate how much you wish to deposit. Depending on the casino and the client’s bank, there are three Citadel casino-specific methods available to players for concluding the transaction:

  1. Payment Assistant
    You can finish the deposit process by downloading the Citadel payment assistant app that will guide you through all the steps of the transaction from your online banking account to your casino account.
  2. Citadel Web Page
    You will be redirected to Citadel’s official webpage where an automated payment procedure that works in conjunction with your online banking account will be initiated.
  3. Rapid System
    When chosen, Rapid System issues a reference number you need to input into your online banking method. Regardless of the method you choose, note that they all overlap at some point and ask you to log in to your online bank account.

The deposits are instant and the limits depend on the casino and your bank of choice. The usual minimum is $/€10, while the maximum limits depend on the casino, the bank, and how many previous successful transactions you have completed. The starting limit for all deposits within 7 days is $/€1,500. The more you deposit, the higher the limit gets.

The Citadel withdrawal process is equally as simple. You need to head to the Cashier section of your casino, choose “Instant Payments by Citadel”, specify the amount you wish to withdraw, and expect to see your winnings in your bank account between 1 and 3 working days. Remember, the highest daily limit for transactions is $10,000, but there are also other limits set by the casino and bank.

Will I face any fees?

No fees iconAnother principal asset worth mentioning is that there are no Citadel fees associated with the payment, neither for deposits nor for withdrawals. Players won’t be charged any fees, neither by Citadel nor by online casinos. However, banks might charge a fee, especially when withdrawals are concerned. It’s best to doublecheck that with your bank beforehand and thus avoid any uncertainty.

United StatesNo Fee Citadel Casinos
50 spins on 1st deposit
No wagering requirements
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Citadel vs traditional bank transfer: What’s the difference?

Legal casino sites iconCitadel payments and traditional bank transfers share some characteristics, but Instant Payments by Citadel have leverage in critical points. During conventional bank transfers, the player’s banking details become available to your online casinos, so you can’t count on anonymity. Citadel payments function as a middleman in the transaction meaning that the casinos won’t see any of your sensitive banking details. Making a withdrawal via traditional bank transfer usually takes from 3 to 7 business days to complete, while Citadel withdrawal transactions are concluded in 1 to 3 business days. Also, traditional bank transfers could entail fees, even for deposits, while with the Citadel method you won’t have to worry about them.


Does Citadel operate in the US and what is its relation to Citadel Bank?
The Citadel Commerce company, a subsidiary of Entertainment Systems Inc (ESI), is the owner and proprietor of Instant Banking by Citadel. At the same time, Citadel Bank is part of Citadel Federal Credit Union and it provides standard banking services.

Can I withdraw my funds using Citadel?
Yes, you can. Citadel supports casino withdrawals. However, not all casinos offer it, so you have to check that with the casino in question.

How do I increase my spending limit?
The spending limit is increased with every successful transaction you make using Citadel. The more transactions you complete, the bigger the spending limit gets.

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