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roulette_icon-transIf you have been lucky enough to make it to the Bellagio or potentially the MGM in Vegas, you will have passed by the roulette tables. Overcrowded for sure.  Want to know why? Because American roulette is one of the most celebrated tables games in US, Canada and the Caribbean. Although the game offers many variations such as the European one, the American roulette wheel is the one that dominates US casinos both land-based and online.

We have become masters spinning the wheel on popular online roulette casinos such as Wazamba, Karamba and Spinia, and we cannot wait to tell you all about the game, it’s perks, the thrills that it offers and the fun that only American roulette is known for.  Let’s take a tour playing free American roulette and then sealing the deal with some real money. If a fun time is what you are after, American roulette is indeed the answer!

United StatesTop American roulette casinos

How to find top American roulette casino sites

If we look at player base, we would say that the most popular roulette type is indeed the European one. However, let’s not overshadow the great potential of American Roulette and the winning opportunities it presents. Hence today we bring you some valuable info about where and how to play American roulette online, including what we love and potentially loathe about the game.

NetEnt American roulette casinos

netent-icon-transForget savings thousands of dollars on that costly trip to Vegas. Playing American roulette online nowadays is as easy as a walk in the park, and we are big fans of NetEnt’s American roulette a great deal. As opposed to the traditional 37 numbers, this roulette type enjoys 38 numbers and features the re-bets, changeable music tracks, quick spin, auto play and even a favorite bets feature.

Tailored to suit all types of players, the game features various betting options, hence you can start off with a small bet and go all in once you have mastered the wheel. Other cool features that NetEnt live roulette features is the Race Track that facilitates the process of helping you make fast bets.

The billboard will come in handy too as it will display the game’s statistics and will possibly be a major factor in helping you decide the next numbers to bet on. So, get your American groove on, as NetEnt’s American roulette will indeed be your next go to game.

Minimum and maximum bet limits

casino-chips-icon-transIndeed, choosing the right casino that will give you the buzz you are looking for plays an important role. The questions that you need to ask yourself are simple:  how much money do you want to invest in the game, what type of game are you looking for, and how do you bet on American roulette? LeoVegas will allow you to place a maximum bet of $500, whilst Microgaming will stretch it a bit further and allow a generous $2000.

Getting the best deals on American roulette is quite simple. If you are a novice player, we suggest that you use some free play, and once you master the game, you start playing for real money.  Start small, and once you consider yourself an American Roulette guru, then you can go all in. In a nutshell, your betting starts at a small £1 and can go up to a risky £2000.  Your game, your choice indeed!

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How to play American Roulette

Now that we have talked about some basics of American Roulette, let’s talk about all the lingo that goes with the game.  That will help you make your way into the roulette world and land some greater winnings as well!


money-withdrawal-icon-transThe basics of betting at the wheel are that you can place bets at both inside and outside numbers, hence called inside and outside bets. Just like a slot machine enjoying a specific RTP, the winnings you take away from outside bets give you smaller pay-outs but come along frequent, On the other hand, the inside bets come along less frequent, but when they do, they could potentially sponsor your next Vegas trip! If you are looking for your biggest American roulette payouts ever, you should focus on a specific number as the odds of winning are 35 to 1.

American roulette rules

attention-icon-transThere are no big rules in American roulette, just small variations from the other wheels. The American wheel has 36 numbers with the additional 0 and 00. The numbers have red and black colors with the zeros differentiated with green numbers. When the dealer calls for placing bets, you can place on a single number or different bets, depending on how lucky you feel. After the dealer spins the wheel, no more bets are allowed.  So in theory, there are no big strategy or rules to American roulette. It is just an additional number that makes the game different to the European or French versions. Feeling like you need to refresh your memory on general roulette rules as well? Make sure to also check out our detailed guide on how to play online roulette


casino-audit-icon-transAmerican Roulette odds go hand in hand with bets. Hence we feel the need to tell you all about how you can bet and what is the probability of you winning.

  • Straight Bet
    One of the hardest and most rewarding bets is betting on a single number.  If you manage to guess the single number that the wheel will fall on, you can walk away with a whopping 35:1.
  • Split Bet
    Here you have the possibility of placing bets on 2 side by side numbers. It is a big coincidence if you manage to guess this, but if you indeed do, you can scoop a cool 11:1.
  • Street Bet
    Bets can come also in 3s where you can guess 3 numbers, and by doing this street bet, you could land another generous 11:1.
  • Corner Bet
    You could indeed place your bets on specific numbers that form a corner and guessing these could grant you 8:1.
  • Double Street Bet
    Think about 2 adjacent streets and think about how you can manage betting compared to that. You can indeed bet on a total of 6 numbers and guessing could grant you a pay-out of 5:1.
  • Basket Bet
    Favorite with American roulette players, here you can place bets on 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 and could see you get a 6:1 win.  This is one of the most popular bets. Although the win is small, you get constant wins with the basket bet.

American roulette tips or tricks

famous-casino-icon-transJust like anything else in life, American Roulette has its number of tips and tricks that will help you become a mastermind. The first tip we give is to know how much money you have. Do not blow everything at one go, start with some free play and once you master the game, you can invest more. Know the odds and have a read at the above odds description and payouts. Also, make sure to split your bets, as it is better to have a smaller win as opposed to nothing. Playing live with a real dealer is always a better experience, so make the most of that.

And finally choose your playground wisely, just like we do. We never get it wrong with Spinia casino, Leo Vegas, Energy Casino and Royal Panda. Take it from us, stick with these casinos, as they have the friendliest and most fun dealers, along with a top-notch gaming experience!

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